How to Hire an HR Generalist in 2021?

, How to Hire an HR Generalist in 2021?
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, How to Hire an HR Generalist in 2021?

, How to Hire an HR Generalist in 2021?

Want to hire an HR Generalist? What qualifications and qualities are needed to hire an HR Generalist in this year of the pandemic through online HR Generalist Training programs?

What is an HR generalist?

An HR generalist is an expert in every human resource function. They have a broad range of responsibilities on their shoulders and are not just specialized in one particular. They cover all human resource-related functions.

The functions and responsibilities of an HR generalist may include hiring new employees for a firm, salary, compensation, HR administration, and other functions. They may perform other tasks that are related to human resources depending on the size of the company they are appointed into.

Their function is to perform exclusively for people-related/ human resource-related work in the organization they work with. The HR generalist is a professional employee who is the core of the human resource department and is responsible for the company’s employees. They need to be quick, cordial, and attentive in their work.


A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and experience in HR with interpersonal capabilities and skills! Additional certificate courses can get your jobs secured and may also act as a source to add up to your salary.


To get officially certified as an HR generalist you have to get your bachelor’s degree in human resources, human resource management, human resource administration, organizational development, or business. Having done masters in these fields adds to your pocket for a better and higher role in the company.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or administration or any related field.
  • Minimum experience of 3-5 years.
  • Candidates with certificate courses preferred.
  • Multi linguistic candidates are a plus.
  • Well-versed with Microsoft Office.
  • Good communication skills.

Certificate courses

Certificate courses are not a must for an HR Generalist. But it acts as a plus point for those who want to dominate other candidates. SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) is the most common certificate course. Individuals having a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource can directly apply for this while those without a bachelor’s degree have to first work in an HR department for a minimum of four years, they can apply for SHRM. Certificate renewal is necessary after every three years, regularly.

Other certificate courses are

  • Society of Human Resource Management
  • Professional in Human Resources
  • Society of Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional
  • Senior Professional in Human Resources

These advanced degree and certificate courses help HR Generalists get to higher roles in their company or firm.

Whereas some companies require an HR Generalist who is specialized in certain courses like

  • Employment Law
  • Safety at workplace
  • Relation with employees
  • Human resource development and planning

Skills Required

An HR Generalist has to use all the skills they have learned and generated during their education and training to tackle any challenge they face to succeed.

  • Good orator with good communication skills: HR generalist should be a good speaker and he should be good in communication to become the best choice of the company they are hired into. They should also have a keen observation and a good listener.
  • Interpersonal skills: If you want to be a successful HR generalist you need to be outgoing. HR generalists should be able to make people around them comfortable and content.
  • Decision-making skill: HR generalists should be able to make decisions that are best for the company and the employees. The HR generalist is the one who appoints new candidates for a job; therefore it is on him to select someone skilled enough in their work.
  • Organizational skill: They should manage current and new employees. It requires organizational skills to manage such a bunch of talents.
  • Should be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • He should be aware of the OSHA compliance and regulations.
  • He should understand employment regulations.
  • Should be able to impart knowledge to the HR department.
  • Advising: It is one of the key roles of the HR generalist. You should be able to advise the managers, senior managers, as well as employees.
  • Coaching skills: Useful when there is one on one group to tackle, to spread awareness information, or when you have to train new employees. This happens in training programs that are conducted online in 2021. Online HR Generalist Training programs need skilled individuals with excellent coaching skills so that you can train the new trainees efficiently.
  • Well-oriented and analytical skills: The requirement of these skills has developed rapidly. Most HR Generalists are required to be analytically driven and well oriented.
  • Reporting skills: An HR generalist should be able to read, create and interpret reports using data from different HR information systems.
  • Knowledge and practice of employment laws.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Office applications.
  • The most important- TEAMWORK: It is the most important and unavoidable skill required in an HR Generalist. You are expected to perform all your work together with your employees, colleagues, managers of your firm. In this way, your actions will be beneficial for both the administration and HR.


The responsibilities of an HR Generalist are

  • Always respond to HR-related inquiries.
  • Administer boarding and orientation of new employees.
  • Handle reorganization of staffing needs.
  • Maintain updated knowledge about employment laws and compliance requirements.
  • Development of talent management.
  • Pay attention to future staffing needs.
  • Maintain a healthy atmosphere at the workplace.
  • Maintain employee records.
  • Always encourage the morale of the employees.
  • Maintain a friendly and approachable atmosphere at the workplace.
  • Keep records of any misconduct like harassment at the workplace and make sure to assist and help in case of any investigation or distribution of disciplinary actions.
  • Encourage new talents and efforts of the employees.
  • Keep regular updates regarding status changes, benefits, and policies of the company.

Why hire

If you need new staff, it can affect both the existing staff as well as the bottom line. Hiring an HR Generalist will ease your job and can easily help in your business like

  • To create and execute the development of the employees.
  • To handle reorganization.
  • Boarding and orientation of new employees.

How to hire HR Generalist

Hiring an HR Generalist in 2021 is not at all an easy task. The Online HR Generalist Training Institutes have emerged out well during this pandemic and are impartial in their share of knowledge to the candidates who want to excel as an HR Generalist.

An HR Generalist is a skilled professional so that he/she can perform their work well. The above-mentioned skills and competencies are required in an HR Generalist and are viable for the post.

The qualifications needed and skills required are mentioned above. These are a must for someone who wants to be hired as an HR Generalist. Firstly you have to decide how experienced a person you need for the post of HR generalist. Whether you need someone to manage small but important daily tasks or someone senior and experienced by giving them the authority to form their team as required!

If you are hiring an experienced HR generalist, they demand more salaries. If you want your company to set on the path of success, it’s good to hire an experienced HR generalist at the earliest. For this process, you need someone who can effectively hire the best-talented candidates and make your company grow.

But if you are having a tight recruitment budget, then go for a less experienced or less senior HR candidate. They can easily handle your daily work with their strategic plans to promote themselves. You can also hire an HR consultant for higher-level jobs.

Description of the job

A detailed description of the job of an HR Generalist should be given in brief to the interested candidates.

The description for an HR Generalist should include

  • Roles
  • List of duties
  • Responsibilities
  • Required skills

How to Interview the HR Generalist Candidates

Experienced and stronger candidates will seem to be confident while answering the interviewers’ questions.

  • What are their abilities
  • How can they support the HR department and its management
  • How can you improve companies policies
  • How will you execute employees development programs
  • Experience
  • Skills


To expand your business you need an HR Generalist. HR Generalists handle the daily work of your company’s Human Resource department with ease as they are experts in that field.

Above mentioned tips will help you find the best candidates for your company. The things that you need to take care of have been explained in detail so that you don’t face any problem while hiring an HR Generalist.

The HR Generalist Training programs add to the resume of the candidates. They have a piece of better knowledge and experience about the Human Resource department.

We have put together all the requirements, qualifications, skills required, responsibilities that are expected in a candidate for the post of HR Generalist. All you have to do is follow them and you would not fail to find the best candidate for your company.

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