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Sed Wards
26 days ago

Get rich playlist??

26 days ago

Thanks for the video 👍

Dorian Sullivan
26 days ago

Great great video thank you

Tedy Cocota
26 days ago

What do you smoke?

Sniper Paint Correction

Hey cavell I haven’t had much luck on rarities but my best so far is rare ASM and uncommon Kang

26 days ago

and you gotta find the right buyer but I can for sure seeing one of the first app. classics going for > 1mil in the future. great vid

26 days ago

alright gotta hit a secret rare first. ty bro

Alex Lloyd
26 days ago

Still alot left when hitnotbyahys farzhy huh Ty god can't bretehe same

26 days ago

Congrats… good job pumping your investment 😂

Alex Lloyd
26 days ago

But they will drop another Spider man

Oliver Parke-Gailey
26 days ago

I have an UR Spider-Man. How much will it be in the future!?

Pot Fish
26 days ago

There comes a time someone will sum up all the things where you were right. Will be a long video ❗

michael brady
26 days ago

Also the first marvel NFT on VeVe

Tony B
26 days ago

There could be like 20 other Spider Man sets. It doesn't matter. It's the fact that it's FA, that's what matters. The fact that it's SR probably makes it the best superhero collectible on the market place right now

Ivan Anderson
26 days ago

The uncommon for all of the comics and under valued in my opinion. The editions for the uncommon comic books are 6,000 and below. People better buy some before they become the next big items.

26 days ago

Copped it at 11k thinking the same thing

26 days ago

This has been my perspective the whole time. Additionally veve doesn't segregate its supporters and fans like other projects do. Other projects create this artificial inflation by choosing to only provide 10k mints to a fanbase of 20k. Pricing out most of their supporters. Veve creates opportunity for everyone by appealing to everyone with one of their laundry list of licenses.

John Savage Music
26 days ago

Only argument: there are 50 000 FA Spiderman editions in total.

26 days ago

Love all the comics but Marvels #1 is king! First Marvel comic in physical AND digital 🚀

Elton Rosario
26 days ago

I believe Marvel keeps a larger number of the top mints and veve comes after. Also I grabbed a rare spidey no. 200 today. Love ur content brother

Verena Kruger
26 days ago

Would you sell Lucky to get a spiderman ultra rare ??

26 days ago

The whole Spidey collection will be insanely coveted!

Erik Electric
26 days ago

Many ppl dont see the future with Veve. Alot of ppl are selling these collectables and comics so fast like its burning their hands.

Master Yourself
26 days ago

People are not taking in consideration circulating supply , compare it with crypto and nft prices are still so cheap , with the upcoming listings in new exchanges collectibles are going to blow up

Granison Crawford
26 days ago

They are dropping Spider-Man Thursday with the first appearance of Carnage! Just proving your point. VeVe is king!