This video tutorial will present you the right way to mint NFTS straight from good contracts. Customers can mint NFTs quicker and bypass any defective web sites by going on to the contract! Surprisingly, Dotdotdots lately had a really mysterious stealth NFT launch. No web site. No Discord. No Twitter. Nameless builders. The one strategy to mint a Dotdotdots NFT was straight through good contract, and following launch, the ground value skyrocketed! Figuring out the right way to mint NFTs through good contracts repay!

Solana NFT Newbie Tutorial –

Upcoming Solana NFT Tasks –

dotdotdots contract handle –
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Advantages Of Sensible Contract Minting – 0:00
Mysterious NFT Launch – 0:48
NFT Dangers And Scams – 2:29
Mint NFTs Through Sensible Contracts – 4:35
Solana vs. Ethereum? – 8:30

Twitter :


DISCLAIMER: That is NOT monetary or authorized recommendation. I’m simply providing my opinions. I’m not liable for any funding or authorized choices that you just select to make. This description might include affiliate hyperlinks for merchandise that I imagine in and use personally. If you buy a product by way of one in every of them, I’ll obtain a fee (at no extra price to you). Thanks on your assist.

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The Bitcoin Express
3 months ago


Solana NFT Beginner Tutorial –

Upcoming Solana NFT Projects –

dotdotdots contract address –

Matteo Angelucci
15 days ago

Definitely thank you Chase for this lesson. I’ve left with only one important question: what happens when you try to mint from the smart contract on a pre sale? In other words, what happens when there’s a whitelist on that drop? Thank you by now and sorry for my English sir

Christian Galindo
17 days ago

Had a quick question. Not sure if someone could help me out. In most cases, discords whitelist members for presale to mint, can you use this method to bypass that? So as soon as the mint goes live, you are able to mint an nft even though you might not be on the whitelist? Thanks!

Vicente Rodriguez
18 days ago

Thanks 😉

Philip Layfield
18 days ago

also when you say “write” a gas fee. what do you mean?

Philip Layfield
18 days ago

what about projects projected to sell out instantly? getting the contract off opensea will definitely take too long. and your right the website itself will be flooded and a mess.

Niels Van der lippe
18 days ago

What happens when you use this method but every nft is already minted, so I mean when it’s sold out already? Do you lose the gas fees?

Aleksandras Levcenka
24 days ago

Thank you for the amazing tutorial! Can anyone explain me this. We specify mint price in the contract, then we need to pay using real Polygon tokens in Dapp to buy each NFT? Meaning we need to spend lot of real money to publish 1000 NFTs for sale? Or can user buy it from the Dapp but it be randomly selected image from metadata file which means user cannot select a specific image to buy? And lastly, why do we need to set a sell price in Opensea once again if the contract has the initial price already for each NFT? This is a bit confusing can anyone explain this please – thank you in advance! 🙂

Jordan Pears
25 days ago

So how do the devs work around this. I’ve done this for a few projects where going through the contract worked out at being an extortionate amount. Like the devs preemptively set out protocols to stop this from happening.

Love Bhangu
27 days ago

Man i have one question. If the presale is only whitelist holders. Can we mint the nft through address?

28 days ago

Great video. Another new subscriber. Thanks

02_ 9687 Beats
29 days ago

Thank you for the good video. I'm watching your video on YouTube subtitles, and it's automatically translated into Vietnamese, not English. If you don't mind, can you change the subtitle setting to English?

1 month ago

Great info. What I am not sure about is the next steps. After I mint what do I do? Where can I find it?

Omotayo Olaoluwa Esan
1 month ago

Please can u do the tutorial for SOL nft

Chester Flynn
1 month ago

So…what is the lucrative opportunity you mentioned? TIA!

Maxi Last
1 month ago

Might this work for FCFS IDO sales¿

santana estis
1 month ago

Hey eth just hit all time high can I mint one?

Sarah Grooms
1 month ago

I'm just bingeing your videos – thank you for all you do. I notice you frequently say "crypto twitter"… is there a certain filter or something you use?

Janatan Cruz
1 month ago

How to change editable metadata to centralized?

Roman's Holidays
1 month ago

I don’t get it. Looks not faster at all. I mean, if you don’t have contract address and devs said that you can mint from their website, where to find this contract? Some collections sold out in 15 sec, but you go to opensea to search for contracts? It’s too late. And I don’t understand why people paid different price for minting 0.1/0.25, because including a gas?

Tyler Sarasin
1 month ago

does it work with trust wallet also?

1 month ago

When I try this method the gas fee goes from $100 to $20K instantly. Anyone know what is happening? (This happened on two separate contracts)

Marvin B
1 month ago


1 month ago

What value of gas limit, priority fee, and max fee will you enter if you have to do it manually?

Luiz Octavio Vello de Almeida Camillo

and projects that have different prices for each piece?