Hear in to learn to Purchase Tory Lanez first NFT album. Tory Lanez dropped 1 million NFTs that bought out in lower than 57 seconds after which ech of them start reselling (Buying and selling) over $50,000 for a few of the NFTs dropped. You’ll be able to nonetheless should buy at resell for a pair {dollars} and up in the event you can undergo {the marketplace} to search out them.

So why are NFT’s A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of information saved on a digital ledger, known as a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be distinctive and due to this fact not interchangeable. NFTs can be utilized to characterize gadgets comparable to pictures, movies, audio, and different forms of digital recordsdata.

The Blockchain has now related everybody collectively to barter with out there having to be a center man who sometimes takes extra revenue than needed. Now artist can receives a commission in perpetuity over their content material with out being lower out their very own offers.

source Youtube

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Avarice Plt
1 month ago

Tory made 1 million and took out $50k and used 1 of his boys account to buy it for $50k that's the tactic they gave him to make 1 million and in the process promote the NFT broker he used and bring people to NFT so he seen no risk in the idea so he took it basically then the mass in fear of missing out seeing that someone bought it for $50k they started trying to quickly buy it for $1000 and more hoping the value will keep going up and that's how business works Tory won and the NFT got Extreme exposure because everyone will jump in it all the artists will jump in it hoping for the same results!

1 month ago

can someone explain to me how he’s able to buy for $2 and there selling for $50k? like why is he able to buy for $2 if they are literally for sale at $50k

luis sierra
2 months ago

Can this be done on meta mask

Angel D Oliva
3 months ago


Joe Jordan
3 months ago

How do you sale and do you make money off every resale

3 months ago

How do I transfer funds man somebody tel me something I got 30 albums

Carmine Rivera
3 months ago

Tory ain't sell no album for 50k smh that's a lie no one bought that shit stop lying bro I went into nft website they selling the album for 1.50 it shows u if anyone purchased it and at how much people have it for 50k but ain't nobody has payed that much for it do your research before I put out fake info smh

Dark Spear
3 months ago

Secondary market is warming up. Sold one for $10, in trading terms thats a 10x.

Nick Toscano
3 months ago

But do you get royalties? If not you don't own the content..

3 months ago

An hour ago some high profile NFTs have gone onto mintable! Who owns the Marylin Monrose Cat???!!

Rico Swave
3 months ago

Dumb question so are they worth $50,000 or $5,

3 months ago

Torey is doing something great

Push Forward
3 months ago

How can you listen to the album after you purchased the NFT?

3 months ago

its a lie it never sold