Entertainment continues, or faecal economy Sounds dangerous, but there is nothing to be afraid of. The droppings economy is nothing but sanctioning trips to the child to the toilet. Well, the general rule is this: a child on an airplane should learn about the existence of the toilet as late as possible. Because as soon as he finds out ... well, you can be sure that toilet trips will become his main pastime . My children simply loved such walks and constantly, without any connection with current physiological needs, claimed that they must pee. They always, always, wanted to go to the toilet that was furthest away. Because the best is after all! So they walked like the stars of the big screen on the red carpet, every now and then nailing the fives with the next passengers, exchanging smiles and sending an aura of awesomeness around them. So if you do not want your journey to turn into an endless tour of the child on the plane, then just do not tell him about the existence of the toilet. Simple right? Practical information Well, 🙂now you probably know how to make your plane flight with your child successful. I hope that my advice will be useful to you and I am glad in advance that I could help. And that bringing good is addictive, I will add a small addition, that is practical information in a nutshell: A child up to 2 years old does not need a full plane ticket, as long as he is sitting on an adult's lap. Just because little toddlers don't need a full ticket doesn't mean you don't have to pay for them. Unfortunately you have to, but usually it will be much lower than for a normal ticket. However, if you travel by cheap airlines or your ticket was heavily discounted, sometimes it may happen that the fee for an infant will be higher! This may not be a very common situation, but it's always worth checking to see if buying a separate place for a small child will be more profitable . Traveling with a baby in 99% of cases, you can take slightly larger hand luggage on board for free. Usually it will be an additional bag weighing about 5 kg. In addition, you can usually transport a foldable baby pram at no extra charge . Some airlines (e.g. Ryanair) allow you to take another large item of children's accessories free of charge. It can be, for example, a car seat (I recommend taking it with you if you intend to rent a car on vacation, because rentals are extremely expensive for all extras) or a cot. Do not suggest too much the previous two points, because everything about hand luggage, really depends on the internal provisions of the airlines that you will travel. Always check the current baggage policy before traveling and follow it. If you have a small (e.g. semi-annual or up year old) child, you will be able to take a bottle of milk with a larger volume than the standard 100 ml. I suggest you make sure that the milk is fresh, as there is a good chance that you will have to drink it a little during security check. Best regards and see you next time! PS. I assure all numb people that it was only a joke to make a child cry. Mr. Nightmare never had to resort to such shameful methods. His children were always crying when they boarded the plane.
A child on an Airplane: ears, tips, survival
October 30, 2019
Northern Cyprus: everything worth knowing
Northern Cyprus: everything worth knowing
October 30, 2019
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How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats.

How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats.

How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats.

How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats. How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats. Most of this type of guidebook starts with bullet points that go something like this: renting a car on vacation gives you a lot of possibilities, because we are mobile and we can drive wherever we want, so saving time is high. The following text will be quite long, so let me let go of these traditional things. Since you are reading these words, you probably know that renting a car abroad is a good idea and you are only looking for a handful of tips that will help you to go through the whole process quite smoothly. So I, Mr. Nightmare, as a man who rents cars abroad quite often, I will share such a handful.

Car hire abroad

Roundabout in Portugal.
At the beginning a piece of roundabout. Because the roundabout is crazy, like some rental companies.

When to book

As soon as possible. Booking a car is one of the things you should do right after buying plane tickets. Of course, I myself rarely follow the above rule, but I, Mr. Nightmare, I’m here to advise and not follow them

Either way, you shouldn’t delay booking your car . If we get to it too late, better offers may be stolen by other travelers and then, instead of cheap & cool cars, they will be only expensive or murmured.

For how long?

As much as we need (tell me Mr. Obvious from today). If the holidays are to look like we ride and explore a little, and some sunbathing, it makes sense to rent a car only for those few days when we will ride.

However, it is worth remembering that there is nothing more convenient than renting at the airport . You don’t lose time without meaning, you don’t have to worry about transfer and you can immediately make a supply of beer (or diapers, if fate scolded you with offspring) in suburban Lidl. It is also often cheaper to rent a car for a few days longer than paying for travel from a distant airport.

As a side note: If you plan to return the car in a different place than the one you picked up from (e.g. at another airport), you will most likely have to pay extra. In Europe, this pleasure usually costs around 150 euros.

Which rental should you choose?

There are basically three options. Well, the rental can be:

  • large and branded (e.g. Avis, Heartz, Europcar, Sixt), which you can rather trust by paying a lot,
  • large and unbranded (let’s skip the names), in which we will pay a lot less, but we will be exposed to any acids,
  • small and local, in which we will probably pay even less, but it will be completely unknown to us.

Mr. Nightmare usually chooses gate number three, because he likes to pay little and the risk is his daily bread.

Price comparisons

To gain a general view of which rentals are available on the spot we are going to, we can use price comparison websites. Most of them tempt with low prices, but you have to remember that in comparison websites the cost without insurance is usually given . Meanwhile, rented car insurance – which we’ll talk about – is absolutely crucial. And quite the way. Situations in which the amount of the insurance premium exceeds the cost of rent itself are not uncommon.

The comparison websites also sometimes add freebies, which the rental companies don’t know about or they simply don’t want to know. For example, econo … <let’s skip names> used to give a second driver for free. And that’s great, so what if the rental companies didn’t care? If the comparison offers, let it offer, and on the spot you had to pay extra. Believe me, there are few professions more conducive to temporary amnesia than being a car rental employee

Which car should you choose?

My golden rule is to order the cheapest car that Mr. Nightmare et Consortes will be able to load. Compliance with this recommendation sometimes results in a nice bonus: it is not uncommon for a car that has been ordered to be unavailable on the spot. And then what? Well then you will get a better car for the worse !

The head works, right?

Rental cars.
Mr. Onion, pardon, Mr. Nightmare advises: take the cheapest, maybe you will get better.


Insurance of a rented car is absolutely crucial, so even if you have fallen asleep so far, now I am calling for a little focus.

The most important concepts

  • CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – collision insurance, which is usually already included in the price of the rented car. CDW secures our financial liability up to the amount of own contribution (excess). In practice, it works like this: if you have rented a car with a CDW with a down payment of 1000 euros and you damage the rented car for 2000 euros, then you will only pay the amount of the contribution, i.e. 1000 euros from your own pocket.
  • TP (Theft Protection) – the same principle as for CDW, only applies to possible theft of the car. Here, we also have our own contribution, which limits our financial responsibility. It often happens that CDW and TP are combined into one insurance (which may appear under a basilica of different names), with one own contribution.
  • Own contribution (Excess) – the maximum amount that the rental company can collect from us in the event of problems with the car. The amount of own contribution depends on the country to which we go, the policy of the rental company and the class of the car. These can be amounts from several hundred to even several thousand euros.
  • SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – full insurance which limits the amount of own contribution either to zero or to a maximum of several hundred euros. In some rental companies it may appear under other names.

Full rental insurance

All rental companies offer such a thing as full car insurance. It may be called SCDW , Super Relax or Super Hiper Mega IW General, but it always is. Is it worth taking them? Well, a little yes and a little no.

Well, this is a very convenient thing, because it reduces the cost of bail, formalities and generally we do not have to worry about anything. The problem is that such insurance can be quite expensive. However, if you can find a rental company that offers full insurance at a reasonable price, I advise you to take them and do not think.

How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats.

When buying full insurance at a rental company , make sure it is full . This is not a joke – there is no full insurance in the world that would cover everything. The standard is even that the SCDW does not include losing the keys and pouring the wrong fuel into the tank. Let’s just say that this can still be understood: you probably agree that pouring ON into a gasoline engine is a type of error that you should pay for yourself

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that allegedly full insurance does not cover vehicle components such as tires, windows, chassis or mirrors . What to do in this situation? Mr. Nightmare recommends looking for another rental company.

External insurance

If you cannot find a rental company with a low SCDW price, you can use the services of an external company and take out insurance for your own contribution . It looks like that if the excess in a given rental is 1500 euros, we only insure ourselves against having to pay that 1500 euros.

This option has an undoubted advantage: it is usually much cheaper than buying SCDW at the rental company. However, it also has a major disadvantage, as it forces us to block a large amount on a credit card (in this case the rental company secures all its own contribution).

Risk related to the lack of insurance

Generally, I do not recommend renting a car without additional insurance. Even if we do not have any accident, we do not tap anything, and no thief is tempted by our cool Fiat Panda, there is still a good chance that the rental company will delete us after all for some imaginary scratch. And my uncle will help us, that we will have photos, that we will look at the car, that and that.

I do not want to scare anyone, but it’s good to know that such situations are not uncommon. Rental companies earn on insurance , so the resistance to buying it can be treated as a slap in the face of the entire industry.

When considering the sense of insurance, it is also worth taking into account the habits of drivers and the driving culture in the country to which we go. For example, in such Italy, I would recommend taking insurance. In Austria you can take the risk and not take it. As always, the choice is yours.


The rental always (well, in 99.9% of cases) will want a security deposit from us. The amount of the latter is closely related to the type of insurance we choose. Usually it will be our own contribution, which we will have to pay in case of any damage.

Either way, before booking your car, it’s worth checking to see if the deposit is within our credit card limit . If you ask now: but you must have a card? – Mr. Nightmarish with heartache will answer – yes. Unfortunately, this devilish invention is loved by rentals.

If you do not have a card, you will either get it or you will have to search the net for many hours to find a rental shop that does not require one. If you think – I don’t have a card, but my friend has it – that’s cool. Just remember that your friend will be the driver then. If your colleague has a card, but you don’t have a driving license, and you, in turn, have a driving license, but you don’t have a card – then you and your colleague have a problem.

Mr. Nightmare more than once wku … strongly annoyed that he must stand in line behind one or the other, who did not read that security costs a little more than a bottle in the estate. Therefore, check the amount of protection so that there will be no surprise (rhyme as charming as accidental).

Roads in Cyprus.
Insurance can be useful, if only because drivers don’t go everywhere on the right side of the road.

Still about the deposit: sometimes (rather rarely, but still) it may happen that instead of blocking funds on your card, the rental company will simply transfer them to your own account. This option is moderately advantageous, because if you have a zloty card, your cash register will be converted at least twice at the bank rate.

What do you need to rent a car?

Well, to rent a car you must have with you:

  • driving license – Polish is sufficient in Europe and the USA, but if we are flying to more exotic areas, we may need an international driving license (check it before departure),
  • passport – in the EU usually an ID card is enough,
  • confirmation of previous reservation,
  • credit card .

In addition, steel nerves and an optimistic disposition will definitely come in handy.

Pickup car from the rental company

The rental process itself takes a good several minutes, so if you see a queue in front of you, then know that something is happening. In a sense: you wait a little bit. However, once you manage to cram, you should not hurry. The losers standing in line behind you certainly have plenty of time – they are on vacation

If you have not decided on full insurance, then you definitely need to carefully examine the car before pickup . Walk around the car to make sure there is no damage. Each of them should be marked on the car card, which you will receive along with the contract. If you notice that something is not in the card, then force the rental employee to fill in the deficiencies. You can also photograph the car from several shots to later have a washer next to any scuffles with a rental.

Generally, be aware that for every, even the smallest scratch that has not been included in the cart card, you will have to pay . Of course, there are fair rentals, waving your hand at similar things, but you can’t assume that you just found one. It is also worth looking inside and embracing the overall condition of the seats and upholstery.

And if you have full insurance? Then just get in and enjoy the joyful rest. Well, maybe just check the fuel level, whether it matches what you have agreed with the borrower.

How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats.

What to look for when renting a car?

Of course, first of all on the insurance and the amount of security mentioned above. And besides, you can check:

  • Limit kilometers – there are less and less frequent rental offers with a limit of kilometers, but you can always find such a currant, so check before booking and of course choose the unlimited option.
  • Driver’s age – if you are under 25, it is very cool on one hand, because you have a lot of life in front of you, but on the other you may have a slight problem renting a car. Some rental companies make minors pay extra, so check how it is in the case of the one you are interested in. In addition to the driver’s age, some rental companies pay attention to his internship – if you passed your driving test the day before yesterday, be aware that not everyone will want to trust your skills.
  • Rental time – usually you pay for every day you start, so if you take your car today at 10 and return it tomorrow at 11, then you will probably hurt for two full days. In this situation, I suggest you return the car an hour earlier, and save the time spent on prosaic picking in the nose.
  • Fuel policy – the best option for us is to return the car with the same fuel level as it was borrowed. Sometimes rental companies offer a car with a full tank of gas, saying damn it, you’re on vacation, so don’t worry, you can give us the car without fuel . If you get fooled by this maneuver, you can be sure that you will overpay a lot for refueling.
  • Trip by rented car abroad – if you plan to cross the border by car, it is worth finding out if your rental does not mind. Sometimes you have to pay extra for such luxury, but not always. The situation is getting blushing when we intend to enter a country that does not quite exist (for example, Northern Cyprus ). Then you should also know what the rental company is saying on this topic.
  • Opening hours – small rentals are usually not around the clock, so check well that closing times do not interfere too much with your flight dates. Some locations charge extra fees for returning cars outside of office hours.
  • Second driver – if you like to have a beer from time to time, a second driver will always be useful. In most rentals, this is a paid option, but sometimes you can manage the topic at no extra cost.
Roads in Tuscany.
It’s a place for a funny signature. I will give up cheaply.


Rental companies offer additional car equipment for a fee. This can be, for example, a child car seat or GPS. They usually pay a lot of money for these supplements, so I don’t recommend trying them. Take navigation from home (if you don’t have one, borrow from your aunt or just use the map on your phone). A car seat, if you have the option (some airlines allow you to carry it for free), preferably too.

But that is not … some additions can be useful. For example, if you drive around the Algarve in Portugal , it’s worth a jerk at the vignette reader.

Recommended rentals

Below is a short list of small, local rental companies whose services I used and which I consider recommendable .

The list is short for two reasons. First of all, I didn’t include large, network behemoths in it. Not because I have something to complain about because they usually keep a good level of service (which should not come as a surprise – they are the most expensive after all). However, I decided that since they are big and known, finding them should not be a problem. Secondly, I did not include local rental companies here , which I was not very satisfied with – and, unfortunately, a few have also gathered.


In Crete, I recommend Kappa , because it is relatively cheap and trouble-free. They have several branches on the island, including the airports in Chania and Heraklion.


As for Sardinia , I can recommend the Autonoleggio Sardinia rental with a clear conscience . They may not be the cheapest on the whole island, but the quality of service and trouble-free operation is worth the price (which is also not excessive). It is a good choice especially for people who do not have a credit card, because this rental company is open to cash collateral.


If Portugal by car, it’s only Drive4fun . Admittedly, they have a very high antediluvian website, but the first class rental itself. Low insurance prices, low pledge, additional driver for free and the opportunity to enter Spain. A great choice for families with children, mainly due to the favorable prices of car seats.

And when you return …

A few days after your trip, check that your credit card has been unlocked. It is better to do it because, as I have already written, rental employees tend to forget details that are irrelevant from their point of view.

How to rent a car abroad (and more). Guide for Expats.

And that would be it. Now you probably know how to rent a car so that you don’t cry afterwards. If you have any comments, let me know in the comment. And if you don’t have any, just share my article on your social media. I also encourage you to like my fan page – too much is not happening on it, but only because you are not there yet.

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