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Neowise.org the Dubai City Company presenting a new tool for connecting with non-members of our Emirates community. Expats around the world actually do not need to search for a job in a standard way, generally speaking, our company gives a very good new tool for our website users.

By using this tool on our website you can have a lot of new business and as well as professional working opportunities. And some of them may even come from your own country.

So finding our new tool is a good point for job Seekers and people who are actually looking for networking systems are find that very valuable.

Generally speaking, if you are looking to connect with people inside or outside Dubai. Are Using our tool and inviting others from their own email list. We have created quite an easy system also for foreign workers. So all you have to do in the reality is just go Gmail or Hotmail. Then exporting emails from your email list.

Gmail – Export Your Connections

After you will upload the least of connections into our company invite anyone tools. You will automatically send invitation knowing you vice City company. So other people you to sign up to Dubai or you are actually living in the United Arab Emirates.

Step No.1 Go to Gmail

Visit Gmail: https://mail.google.com


Step No.2 Go to Contact

Export Contacts https://contacts.google.com

Contact 2

There is a huge possibility. Other people might be interested to join Dubai city company. And all you have to do is just give them the opportunity to do it in a Smart way by using our company services. If we take for examples a standard person who is having 300 up to 500 people. A person would invite their own friends to our website. Then it would be at definitely worth it person to join our website.


However, the smartest way to get an invite your friends to Dubai. It is going to LinkedIn profile. And then that is an easy way to export your friends into Gmail members and then simply sending over an invitation to them as well. So in this way, you will not only get you but also from social media. That would help you definitely build your brand and show up in social media as well.

Dubai city company aim is to help people to get connected gulf region. So generally speaking if you are looking to connect with the people who are interested in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Our company is a perfect fit for for your needs. We are also helping people from India and Pakistan.

Conclusion for Connections

Living Hope is a key to success. So hopefully you invite much more to our company and help them to find a job make some social media connection in Dubai city. Please don’t forget to share and like our post. So is this way your friends will also be able to see what you are doing online and how hard you are trying to achive jobs in Dubai. One more thing before you go: have a look at pozycjonowanie stron.


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