Discover ways to Create and Promote NFTs on OpenSea in ONE Video!
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The NFT course will provide you with an entire thought in regards to the NFT market – tips on how to create and promote NFTs, that are the most well-liked and trusty platforms, and the benefits and downsides of shopping for and promoting NFTs.

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Step one earlier than you Create and Promote NFT on the Opensea is to put in a MetaMask pockets:

Earlier than you discover ways to create and promote NFTs on Opensea, I need to provide you with a useful tip: Construct your neighborhood first!

It’s a lot simpler to begin promoting NFTS on Opensea or some other platform if you have already got a neighborhood. This manner, once you checklist the NFTs on Opensea, there can be individuals prepared to purchase them. If nobody is aware of you and also you checklist an superior NFT, you’ll depart pissed off paying only a fuel payment…

If you have already got a neighborhood, followers on the social media platforms, subscribers on YouTube, it will likely be simpler to get began.

Additionally, you could know that earlier than you possibly can promote NFTs on Opensea, you’ll have to pay some fuel charges, and on this video, you will notice the way it works.

Additionally, once you create NFTs and promote them on Opensea, you’ll have to resolve the next:
► Are you creating one distinctive copy for the NFT or many?
NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. Creating distinctive items of artwork is the higher alternative!
► For a way a lot are you promoting it?
I recommend you begin with low costs to construct the belief that you’re not a one-time participant.
► Promoting the NFTs at a set value or with an public sale?
Each have benefits and downsides, so that could be a private alternative.

Nonetheless, within the course, you’ll discover ways to create, checklist, and promote NFTs on Opensea, and you’ll achieve confidence.

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Thanks for watching this How you can Create and Promote NFTs on Opensea video, and I want you to benefit from the NFT world!


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Petko Aleksandrov
21 days ago

Hey traders, I hope the NFT content on the channel is useful and entertaining. I personally enjoy the NFTs on Opensea. 😀 If you liked the video but forgot to like it, make sure to fix that right away! 👍 If you are willing to support the channel, do not hesitate to share the video on social! ❤️ There is a coupon to the complete course below in the description if you wish to become the NFT MASTER 😎

Maria Chow
21 days ago

Is it a one time fee? What about if I have 100 nfts in 1 collection? Do I need to pay gas fee for every item listed?

Georgi Yanchev
21 days ago

Не очаквах видео на българин 🙂

Sgt Ruiz
21 days ago

F that it was 400 bucks just to list something that might not sell lol

Sandra Bojorquez
21 days ago

Does the first timers fee increase depending on the value of the ETH?

Leona B
21 days ago

Do you edit the contract?

21 days ago

Why was my gas fee 90-100 dollars when yours was just 20-40?

21 days ago

Do you know the dimensions of the photo of the nft ???? Because I can't find it

Tim Time
21 days ago

Maybe you should take down the Trading Academy NFT so you won't have to buy it back from whoever might purchase it. Or raise the price to make it worth changing your watermark.

Raval Anand
21 days ago

❤️ Thank you So Much brother 🤗 for Create very Informative Video ❤️❤️❤️

last bull
21 days ago

What's the best way to sell use set price or use highest price (biding)

mulan mulan
21 days ago

Is the payment only for one time or is it necessary with each sale or picture?

Rainy Bat-Med
21 days ago

I opened an opensea account and paid the gas fees, my nft says that it is listed but I dont see it anywhere. What do people do so their listings are always showing?

mulan mulan
21 days ago

Does the image need a code ?

xX Progamers Xx
21 days ago

Thank you for the Video✊

sugar bush
21 days ago

you didn't explain properties , levels or stats at all really . still unsure what they even mean

Norman Morales
21 days ago

Hi, do you know how can I upload hundreds of png files with the metadata description in json file in a massive way?

Kiko Clemente
21 days ago

Thank you so much for a very informative video!

Jack Singleton
21 days ago

if you got a picture off google and sold it as an nft would you get into trouble ?

Khaldoon Masud
21 days ago

NFT is a scam. mark my words.

Mustafa Abughoush
21 days ago

you deserve like & subscribe

Mustafa Abughoush
21 days ago

very helpful

Jennifer Basul
21 days ago

What an amazing video beginners.

21 days ago

So if you have another item under this collection to sell, will you still have to pay any more fees?

(I understand the buying at a set price is paid by buyer after)

al bert
21 days ago

hi! have you noticed after creating my collection, the capital letters in the payout wallet address that u added becomes small letters. Is that normal?

Shahrukh Usmani
21 days ago

what happens if my listing expires do I need to pay gas fees to relist it?

King Ryuma
21 days ago

What are the nft rules and regulation? Can someone sell other peoples art?

Creole Marie
21 days ago


s k
s k
21 days ago

If you upload one more NFT and put sell listing,does it again ask for gas fees ?

Jessica Tseng
21 days ago

Thanks for the video! Are there any gas fees involved if I want to change my listing price (for fixed or bid listings) after the initial listing?

Charisma Bambina
21 days ago

Great video ty

Kai S
21 days ago

If let's say I want to sell my art do I pay that fee of the platform once when I list my art for sell? Was that one time only fee when you were completing those two steps or will they charge the fee from the seller every time I list and sell a new art? for example I want to sell mg 50 artworks do I pay each and every one of them a gas fee when I am listing and selling it or will that be one time only fee for all 50 arts and when the 2nd time I list and sell it, It will not charge me any fee ?

Sopuruchi Emmanuel
21 days ago

What's the minimum capital to get into nft?

Sopuruchi Emmanuel
21 days ago

Also, is having a website compulsory?

Sopuruchi Emmanuel
21 days ago

Please I've a question, what are the chances that an nft will be bought?
Does it mean anybody can create an nft and it will be sold?

Ashton Cartwright
21 days ago

How does the buyer know that the nft is the sellers. Because someone could screenshot the image and list it for sale. So how do we know if it is actually theirs I am confused

Gospel Ohenhen
21 days ago

Hello pls Can I get a video on how to create Forex trading Site with WordPress and elementor builder