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Gold Paw Luciano
15 days ago

I'm watching this on the 17th and you're at 11k now. Congrats!! I've just subscribed too. Solid content my man!!

mohammed mansour
15 days ago

Can you put discord invite so we can join please

David Porter
15 days ago

Dude I heard Discord shot down the ETH negotiations.. people didn't like it even some employees were posting about it so the backed out of the plans.

wong shengzhun
15 days ago

thanks man, learned alot! btw, how do you think about dragonverse?

Haig Piramzadian
15 days ago

Good call on digi been on that discord for a few days now that wyverns are almost full

Maai aamh
15 days ago

I really enjoy your videos! do you have a discord server?

15 days ago

how to join your discord?

15 days ago

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate has the $blood token. Any thoughts on that project?

15 days ago

Please cover the next blue chip NFT which definitely will be Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS). 😍 ⚰️ 🧛‍♂️ 🦇 🩸 🚀

15 days ago

Hey, how will I be added to the plug pass discord after buying the NFT?

Dominic Oxley
15 days ago

What’s your thoughts on SVS?

Crypto Bull
15 days ago

This guy speaks so fast lol…like hes running away

15 days ago

What are your thoughts on cosmic wyverns ?

Corey Crowe
15 days ago

Well said. Love to see you in the Discords too

Casey Partlow
15 days ago

All love for my boy Kosher Plug!!!!

15 days ago

what do you think about cryptowalkers?

Bitcoin and crypto 5 to 10 minute daily update

There’s too many of these now we are at the point when these launch the price crashes and never recovers. There are now 245 NFTs with tokens like Kongz .,,

15 days ago

Digi will be insane

Thike Alistar
15 days ago

Love you daddy kosher

15 days ago

how can i join your discord server ?

15 days ago

tips on grabbing a Digi Dragon?

Stevie K
15 days ago

What it do kosher krew it’s your boy kin here with another comment for your YouTube’s.

15 days ago

Can you do a video on rebel rabbits?

15 days ago

Digi gang too stronk! roar

15 days ago

DigiDragonz could easily be the next KaijuKingz with the 1500 low supply and a great community behind it

15 days ago

DigiDragonz going to be huge !

Bryan Kinney
15 days ago

Love your videos but can you put the
projects website as well? Joining some of these Discords are mad annoying with the verification steps jut to check out a project your kinda interested in 😂

James O'Connell
15 days ago

Hey can u give ur 2 cents on mutant cats

xMs Hkx
15 days ago

Can you get a wl list for digi? Been grinding for a few days now and havent gotten anywhere

15 days ago

Getting close to 10k subs! LFG!!

chris Hinton
15 days ago

I think digis and wyverns could be as big as kaiju

Chetty Art
15 days ago


A Sneaker Life
15 days ago

Digi really goes hard omg