Been a fan of Beeple’s artwork for a number of years, and once I heard he was releasing his artwork work as a bodily and digital token linked on the blockchain, I needed to spend money on it. Most likely not promoting till this MF is like $1,000,000. Nice job Beeple, sustain the wonderful work!

My first crypto artwork NFT on the market on Rarible!


#Beeple #Crypto #Bitcoin


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JMS Vlogs
25 days ago

Got a NEW NFT drop released on Rarible, 51 available for only 0.0051 ETH/each!

Hidden In Plain Sight Subliminals

Oh My GOODNESS! This was incredible. I could feel the excitement in the air! Congrats to you for sharing this with us! That packaging is Apple-esque. LOL You don't want to throw anything away!!! Love this!

Really Dude
25 days ago

what site did you buy it from

Luigi The Exorcist
25 days ago

This guy when he learns what "Save as" does

Lazy Boi
25 days ago

Really cool waste of money.

May Aliu-Otokiti
25 days ago

That’s how to sell art!👌🏾crisp product

25 days ago

Such a nice token! Just wondering where did you purchase this beeples nft? Is there a website for that? Thank you.

25 days ago

So what's that thing gonna do for you? Sit there occupying a space and accumulate dust? Dumbest purchase of all time. Why not just buy a full scale print of that as decoration on the wall? I got an exact identical copy of that for about $39 lol…you feel more stupid each day for spending 100 – 1000 times the price of what I paid for…

keith conti
25 days ago

sucker born every second

mickey boisvert
25 days ago

total waste of money.

cristian carceller
25 days ago

this is so dope! You have the most modern day Picasso you can possibly have. congratulations

Derek Crans
25 days ago

Where did you go to bid on or buy this APENFT?

Darren Mooney
25 days ago

Wow! That’s awesome! Beeple is awesome !
I want one ✅

25 days ago

How did you find out about this before the masses bro? What is your secret

Monsta Kakarot
25 days ago

I wonder how do you actually sync a QR code with your digital art?

Coloured Bleach
25 days ago

That is sickkkkk I love itttt

Swell Cartoons
25 days ago

We just made our first Nutty Fellas video ! 😋🥜

Juanes Guzyan
25 days ago

Dude I have a question, what is the box size?

Lost Time
25 days ago


Jans Cholo Chua
25 days ago

Digital Artists are laughing

25 days ago

its a waste of money for playing an image on a frame. but there will be someone more stupider than you who would buy it

Can't Take A Joke
25 days ago

What type of alchemy is this 😂

Muhamed Bilal ⭕️
25 days ago

Invest in OMI / ECOMI, it will be huge!📈💎✋ #ecomi #omi #veve #nft

Mehran Akbari
25 days ago

hello sir its about 8 months that im trying to share an amazing idea for the most valuable NFT ever with mr mike winkelmann (beeple) i didnt succeed please help me to do this i tried everything please help its gonna just takes 10 to 20 seconds for him to read that but it means a world to me

Environment Freak
25 days ago

Purchase mine as well

German Petrov
25 days ago

1,900,000 artists bought NFT ethereum technology

25 days ago

How often does he have new drops?

25 days ago

Do u guys know wich company makes and certificates those physical tokens?

25 days ago

What is the name of the acrylic?

Winning Predictions
25 days ago

where can we get one like this ? super dope !

25 days ago