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Freshly updated ọrụ offer. Upload CV 100% n'efu ka Bayt! This company is really hiring executives from all over the MENA region. Bayt is one of the most trusted companies in the United Arab Emirates. Please have a look at our updated feeds. Moreover, grab interesting jobs from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ma obu Qatar.

With you can find the latest jobs available in the Middle East. Thousands of expats from Pakistan and India -arụ ọrụ in the Middle East today. More than 40% of expats having an account with this company.

  • · Prepare the cost report on regular basis to reflecting the project cost status.· Review all direct costs posted on a daily basis.· Analyze project expenses by trade and compare it to budget.· Analyze material purchase orders compared to budget.· Monitor the status and actual cost for labors, equipment, subcontractors and committed cost.· Disseminate budget information to all operating groups, providing clarification and additional information where required.· Review invoice status on monthly basis and highlight any major figures.· Attend periodic meetings with the project management team to discuss cost related issues.· Jointly prepare project cost plan and submit its monthly […]
  • Accountable for the successful completion of Engineering projects.Management of all stakeholders associated with the project Value Engineering during constructionQuality assurance during construction Design and development of engineering drawings Job Details Posted Date: 2019-10-22 Job Location: Doha, Qatar Job Role: Engineering Company Industry: Project & Construction Planning Monthly Salary: US $7,000 Preferred Candidate Career Level: Management Nationality: Albania; Austria; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Belgium; Bulgaria; Belarus; Switzerland; Czech Republic; Germany; Denmark; Estonia; Spain; Finland; France; Great Britain (UK); Greece; Croatia (Hrvatska); Hungary; Ireland; Iceland; Italy; Kosovo; […]
  • Work Experience Rectification of mechanical repairs Diagnosis problems Reporting Defects Ensure security of premises, equipment & tools. Comply with the security and safety system and prepare the necessary materials before starting repairs. Utilizing the workshop manual wiring diagram , voltmeter ,and diagnostic tools. Qualification Requirements Holding Dipolma for same field. Work Experience of minimum 3 – 5 years Healthy Fit to hand the position Institutee Diploma for Same Field Job Details Posted Date: 2019-10-22 Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Job […]
  • معارض الرياضالمسوؤلية الكاملة على المعرضالاشراف على البائعاتكتابة التقارير اليومية و الشهرية عند الطلبالاشراف على الموظفات و المبيعاتخدمة العملاء و حل مشاكلهمتدريب الموظفاتJob Details Posted Date: 2019-10-22 Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Job Role: Sales Company Industry: Jewelry & Gold Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Gender: Female Nationality: Saudi Arabia
  • The Financial Budgeting & Reporting Professional is responsible for the provision of financial planning & budgeting assistance to the organization, developing short / long term financial forecasts & plans, , and the consolidation of the annual master budget.Provide financial planning assistance to MDA in the form of short / long term financial forecasts & plans.Develop financial models that aim to provide a structured approach with respect to short / long term financial forecasts & plans.Design and prepare budget forms, models and templates to be used by MDA in the budgeting process.Liaise with MDA divisions and department in developing their annual […]
  • The Irrigation Technician is mainly responsible for the maintenance of irrigation equipment which may include sprinklers, water lines, pumps, suction devices, valves and other plumbing equipment. Assist in general and seasonal system maintenance.Locate, troubleshoot, and repair irrigation system defects.Perform preventative maintenance and curative maintenance on assigned systems.Job Details Posted Date: 2019-10-22 Job Location: Doha, Qatar Job Role: Maintenance, Repair, and Technician Company Industry: Amusement & Recreation Facility Preferred Candidate Career Level: Entry Level Gender: Male Degree: Diploma
  • Job Title: Sales /Sr. Sales Executive – Retail Job Purpose: Generating, monitoring and promoting sales in retail. Job Responsibilities: Customer related:1. Maintaining healthy relationship with retailers through regular visiting, solving their queries if any and meeting their requirements.2. Order forecast ? based on the sell-out report and stock report received from retailer, monitoring each store, product sell out and keeping track of daily inventory levels through promoters and interacting with them on daily basis to motivate them and maximize sales. Business related:1. Identify competitors' pricing, promotional activities and update the higher management on same.2. Evaluate or identify products availability in the retail outlets by liaising with promoters and […]
  • Firm offers its clients a full range of services including financial and business advisory, tax and regulatory, and risk advisory services. In India, has a client base of over 2700 companies, serves leading information technology companies and has a strong presence in the financial services sector in India while serving a number of market leaders in other industry segments.Job Details Posted Date: 2019-10-22 Job Location: Mumbai, India Job Role: Accounting and Auditing Company Industry: Employment Placement Agencies/Recruiting Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree
  • Our client takes pride in its contribution to the growth of the Indian lifesciences industry. In parallel with the growth and development of the Indian healthcare industry, their clinical and commercial services have grown and expanded to encompass a wide portfolio today. They are committed to offering innovative business models tailored to suit the local and global aspirations of our customers in a dynamic healthcare landscape. They draw on the strength and depth of their global resources, deep domain expertise and local insights to help biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, not for profit and government agencies, payers […]
  • Big 4 Global PracticeJob Details Posted Date: 2019-10-22 Job Location: Bengaluru, India Job Role: Management Company Industry: Employment Placement Agencies/Recruiting Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Degree: Bachelor's degree

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