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Jobs in Dubai For Foreigners

jobs in dubai for foreigners

Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners 

Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners all over the world. Stop searching for employment. And grab opportunities with our firm. Our team of professional experts. Helping to get a new lifestyle in Emirates. Especially for new workers abroad. Because of Career in Dubai. Become in reality possible for foreigners. With this in mind, we are taking candidates from all over the world. Our team for this reason definitely motivate expats. To get employment worldwide. Since we started to operate. New job seekers can upload a CV to our recruitment firm in the Emirates. And in to point out, a lot of them getting jobs from countries abroad.

Generally speaking, The United Arab Emirates. Is the main destination for foreigners. Because this Arab country is located on the Persian Gulf. And with this in mind, this destination is good for Indian and Pakistani executives. On the positive side of Dubai City and Abu Dhabi. Become a main business centre in the UAE. Because its shares border with Oman and Saudi Arabia. And most compelling evidence saying that they make a good business. Especially in neighbourhoods. Moreover, the official language is Arabic. And it is good to start in UAE. Simply because next step could be a Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

But on the negative side, there are a few things that need to be followed. Before a new person will land in the Emirates. Generally speaking our team of hiring executives. Has written several guides and resources. Especially for new executives. To help them start for searching for employment in Dubai City. Because finding opportunities as a foreigner. Seams quite hard especially in the United Arab Emirates.

For great career use the job search websites

Generally Speaking, use the job search websites in the UAE. Our team already placed several good guides. Especially for new expatriates abroad. But, our team mention a few sites below again. On the negative side, a standard person can’t expect too much. Maximum replays Are around 2.0% up to 3.0% and for sure very low response rate. And in most cases people who will respond back to you. Maybe not the person you expect. Or a job offers may be under your expectations. Be aware of whom you sent your application letter and CV. Because there is a lot of scam companies all over the world.

Nevertheless, Dubai City Company encourages you to try. Register your details in job sites and employee portals. Generally speaking, give these recruiters a one-shot try. Because you never know what you will come up. And where you may land in the Middle East. Because especially in Dubai City. Simple one talk connections can make a simple job offer. And you can become a new expat. Because of general employment search engines. Are good for new employment and Jobs in Dubai for foreigners are still open. But, classifieds job adds may bring you a new perspective.

How to find a job as a foreginer?

Find out more about job sites in UAE 

Gulf Talent

About Gulf Talent: One of the best in the Gulf. Generally speaking, topped with lots of good jobs. Every day updated vacancies for Gulf Countries. And professional job offers in Qatar as well as Abu Dhabi. A lot of people found Jobs in Dubai for foreigners on this website.

About Bayt: No.1 Company in the Middle East. Highly rated for foreigners. And one of the top employment websites. People all over the Middle East and India as well as International. Sending CV to their executives.


About Edarabia This company is one of the fastest growing. A company the main target is to educate people as well as foreigners. This company is one of the top-ranked in Google. In reality, having some jobs offers. On the other hand, the company provides few good guides for job seekers.


About Dubizle is the leading classifieds website. Especially in Dubai City. On the other hand, job seekers using their UAE section for searching for work with visa. Company start operation in 2005. Since then has become very popular. And the number of the new job has been posted. This is generally speaking classified platform. For sure for job seekers and employers.

Monster Gulf

About Monster Gulf: At the monster career website. You can search for employment. Because the company has been around for a long time. And since then monster having high ranking. And pretty much people registering with them.


About Glassdoor: company, as a matter of fact, starts placing the opportunities. Especially for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And since then, companies can receive reviews. As well as placing interviews. Moreover, job seekers can apply for work with MBA education.

Career Jet

About Career Jet Careerjet is a top career search engine. And most of the people are able to use it in UAE. No matter what is their experience. On the other hand, the designed system makes the process of finding a job much easier. And the internet becomes much easier for the user. When Career jet website starts operates.

Dubai Careers

About Dubai Careers The Dubai Careers is a job portal. Moreover is an innovative method of source job seeker. Generally speaking, it is developed by Smart Dubai Government Establishment. So, they are having high credibility. On the other hand, this portal will definitely move the way up in UAE.


About Reed: This is one of the biggest UK job search engines. On the other hand, has job postings for the UAE. With this in mind, people from U.K and International job seekers. Can apply for new employment opportunities. Also, they are posting jobs offers in GBP. So it is really worth it to have a look.


About Indeed they business is the No.1 job site. And ranked in top 3 in the world. Generally speaking, the company grows extensionally. With over 200 million unique visitors in 2018. And having a new sign-ups every month.


About Naukri, Dubai City Company has mentioned this job site. Because Naukri has recruited all over the world. For example, in India, UAE, and Qatar  This site is chock full of job postings for workers abroad. As well as updated offers over the local market.


About Laimoon: This job site is not so popular for a career in the UAE. Because of this website gathering job openings from company websites.  directly and also has postings for Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Jobs in Dubai For Foreigners is it worth it?

There is a lot of career possibilities in the UAE. From teaching English up to manual work. Starting at the low position might be an option. Only if you are a native Arabic speaker. Generally speaking, if you do not have enough experience. without the Arabic language in Dubai. There is a low chance for employment. All of the sites at the top. Are definitely ready for jobs in Dubai for foreigners. Moreover, they are all pretty similar.

On the negative side, they all have a massive amount of new job options. So, with this in mind, a lot of people are posting a resume. And new job seekers can manage their application every day. Definitely through each of the employment sites. On the positive side, Dubai is growing for several decades. And the English language becomes the main one in the Emirates. With this in mind, job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. Also, start growing internationally. Then, jobs in Dubai for foreigners become wildly opened. Definitely new workers abroad. Can expect to find good jobs. And various countries around the Gulf Area. Can be a new home for foreigners.

Dubai rules for foreigners are they good?

The Emirates are one of the best places on earth. On the other hand, a legal system is based on some hard deals. For example, a hard-line interpretation of Shariah law. And no matter what is happening, it must be followed. One of the examples is international workers. They often land in the Abu Dhabi or Dubai for work. Starting their life as a foreigner. And do not comply with rules. So, in a matter of time, land in jail for offences. This is why the UAE is trying to educate the Westerners. What to do and do not do in the UAE. That definitely help them and not would make them even one crime.

On the negative side, there were recent examples in Dubai city. That foreign tourist brake the law. And try to get along by lawyers. Unfortunately, the UAE law is strict for everyone. Always include holding hands in public. Moreover, posting praise on Facebook for a charity. Moreover drinking alcohol without a license is strictly prohibited in public. Ad some of the bad news, for example, sharing a hotel room with a person of the opposite sex (other than one’s spouse).

Moreover, the Dubai authorities are quite unfair in some cases. The government in the United Arab Emirates. Always look the several ways for inquiries. Never allowed to brake Sharjah law when it comes to bad behaviour to foreigners. On the positive side, there are few exceptions for international people. For example, Dubai and Abu Dhabi hotels do not ask couples for their marriage licenses.

Which is normal for local residents in Dubai. Moreover, the UAE has a lively nightlife for everyone. That may be quite strange but numerous gay bars and nightclubs where East European prostitutes openly find new customers. Are commonly opened for internationals all over the UAE.

The jobs in the Middle East

Have a look for different countries to work. There is a lot of options in the Gulf area!

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan

Qatar and Expats

How to start as one of the foreign in Qatar?

In Qatar, there is a lot of ways to get employment. For example, a report by Amnesty International stated that foreign workers are responsible for the building project for a new city in Qatar. And which intends to employ much more expats in Qatar. On the other hand, the world cup in 2020 matches are being exploited and experiencing intensive human rights violations despite the promise of government reforms. On the other hand, there are a few things you need to know before you move to Qatar.

If you will work for none legit company. The report of few companies recorded an engineering company with the name, Mercury MENA, which left about 80 workers from Nepal, India, and the Philippines grounded and unpaid for months in Qatar. So, you have to always choose a good company to work for in the Middle East.

But Government charged the companies anyway. Simply because it was discovered that they used the Kafala structure which represented Qatar’s sponsorship program. And that makes employees stick to a single employer in order to exploit scores of foreign workers. In Nepal, 34 people reported to Amnesty that Mercury MENA was owing to them an average of 1,500 pounds, and the Kafala system was used to exploit them. So, always try to talk with our team or at least avoid the bad companies.

How to apply for work in Qatar?

The best Qatar job sites are Government related. One of the examples is Ministry owned job site. They are one of the best sites known for centralized visa information. And you can choose the type of Visa you are looking to acquire. For example, you can apply for student visa, visitor visa, work visa. Generally speaking, there is no problem to finding such information in Google. The best source for that is a local embassy. On the other hand, you can go to the consulate in your own country. They have almost all visas for Qatar. So, now is the time to explain sites available for job seekers in Qatar are listed below.

Finding jobs in Qatar as a foreigner is not quite easy though, when compared with another middle – eastern countries but is possible. The needed documents that are likely to be demanding the job application are quite huge. But their wages are almost one of the best in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and Expats

How to start as one of the foreign workers in Saudi Arabia?

Well, in Saudi Arabia, foreign workers were estimated to be 15million as at 2019. The Oil business and new opportunity discovered in that country a huge potential. And this is why encouraged migration in the late 1930s. Presently, they have a massive option for Saudi Arabia development. So, they are hiring the foreign labour workforce. Even though some have been recruited to other sectors such as agriculture, domestic service industries and cleaning. As Saudi Arabians executives love to have everything in place and ready to go at any point.

As in the standard Muslim country. The Nationality of the foreigners determines the hierarchy of the foreign workers. And you may be surprised, for instance, workers from India and western nations who have been relocated to Saudi Arabia. They usually hold the highest positions not even held by the Saudis managers. And the lower positions are held by the Africans and Southeast Asians.

The Saudi Arabia country used to be one of the poorest and most undeveloped countries in the world a long time ago. But prior to the discovery of oil by Texaco Oil ( American company).  Not so long after the discovery. The foreign aid and expertise was needed to exploit the vast oil reserves discovered.

There was a booming increase in the number of foreign workforces in Saudi Arabia. And as a result of the discovery mainly from other Middle Eastern countries. Developmental projects and Infrastructural plans encouraged the influx of skilled as well as unskilled workers. And with this in mind, most workers were the Palestinians. And then they start receiving Egyptians, Yemenis and others from Arab countries.

So, is there any work for me in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is known to be the richest Arab country until 2023. That’s is for sure a good information for expats. They have a lot of companies which are located in the Middle East. Our company is always available job site for job seekers as a foreigner in Saudi Arabia. On the negative side, In Saudi Arabia, the visa processes is also not so easy to get. We would say one of the toughest and the most confusing in the world. Especially for foreigners from Europe or the United States.

Saudi Government marketing team do not market tourism actively.  They are not a Dubai welcome type of people. So, it seems impossible to get a tourist visa in less than 2 weeks. There is the tendency of refusal into entry into Saudi Arabia. Especially for people with an Israeli stamp. So if you are from this country with an updated passport.  No matter what you do, they needed documents anyway. But that is likely to be demanded your job application. In most cases anyway.

One of the smartest tips for work there. Is to have documents such as the top achievement certificate in school. Especially helpful will be if you made them in one of the Muslim countries.  For example the college or university, character certificate and any other related certificates. From University in Qatar or the United Arab Emirates. But on the positive side, the only thing that will get you a job is your CV. So, you need to know where to hit with the application. For example, if you do the marketing in the right way. The recruiters are it advisable to work towards with you. And time and effort you will spend making your CV perfect. Want to have vanished at any point.

The United Arab Emirates and Expats

How to start as one of the foreign in the UAE?

Well, in UAE (United Arabs Emirates),  the UAE Government is for immigrants. And this country is happy to take new workers from abroad. Moreover, foreigners from all over the world. Are looking to move there while is still tax-free. Moreover, government-related jobs are considered to be the best. Simply because the UAE nationals believe that there is shame in working with some private sector jobs. Most of the local Arabs work with the government contract and projects or work in Military. The country’s working visa process and legal document are much easier. Moreover, society, when compared with neighbouring countries. For example, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are much better in terms of the relocation process.

The UAE has more attractions that could even imagine. And with this in mind, the global foreigners moving there. One of the job seekers we include are the people from western nations. Generally speaking, Emiratis are fewer in population in their own country. For example, on a ratio of nine to one. Moreover, the UAE government set up the law. And that states that an immigrant is qualifying to apply for UAE citizenship after staying in the country for a period of at least 30 years. So, in reality, you must have been there for a long time. Before you even get a chance to become a UAE citizen.

What do I need to get work in the UAE?

The last thing is the UAE documents for finding employment. For example, a top achievement UAE certificate in school. Will definitely help you rise a bar for a new opportunity. And if you have an international college or university. It will definitely help you build the UAE careers. On the other hand, character certificate and any other related certificates from respectable sources such as U.S or U.K it is an advantage in the Arabic world. But in reality, the only thing that will get you a job is your Resume. It does the marketing your experience, so, it is advisable to work towards making your CV perfect. And always make sure there are no mistakes. Must be remembered that in the United Arab Emirates you can use English CV.

The Jordan country and Expats 

How to start as one of the foreign in Jordan?

Another place in the Middle East is Jordan. Because this country brakes records. They are good people and have it a home to over 2 million Palestinians refugees as at 2015. So, not only they are hiring but also support others. There is about 98% of the Jordanians population are Arabs. Moreover, the remaining 2% are ethnic minorities. The International Labor Organization in Jordan. Stated in the TV and News that the Labor situation in Jordan is harder. Because of the presence of low qualified workforce in the country. For example, the foreign workers in a report titled “A challenging Market Become More Challenging”. So, you have to be prepared and search for much more efficiency jobs. Managers or even Senior Managers.

As a result of extensive research carried out in September 2016. Which Government organisation aimed and generalised. A lot of people has accessed the effect of Jordan’s extraordinarily generous contribution to host large refugee populations. Moreover, in its national labour market, they have stated that its working population. The Government related report intends answering the questions for foreign workers. On how to increase employment rate in Jordan in the national market.

So, is there any work for me in Jordan?

On the other hand, they try to find out how to make sure that the working environment is comfortable for all workers. Not only the one from abroad but for all kind of expats and local workforce as well. And also, how to involve the Syrian refugees without removing Jordanian workers. And that was the big question asked by European members. Opening the labour market to refugees was in a bid to ensure that particular attention is given to the application of minimum labour standards for foreign workers, irrespective of their status. To have a Jordan work permit, working in tandem with your employer is firstly required an application for jobs in Jordan is quite easy accessing through government websites.

Kuwait country and Expats 

How to start as one of the foreign workers in Kuwait?

In Kuwait, there is a major change in last years. One of the examples is the foreign worker sponsorship system. Become legalized and in the results, the foreigners must be financed by a local employer in order to get a work permit. So, there is a smart whole that a lot of people try to get to become successful job seekers. There was a major change in August 2008, MP Abdullah Al-Roumi said he was going to prepare a law to abolish Kuwait’s kafeel foreign worker sponsorship system. So, they manage that in the right way. Moreover, that change was to help expatriates. The government was planning towards cancelling the sponsorship system in order to invent a new system. And they aim it was correct because that will allow foreigners to transfer their residence permits. And from then, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor take their case.

On the negative side, as a foreigner for example from Switzerland. You can get a job in Kuwait. And that employment for sure will be well paid and for a long time. So on that, a job already in Kuwait seams a smart movement. But before you can start work, you need a work visa like in Any Arabic country. Work permit and work visa are different things entirely, to secure a work permit, you must have worked with your employer for a while, and after having a work permit, there is need to get the work entry visa at any closest embassy.

So, is there any work for me in Kuwait?

The Kuwait country has one of the best private websites. Well, know for centralized visa information. That is also regardless of the type of the Visa that foreigners can expect. For example, it may be a student visa or visitor visa, and on that, you can’t really manage. On the other hand, on work visa etc. Of course, there will be no trouble finding such information in Bing or Google. The best sites available for job seekers in Kuwait are listed online. You can find them typing Jobs in Kuwait for foreigners or careers in Kuwait.

Kuwait as a country has the best vacancies in Financial sectors. So, to find a job as a foreigner, you should hit financial jobs at first. On the other hand, when we compared with another middle – eastern countries is not that easy to get but it is possible. Kuwait needed documents that are likely to be demanded the job application in the Kuwait embassy.

Conclusion for Dubai as a Foreign worker  

Jobs in Dubai For Foreigners are good to go from all over the world. And with this in mind, a lot of people. Especially the executives, definitely having a good chance for work. The only dealing point is a lifestyle in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The new visitors of Emirates. Must comply with several rules. On the other hand, Dubai is welcoming foreign executives. One of the examples is Dubai Airports, hotels or automotive business. In all of these places in Dubai. New people can be found. From Pakistani workers up to Indian executives. So, our company definitely advising workers from all over the globe. Definitely, to visit Dubai City and start working abroad.

Any country makes these sites available for foreign job seekers wishes to get employment in the Middle East. So once again we remind you about this job sites.

Top job sites and portals 
  • Gulf Talent has a lot of good quality and professional jobs
  • Jobs in Dubai has job postings in specific places in Dubai
  • Jobs Abu Dhabi has job postings in specific places in Abu Dhabi
  • Dubizzle is classified as a giant site for Abu Dhabi
  • Glassdoor is known to have opportunities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • Bayt is considered to be one of the top job search websites in the Middle East.
  • Monster Gulf is a monster job search brand which has been existing since the dawn of the internet era.
  • Gulf Jobs market is good for executive-level jobs.
  • Career Jet is a popular one that has job search options for UAE.
  • Indeed is the U.S job site version of UAE.
  • Learn 4 Good seems to be about teaching jobs but has jobs in other sectors.
  • Laimoon is a site known for job openings aggregation from the websites of the company directly.
Teaching English in the Middle East

Another smart way, and please do not forget that is teaching English. And our company always remind, for those that might be interested in teaching, teaching English. They may definitely choose the smart and the easiest option. Of course, if you are fluent in English Speaking, or writing.  Our recruitment team is advisable new job seekers to browse through each of the sites for job opportunities for teaching in UAE they could try sites such as;

  • Total ESL is an overly busy interface for those interested in teaching abroad.
  • ESL café is one of the best job openings from around the world.
  • Testall is a site that aggregates big teaching jobs.
  • Footprints Recruiting has been discovered to be one of the largest ESL teaching recruiters available.

For those interested in Financial Jobs, here are some Overseas and Expat Job Portals;

  • eFinancialCareers is one of the favourite search engines for finance jobs available on the web but although, they are not so available for Qatar
  • Go Abroad has also been discovered to have good jobs as well
  • Oversea Jobs is a site that has been available for a while now but there seems to be a significant overlap between the postings on these sites and other sites.
  • LinkedIn is a massive professional network resource for building contacts in the field as well as the location of your interest
There are also other websites such as;
  • The Guardian is known to be one of the comprehensive pages for expats in UAE
  • Telegraph gives good financial advice for preparation

The Middle East, Especially UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  Always has good job offers for foreigners in more fields, than other middle-eastern areas. Simply because they are looking to develop much more projects. But on the negative side, there are some procedures needed for workers abroad. For example, documents that are likely to be demanded any job application are:

  • National Identity Card
  • Copies of parents identity card
  • 24 passport size coloured photo
  • Driving License ( if you have)
  • Visa information and papers
  • Bank Account from your country
  • University Certificates
  • POI – Proof of Identity ( Aditional one )
  • Also the original diploma Certificates ( if you have)
  • 2 coloured copies of passport
  • POA – Proof of Adress
  • The copy of school education certificate
  • Hardly made college certificates
  • And a few other things they may request

So, as you see, opportunities are there for you. All you need to do is just have enough courage to start a new life abroad. There are more than 3 million expatriates working in the Middle East. You can also become one of them. And in reality, you need to have a good plan of action. Moreover, all things sorted in your homeland and start working abroad. Our company always waiting for your application. So, please register your CV with our HR team. Our recruiters are willing to help you for sure!.

Also Check On: Multilanguage Guides for Expats

Dubai City Company now providing good guides for Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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