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Jobs in Saudi Arabia – List of companies in Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Saudi Arabia
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Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Jobs in Saudi Arabia are one of the best in class. Saudi senior executives know as one of the best business managers. In the light of career searching, you should also consider Saudi Arabia. Our company writing articles about career searching in Saudi Arabia. We are trying to work out together with few pieces of information about how to find a job in the Middle East. Although this may be true we are one of the best for Career in the Middle East in terms of advice for a job site.

Amazing Facts about Jobs in Saudi Arabia

As a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia is an Arab country. Located in the best place in the Middle East. The Saudi Arabia country working out for most of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia managing an area of 830,000m2. On the other hand, Saudi country is the fifth largest in Asia. So based on that point. You can find a job in this country also as an expat woman.

Under those circumstances, this place is for expats. And it is the second largest Arab country. Generally speaking, Saudi Arabia country. Has a population estimated to be 35 million?. So in the long run if you searching for a job. You have a good chance to find a job there. Also quite a smart idea it will be joining our WhatsApp Groups. There you can find several invitation links with other expats.

Saudi Arabia information

In the foreground Saudi Arabia making it the 40th largest country in the world. Adjacent to based on population there is a good place for career hunters. Sooner or later most of the Oil jobs comes from Oil Companies. Another key point for Saudi Arabia’s. Primary working and living group is Arabic. And of course, the main religion is Islam.

With this in mind, The Saudi government is a 100% Islam. And on the negative side, it is an absolute monarchy. With a king together with crown prince additionally with deputy crown prince. With attention to money, currency is a Riyal. As an illustration of love to Allah. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. The Saudi Arabian flag is made in the colours of green and white. So this place is one of the best for job seekers.

Companies of Saudi Arabia

 Saudi Arabia Companies in the Middle East

How to apply for a job in Saudi Arabia?

A.A. Turki Group

To put it another way, this company is commonly known as ATCO. Company ATCO is a very organized and expat orientated business group. For example, the company based in Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

Important to realize that Atco is operating since the1950s. Most compelling evidence that a company is worth to get a job is simple. The company is wholly owned by Abdulrahman Ali Al-Turki. On the positive side for you as a job seeker. With this in mind, ATCO group has twenty-three business different divisions just in Saudi Arabia. Must be remembered that company managing large investments in the Middle East. Generally speaking, a company operated on joint ventures and standalone with other Dubai Companies.

To summarize A.A Turki Group activities comprise for many career sectors. For the most part, the company getting workers for good vacancies. In summary trading and construction career in the Middle East. Jobs in retail and IT services in Saudi Company is a way to win a game. From time to time you can get blog career opportunities.

ATCO comprises 23 divisions, joint ventures, and stand-alone companies. The group offers a wide range of career opportunities for expats. Including one of the best the following :

  • Retail Services
  • Industrial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics Management
  • Telecom Products & Services
  • Automation & Control
  • Commercial Trading & Services
  • Port Management & Marine Services
  • Engineering & Contracting
  • Oil & Gas Products & Services

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Atco

Abdulla Fouad Group of Companies

Is most celebrated success stories in the Middle East. Abdulla Fouad Group (AFG) has been founded in the 1947s in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. Since then grow so much so every career seekers. Definitely will have a chance to find a job there in having MBA.

Given these points company beginnings as a small construction company in the Middle East. But in the final analysis of improvements. The Dubai company today is a group of diversified activities in manufacturing business opportunities.

As well as an engineering company with deep information technology knowledge. Of course together with real estate investment business. The company also have a large HR and investment and commercial trading sectors in Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand the business portfolio of Abdulla Fouad. Become super popular in the Middle East. In reality, the company consists of multiple companies and divisions. So base on that you can send your CV to this Dubai Company in 2018.

Company looking for workers in Oil & Gas. Moreover, Industrial and Construction jobs vacancies become available online. The AFG Group not only recruiting for Healthcare Consumer & Real Estate but also for Investments career. The company also looking for management executives in Information and Technology sectors.

The company is also ranked among the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia. as a matter of fact AFG Group service locations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Generally speaking, a company has a network of procurement offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia – Abulla Fouad.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Abdulla Fouad

Advanced Electronics Company Limited (AECL)

Dubai Company a limited liability organization in Saudi Arabia. Although this may be true company was starting operated in 1988.

On the other hand, AEC is specialized in new technology. AECL is more than advanced electronics research and manufacturing company in the Middle East. With this in mind company recruiting for defence and communication sectors in Saudi Arabia.

Under those circumstances, the goal of AEC is to become one of the best. Generally speaking in the local capabilities and strategic areas. As has been noted company advanced new progress in manufacturing technologies and communication systems. This company hiring Indian expats. So if you are Indian expat you should send your CV.

For the most part, a company is one of the best in product support. This amazing company in 2006 has signed an interested agreement. Dubai Company managed the new contract with Acer. AECL become to manufacture personal computers in the Middle East. And that becomes a new project for a part of the Saudi government’s programme to make PCs affordable to Saudi Arabia population.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia – Advanced Electronic Company.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Advance Electronics Company

Ahmad Hamad Al Gosaibi & Brothers 

Join their Company team today. As a matter of fact, if you are searching for a job in Dubai. A.H ALGOSAIBI & BROS. This Saudi Arabia business success many years back. At the same time, this Saudi Company begins with exceptional management people. On the other hand that Middle East organization provide ingenuity, expertise for GCC Countries. And superior project services not only to GCC clients. But their services also include Dubai City.

Are you an Expat Looking for a Job in Saudi Arabia?. Ahmad Hamad Al Gosaibi & Brothers, in reality, will provide you amazing career opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, you can apply for your updated CV. And with this in mind, you can have career development support in all challenging opportunities.

Company placing a high value on every job seeker who will join the construction sector. Another key point with Ahmad Hamad Al Gosaibi & Brothers company is business ethics and values. On the positive side, individual excellence and career development inside the company is important in the Arabic world.

The company has rewards and recognition around the GCC Countries. Under those circumstances, the company placing expat executives. And with this company, you can build and pursue your career ambitions in Saudi Arabia business world. For this reason, you can join the company workers team and take the business to the next level.

In the final analysis, the company is actively seeking top talent expat executives who are looking for a job in Saudi Arabia. You can apply indirectly to their email address.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Ahmad Hamad.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Ahmad Hamad Al Gosaibi & Brothers

Al Baik Restaurants & bars

Although this may be true they serve the best food in town. With ALBAIK company you can find customer service and management operation career opportunities. For this reason, the company believes that team members are the most valued asset in the food business.

For this reason Al Baik Restaurants & Bars. It is committed to building a corporate not only for Saudi workers but also for India and Pakistan job seekers. Under those circumstances culture of teamwork and respect to each other. Helping international nations to work together.

Generally speaking with this in mind you can be promoted from junior position to senior level executive. In the long run, the company providing each individual team member help to get the promotion within a year. As has been noted with all the support that you can get with this company.

And getting career opportunities to develop and grow personally over The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia career market. So to summarize working professionally with Al Baik Restaurants & bars to achieve the fullest potential is a key to your success.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Al Baik Restaurant.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Al Baik Company

Al Bilad Bank in Saudi Arabia

Sooner or later with your career searching alternatives. You should have a look at Bank Albilad is a Saudi Arabia. To begin with, information that this bank is a joint stock company. Generally speaking, Al Bilad Bank established vide Royal Decree with a corporate capital of 5,000,000,000 Saudi Riyals. So that makes a very good company to work with.

Bank Albilad as a banking business seeks to expand all over Saudi Arabia. Company opening branches in a few new cities and regions. Without delay in addition to local workers in Saudi Arabia company providing women’s branches and banking services centres. So anyone can use their services.

Given these points, Bank Albilad provides services for new clients. And expats in Saudi Arabia can use all banking products and services on all levels and segments. At the present time, you can expect several career opportunities. To begin with jobs in business finance products and fast career in Retail banking products. Together with investment products jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Al Bilad Bank.

Al Faisaliah Group 

Al Faisaliah Group one of the best place for work. Saudi company privately-held in the Middle East. For the purpose of business, growth company becomes a multi-business group. To put it differently, in this case, the company headquartered is in Saudi Arabia and serving the Middle East. The first thing to remember when you apply for sales and marketing jobs in Saudi Arabia. In general that Saudi Arabia company was founded in 1971.

On the positive side, Al Faisaliah Group managing leading positions within career seekers in Agriculture & Food business. The company frequently growing in Electronics & Systems markets in the Middle East. For this reason, you can get a job in Healthcare and Food Service. Generally speaking, the group is recognized across the GCC region.

In the long run, it’s professional management team. Always happy to give you a hand with recruitment needs. And its long-tenure strategic partnerships with leading global firms will definitely help you to get a Jobs in Riyadh. For the most part, a company including Sony, Danone, Philips, and Accenture.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Al Faisaliah Group.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Al Faisaliah Group

Riyadh Daily in Saudi Arabia

On balance, try to get a job in the newspaper. A career in media become top notch for Saudi executives. Riyadh Daily published by the Al-Yamamah Press Establishment. Given these points company are the first English daily published from the Saudi capital.

Ultimately if you are searching for a job in media and communications. Please add a resume to its sister publication media, Al-Riyadh Arabic newspaper. As a matter of fact, Riyadh Daily has a long history in the Kingdom’s media industry.

Riyadh Daily first time in history company published a newsletter in the 1960s before it was developed into a broadsheet in 1985. You can find also find few recruitment agencies in Dubai who are recruiting for this company.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Riyadh Daily.

An Al Tazaj in Saudi Arabia

Restaurant in Buraidah, one of the best careers for foreigners. In reality, with this industry restaurants Founded 1989 over 28 years ago. With this in mind, you should try to get a job with this firm. Many commercial career vacancies inside this company.

If you are expat generally speaking cultural existence is a good way to find a job. In the foreground career investment ideas is bred in the environment in GCC countries. To begin with jobs in Saudi Arabia you should send your CV. You can get a job in the Middle East. Upload your resume to this company in GCC.

An Al Tazaj restaurant accepting CV for multiple positions from international marketing job seekers. In the background primarily jobs are available for sales and counters positions. Up to the present time send CV if you are interested in junior and senior management positions.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with An Al Tazaj.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia An Al Tazaj restaurant in Buraidah

ALDREES Petroleum and Transport Services Company

Important to know that is a Saudi joint stock company. Given these points getting a new career with a giant petroleum company is a well-paid career in Saudi Arabia. Up to the present time company running retail services and become multi-commodity transport services organization in the GCC region.

As a matter of fact, the company prides itself on providing quality services in Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, this organization host generates private and government organizations projects along the years of business in the Middle East.

With this, in mind, steady growth within a firm is possible in Saudi Arabia. Over the past years prosperous executives success with this company until today. This company also recruiting Philipino job seekers. So, it is really worth to visit their hiring section on the website.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Petroleum and Transport Services Company.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia ALDREES Petroleum and Transport Services Company

The Al Muhaidib Group

The company is an international private group of companies based in Saudi Arabia. On the positive side, the company was founded in 1943. Until now the Abdul Kadir Al Muhaidib is a good company to work for. To put it another way, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors is Sulaiman A. Al Muhaidib.

The first thing to remember the main interest of the company it is selling wholesale building materials. To put it another way, the company importing food products specifically marketing and distributing rice in Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, this Saudi Arabia sector has remained a core business for the jobs vacancies in Group for South Africans. At the same time, the company has allowed expanding its recruitment sector in the GCC. On the positive side, the portfolio company includes other grains. And eventually, the company management team leading to the establishment of a retail outlet chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To say nothing of Giant Stores (later merged with Panda).

By the same token until today, the group is active in five business sectors in the Dubai and the Middle East: Food, Real Estate, Building Materials, Construction and Utilities & Infrastructure.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Al Muhaidib Group.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Al-Muhaidib

A career in Arab National Bank

Important to realize The Arab National Bank (ANB). Is a major bank based in Riyadh, under those circumstances, company hiring in Saudi Arabia. Generally speaking, the company is listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange. So it is easy to save to work for. But you can find some job post about a career in few other places.

ANB Group offers comprehensive commercial and investment banking services. Up to the present time, you can get a job with the banking sector. All things considered when you start a new job with this company. From time to time company recruiting for sales executives. Arab National Bank it has 156 branches in Saudi Arabia. Its largest shareholder is Arab Bank, holding 40% of the fund.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Arab National Bank.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Arab National Bank

Balubaid Group of Companies (BGC) 

Balubaid employs an international career seeker all over the world. The multinational workforce of BGC has over 1,700 employees in the Middle East. To put it another way, the company was funded in 1952 over 65 years ago. So if you are looking for a long-term career. This company is a best in use for the many career sectors.

By all means, Balubaid Group of Companies is committed to continued training inside the house. Correspondingly development for expatriates career seekers. And although this may be true the Saudization of its organization makes them hiring new employees every month.

The Group’s hiring fresh graduated students and managers. From over 40 countries in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North America and of course, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Balubaid.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Balubaid Group of Companies (BGC)

Bin Quraya in Saudi Arabia

On the other hand, if you are looking for long terms vacancies. Have a look at a Bin Quraya Group. The company is a Saudi privately-held holding company. Company managing services with BQ Rental. And it is one of its subsidiaries in Saudi business success. The company is the leading heavy equipment rental firm in Saudi Arabia.

Above all Bin Quraya is one of the Middle East’s largest heavy equipment fleets. The company head office is based in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia. For the purpose of company development. Company hiring within new projects in all over the Kingdom. You should also visit our Dubai WhatsApp group link. Because some of the recruitment advisors are posting employment offers up there.

Also, you must remember that this company is highly recognised in Google. Especially for their recruitment needs.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia with Ahmad Hamad.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia Bin Quraya

Conclusion for employment 

There are several other options for international job seekers. One of them is finding a hotel job in the Middle East. There are also other countries where people can find a job. New expats getting employment offers every day from all over the world. So you should think twice before you move abroad. On the other hand, you can also search for employment on our Dubai WhatsApp Jobs Group. The very smart way is to apply for vacancies before you even move to the Middle East.

Super popular ways to be placed in Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Generally speaking is to use your mobile as hiring tools. At the moment new job seekers do not have enough time to search for a job. In the following years, new vacancies will come along to the Middle East. For example, a very popular destination for recruitment is Dubai and Abu Dhabi. So you should look for employment in several countries not only for Jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia – Love it and grab employment today. On the other hand, you should also look at hiring companies all over the Gulf. We present for you a Careerjet recruitment firm and Monster job searching engine in UAE. They are really worth to apply with your CV.

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