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John Smith CEO

Konrad Wisniewski CEO of Dubai City Company
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John Smith CEO

John Smith CEO this is my name and title ;-), and I can say I have build one of the most liked company in the United Arab Emirates. Every day millions of people are able to see my post in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

I’m a professional Dubai manager. And I can say my experience can help you become a very successful person in your professional life. From the last 3 Years, I have managed to Start Doing coaching business internationally. My life has never been so bright and nice as other successful coaches in Dubai or London.

My life was full of mistakes and bad decisions. And of course, I have lost thousands of dollars while building my Dubai City Company. But you can see online how popular my business is on Facebook and LinkedIn become now.

Why you should talk with me?

Some times getting information and good guide it may be. a key to your wealth. A good businessman like me it will teach you so many ways to become a successful business manager’s in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

From my own experience, my last 5 clients. Was looking for standard employment or even basic jobs. However, they are having in their CV lots of misunderstanding phrases. Moreover, the way that has written a resume was not on the big level development style.

So, I have managed my self and get into their details quite hard. I have ordered extra services from my copywriter and my team of experts has managed to advance their CV. In results of that my clients got an interesting job offer from one of the reputable company from Abu Dhabi.

Because I have managed to help a lot of expatriates. I personally placed and managed to help people from India, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey and Philipines. And of course, I’m coaching people from the United Arab Emirates and my favourite Qatari nation.

Qatar’s are my favourite? 

What is going on? The answer is simple. People who are living in Qatar are one of the richest nations in the Gulf Region. Not the UAE nation. This is why I love to coach them in person.

So far I have managed to train even people from Qatar. Honestly so many of them are looking to go and live in the UAE. By because of money-making purpose. But to have the most advanced place to live. The United Arab Emirates is for sure a dream place to live and work. For example, hospitals and education’s are one of the best in the whole Gulf Region.

I do love UAE do not miss understand me Dubai is a great place for everyone. This is why I have started to build my business in Emirates. My dream a few years ago was to help people from other countries.

My personal experience is very valuable for people with good experience. Especially for well educated and highly intelligent managers. My business coaching is quite specific for business managers. I have managed to help workers internationally.

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Is it worth it to invest in coaching ?

Definitely is much more than worth it to invest. A good business coach is worth more than you ever dream. My life and business coaching help my clients to make much more than 8,000 USD a month.

I personally manage my client’s details and showing them how to get new jobs and become a professional successful business owner or business manager.

There is a lot of new countries where my clients starting making money or even getting a new job. There are a few good countries in Europe where my clients hitting and getting work. For example Malta and Cyprus these days are good to manage. And for sure a lot of my clients are getting a good time while sending their CV there.

On the other hand, my personal aim is to build a good business or even show my clients how to do it and how to make money online.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to open a business. Most of the expats thinking that getting a good job in the UAE will make them rich. But in reality, there is another way to live and work in Emirates.

The best way to make money is not a job. It’s becoming an own boss and open business. Even simple bar, restaurant and online business such as shop it will help people to become successful in their life’s.

Marketing with Dubai City Company

Let’s talk about me for a while. I love Quad biking and Jet Sky. And I do like driving sports cars and having a very successful life and make an impressing amount of money in my life.

While having good life experience I have travelled around the world and has managed to speak with the top-performing executive on the planet earth. This is why you are reading my blog post. Because you are interested to become a man with a vision.

While becomes the successful person you must learn to fail. Moreover, fail and move forward. And unfortunately, that happened to me also. Many times I have lost my vision and tough I do lose my hope and my family will live in poverty.

You may be thinking this guy who I have seen on LinkedIn or Facebook. Now making good money I wish to be him. But in reality, I have mane to putting my self in a very disturbing situation like you are managing right now.

However, I’m not even better or smarter than you. So what’s making me become a successful business owner in my life?. I just make my business adventure a little longer. As a person who made it and has enough skills and experience to advice others. Definitely getting to Dubai business was a right movement.

Personal Brand – Success it will not happen over time

Build your personal brand and your life again and over and over wasn’t a good idea to follow. But give me ups and downs with my personal businesses. One thing I know for sure. Success will not happen over time. I was always watching my own father he was a very successful person in Government. He was making good money and supported a family very well. However, since I was young I dint not manage to success that we’ll as he did it.

Well, Not everyone become directors and work for the highest authorities. But one thing I learn for sure never gives up in your career goals. The hard ways of leading to beautiful destinations.

My father always told me to think about rights. Do not do stupid mistakes and always go the way that is an only legal way. And this is true. Because if you will move to the wrong direction once. There is no going back. For example, you do dispute your personal account and try to make money on aside. If authorities will find that out, you will never make decent money ever.

Never Make Mistakes!

Criminals always become criminals after a while. Because what possible you can do after having criminal record’s. You can’t work for any good company. And most of the doors will be shut down for you.

The best investments are investing your time and your skills. You should definitely try to risk a little bit more. And take part in your saving and get a good holiday trip. Or try something new in your life. That really works in personal carers. It may be strange to you. But a good friend of the main makes more than 200k USD a month only because he was in the right place at the right time. He was an SEO specialist and was sitting in the jacuzzi.

The person next to him was a car dealer in Dubai and London. And they just start speaking and my friend received and contract for doing marketing for his company. So, staring a good successful career is not just passing Interviews. Some times is just getting your skills to approach the people who need that most.

Try to take my advice and start living your life with speed. People who are making money not sitting on fronting of laptop and waiting for your CV. They are managing their life on nice highest rated option. Start thinking out of the box and brand your head. Hope that has helped you.

About Dubai City Company

Well, the best country in the Gulf is the UAE. And at first, we are talking about our beloved Dubai. And as you see Our company is using, email marketing, push notification and social media to find and hire potential job Seekers.

Getting employment from around the world.  Especially from Philippine and South Africa in the United Arab Emirates, it is quite hard to manage.

The Dubai City Company and generally speaking a lot of firms in the Gulf region. Every day posting jibs offers and marketing material. Be honest with you

And we all know that LinkedIn is the best way employment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The only negative side of this company is that there is a lot of competition from India. And that was an issue that my client having while applying for jobs in Dubai.

Are we that good ?

Simply, yes because you will be able to get your CV in front of thousands of agencies and potential Headhunters who are actually passed in the United Arab Emirates. So with this in mind find out what is the best way to get employment in the fastest way. That is thousands of employment agencies in social media who are jobs offers on a daily basis. And you as a job seeker can get a very good value by using your personal LinkedIn profile or even connecting with our company and just following our profile.

Getting good employment with Dubai City Company it is highly possible. All you have to do is simply upload a CV to Our company’s representative. Then we will take a look at your CV and find what is wrong. Or on the other hand, how to you can make the impressive application’s on the Emirates job market.

There is a lot of expatriates inside the Gulf Region. From our personal point of view. Only 25% are able to get a job from Dubai and more than 30% in Abu Dhabi. The difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is just the size of the City. However, both of the cities are hiring over few hundreds of expats every day. Jobs in Dubai are kind of luxury for new people who just start in Emirates.

Because since 2001 new expats are coming over to Emirates. Especially from countries where they just looking to start a new adventure. And of course professional life. They must work for almost nothing, I was an immigrant a years before I opened Dubai City Company.

The Dubai City Company always trying to help expatriates, especially Indians and Pakistani workers in Dubai. For example, we are always looking forward to motivating and Guide job seekers not only in the UAE. But also in Qatar and Kuwait. Mostly about the visa process in the Gulf Region in the United Arab Emirates.

However, this whole deal is not that easy to accomplish. This is why most of the job seekers looking for our company full support.

This is why we are trying to show potential job seekers on how to find employment in a proper way. On top of the article, you have seen what must be done in terms of employment and how to write a CV and where to hit with your experience.

In the Gulf Region

Kuwait and Qatar there are so many potential jobs and career opportunities available for expats.

Honestly, South Africans and Philipines are one of the main workers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And so far our firm has placed thousands of employees from these countries.

However, our company is mainly helping people from Asia such as Indians and Pakistan well-educated workers. On following years we start seeing people from Bahrain and Syria and countries who are most needed. For example Sri Lanka and even France.

This is why our team of specialists are managing job searching for their clients in Emirates. However, showing you a way to win a game of career searching process in the United Arab Emirates. Maybe a good way of improving your life in the United Arab Emirates.

However, we are not only limited to the Gulf region but we are actually trying to help people internationally. Simply because that is a hundred managers and people with NBA experience and of course people such as doctors and engineers. And that kind of people is actually can get a job in Dubai.

At first, we are talking about social media profiles where you can use it to get employment, for example, you can find us on Facebook and have a look at our LinkedIn profile. Our company is using social media to help potential job seekers from around the world.

So, we are helping in the United Arab Emirates and generally speaking in the Gulf region. And that will be always our target. To help as many people as we can to get work abroad in Dubai City.

How to find employment in Dubai?

And we all know that LinkedIn is the best way employment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You should definitely use these services to get a job abroad.

To be honest on the job market in India and Europe there are thousands of companies. But Dubai City Company always trying to help Indians and Pakistani. And they are our main users. Of course, there is also a lot of local users of our website in the UAE.

For example, Dubai City Company is always looking forward to motivating and Guide job seekers. Moreover, we are having extensional experience with the visa process in the United Arab Emirates.

Helping others to get a job in Dubai is what we love to do for a living. However, this whole deal is not that easy to accomplish. We are looking to help with writing a CV for expats.

This is why we are trying to show potential job seekers on how to find employment in a proper way. From begging of job searching up to the physical job placement in one of the Emirates companies.

In the Gulf Region, Qatar and Kuwait and of course Egypt. All of these countries are speaking Arabic. And there are so many potential jobs available for expats there. This is why our team is showing you a way to win a game of job searching process in the United Arab Emirates.

We love Emirates!

At first, we are talking about our beloved Emirates. Try to profile development in the UAE. Our company is using social media to help potential job seekers from around the world in the United Arab Emirates and generally speaking in the Gulf region. And we all know that LinkedIn is the best way employment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Simply because you will be able to get your CV in front of thousands of agencies and potential Headhunters who are actually Bass in the United Arab Emirates. So with this in mind find out what is the best way to get employment in the fastest way. That is thousands of employment agencies in social media who are jobs offers on a daily basis. And you as a job seeker can get a very good value by using your personal LinkedIn profile or even connecting with our company and just following our profile.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to reach people you can always connect with them in person on LinkedIn. Moreover, you can send them messages and ask them if they are having some vacancies. On the positive side, you can always get back to them and ask if they will provide you with some help or even connect with you are the people who are searching for new opening new business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

So if we are able to say what would be the best way to get the job. We were definitely able to say that LinkedIn is the most advanced platform for finding a job as an expat. Only last year that is more than 5 million people joined LinkedIn. So you will get the chance to connect with much more people than you even know or even dream about

Find me on Facebook

John Smith CEO of Dubai City Company

Most of the people that Facebook is only for teenagers and some social purposes stupid movies are connecting and following and chasing your ex-girlfriend or things like that. But in reality, Facebook is the tool that you can use for your profile in front of people in Dubai.

Lots of employers are so Facebook as a platform to hire people and promote their services to the General Public. So if you will see a ghost company who are posting job offers or even offered their own services, today people. That’s shows you this company is actually growing and it will be worth it have a look on their website because a lot of companies actually not advertised as much as they shoot to do. Posting jobs offer on the website and receiving let’s say over 500 new candidates every day.

Don’t mess with you we know there is a lot of people who are actually got a job connecting with other CEOs on Facebook. Sometimes just simple sending CVS for a good jobs opportunity in the United Arab Emirates or even gulf region. A very good smart way it will be finding people who are managing a good company in countries also such as Qatar and Kuwait.

Yes is, of course, a free platform for finding a people who are doing things such as managing companies as International transport or even Dubai Airport. They are all having a Facebook account and it is free to hit them at any point and anytime. Dad will it help you and save you for being at your place it audit jobs.

CEO of Dubai City Company

My Beloved Dubai City!

So if you are looking for a good job with a proper living condition definitely try Dubai. People from around the globe for example people from India and from Sri Lanka are coming to do by pretty-much on a daily basis. The best Market is honest to work in the United Arab Emirates are the property Market. From there you can find a very good job with very good pay. Because this Economy based on oil and gas. And that definitely helped you achieve for future references where you can get a little bit better job is tourism and engineering jobs in Dubai. But before you will do what you have to spend a few years back in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

The government’s decision a few years back it was to switch from an economy dependent on oil production to a service-oriented and tourism-oriented economy. And with this in mind united Arab Emirates shakes become at one of the most wealthy people on the planet. My Hiding thousands of employees in Dubai and Abu. And of course, they’re actually taking people also to Sharjah. And of course by using these techniques they all do amazing jobs not only helping people but also providing amazing new life for people from abroad not only from Asia but also from Europe and Canada and also from the United States.

After a few years shakes in Dubai made the property market more valuable and resulted in the so-called Construction boom in 2004-2006. Bedtime market was just booming and so many people are actually trying to come and work in the United Arab Emirates. Thousands of new company starts opening and building their offices in the city centre of Dubai. The Large-scale construction has made Dubai one of the fastest growing cities, comparable only to the largest cities in China. This is why this city become so popular for foreign workers. Based on the experience of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar Dubai and Abu Dhabi start building amazing companies with top-rated jobs offers.

I have hope that you will give me a chance to help you progress in your life and career in the UAE. My Goals orientated training is to help you open your own business or find work abroad.

Dubai City Company ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Konrad Wisniewski CEO

Personal Development

Personal development is something that most of the experienced people really needs. One of the examples is getting your skills to the next level. For example, let’s take a simple college guy from Sri Lanka.

The person will finish the basic school and then move to degree school. The best way is to progress in the way you want to work. For example, working in marketing and having degree level development to provide a value for your future employer. And be honest people who are having a long stable career development is to become successful.

The next step will be to get and reach employers. You should be ready to get extra miles to find employment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

While progressing in your personal career in Dubai. You should definitely look for a better experience. I have managed to build good profitable businesses only because of my experience. So, you should get your ball rolling and work quite hard. Learn new things in life. Trying to assign yourself to new jobs and extra experience. For example, you should think about finding extra courses and personal coaches.

So, you should manage your personal plan of action. A good business coach is Neil Patel and his marketing school. There you can learn how to become a good marketing person and how to manage your SEO. 

In terms of career development, you should definitely try to have a look for popular bloggers in the UAE. Honestly, you can learn a lot of things online. And that may be good for you if you are travelling a lot in your work.

Work, learn, repeat and follow up. That will definitely help you make much more money. Most of the people who are finding amazing employment are the one who learns constantly for a long time the same skills and masters that to the maximum levels.

Development of your schools it will not help you become much more than the middle management level. Only working experience will allowing you to make money in Dubai. Hoever getting a good jobs taking a time. Management experience it is super important in Emirates. 

So, this is why you should try to get yourself on top of the highest managers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And you can do it only in one way. By having extensive experience from around the world.

Career and Life Development in Dubai

Why personal development is so important in our career. Dubai is not a city, neither for old people nor for young people. Dubai is a city. Culture of technology development. And a place for great impressions is combined there culture and incredibly. The developed technology is just amazing and a city where you can see the highest skyscrapers and taste the best food is a place such as Arabic restaurants. Where everyone would like to live or spend a nice holiday.

If you think that nothing will surprise you in life and that you have seen everything on the ground. You will definitely be amazed Dubai offers. The city not only offers a great place where you can eat or relax. But above all, Dubai has very good job offers that will certainly be appreciated. Moreover, well paid and do not be afraid to measure high off because there are just many jobs as qualified doctors. Who may work in Europe as well as in Arabic countries

Moreover, mechanics specialists, engineers, teachers, so why would not you try what stops you from fulfilling your dreams. What makes you delete an email before sending your CV to Dubai City Company?. Why not try if you have experience?. Are at your fingertips, give yourself a chance to meet your friends in Dubai.

Recruiters and business people in Emirates?

Recruiters and businessmen who are looking for employees to the Emirates. Very often send us information about their companies and which employees they need. So, our company has been practically helping employers. And by that physical workers since 2009 to find jobs in the Arab Emirates. And of course in Qatar with side states like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

If you ever wonder if it is worth to start a career in our answer is quite simple, Yes, of course, it is worth it and most countries, for example, The United Arab Emirates. They do not collect taxes from their employees.

So it is really worth cooperating with our company. Simply because we are able to help you to get a new career. Moreover, to build your story in virtually the Dubai market. We are here to help you from the beginning. Additionally, we are here to help to get courses and many other things that will help people from abroad to get a better and more demanding job in Dubai.

Why choose Dubai as a place to develop your career?

Dubai is a really amazing city that never sleeps. Well, in reality, thousands of people working in this city is able to achieve high profits. Moreover, career development is just more than good.

You can start work fast at Dubai Companies. In a really very high level, among other people who have lived in India and Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. Often expats recommended our company to their friends and family. Because we know this what we do, we have been operating for many years in many markets not only in the United Arab Emirates but also in Europe and in Canada and America.

Your career, of course, can start in Dubai, but it does not have to end there. There are so many great places where you can continue your career and an adventure you can not even erase.

Very often, people who want to develop their personality and experience that have gained many years of hard work in corporations and companies. May continue their work in Europe, for example in Ireland in Dublin or in England in London.

Arab sheikhs are good people! Thats for sure!

Arab sheikhs very often appreciate their employees in Emirates and Qataris firms. Then placing people to work in other companies. The United Arab Emirates stand at a really high level. As far as promotion and international cooperation are concerned, not only in Dubai but also in London and New York.

Sheikhs associated with the government of the Arab Emirates and very like to hire foreign workers from Africa. Because not only they are they a little bit cheaper than the average workers from or Pakistan, but also very often because they work overtime which is obviously very welcome here.

In addition, everything is just good. If you think about a career only in the Arab Emirates and in countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Well, you must have experience in Arabic speaking countries.

Sheikhs, unfortunately, do not offer paid Schools, but they offer courses within the organization. For example in international corporations where you can get a really cool experience. That will pay off in a few years when you are already getting into the management jobs. It is just pleasure while working in one of the companies directly under the Sheikh from Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

Why is it worth knowing other countries, not just the Arab Emirates.

So one of the best countries you should embrace. If you’re looking for a job, it’s a runny nose.

In short, this country flows with dollars and does not end up with bad human resources departments. Every day, thousands of people get employed in Qatar.

And you should think seriously about working in Qatar and side companies on those in the area that are really able to lead to success because the sheikhs in the Arab countries very often look for the right employees just for the company in Qatar.

You can look for work seriously in many places, but countries such as Qatar really offer amazing job opportunities. And many expats can find employment there. The possibilities are virtually unfinished and give very good stable employment for very long contracts. The only downside of living and working in Qatar is really that contracts are very short.

Moreover, require a lot of documents to get a long-term contract. And criminal checking is necessary and at all, you have to pass very well tests of Arabic and English. But working in a country of this type really is able to secure your future of your family. For sure, you’re close friends become happy also because the money you earn there is incomparable to other countries. For example to India or Pakistan, compared to Qatar, you will earn practically 20 times less that is a fact.

Qatar and foreign workers?

In Qatar, as an outside worker, you can not buy a home or build your own business. Even based with a long-standing company on the market. Most companies operate there on behalf of the government but it is worth considering cooperation with Qataris business people.

Another way it will be just helping in getting employees to Qatar because it is there many more sheikhs from Dubai who are very willing to cooperate with people who are able to help them build a business in the country. For example, at present in Qatar. Many companies build their potential for countries like China and Vietnam.

There is now worth investing your own money there. Because sheikhs from Qatar often go there and pump millions of dollars in economics, for example in various projects related to the extraction of sore and companies building railways, oil refinery engineering and many other companies.

Qatar compared to other countries is quite an economically closed area, but the possibility of getting a career is unfortunately limited for visitors.

Where you can build a very large financial potential in a very short time?

If you live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi compared to this country you earn double in Qatar. You could practically say three times more and so the only downside is that you do not buy a home there. But if you return to your country in the UAE.

We all love Emirates and for sure you want to buy a house in Dubai or Abu Dhabi there is no problem, after all, you are able for the savings that you will earn. When working in Qatar, build your empire in the country where you were born.

It is worth it before you even go to Qatar to see what are the job offers because the market is virtually gigantic there, but you must be sure that at that time they need an employee company with a similar profile that you are currently doing.

Of course, just getting to Qatar and starting work does not guarantee you success in life. But it is worth noting that runny nose is a place where you can earn millions of dollars. Working as a company president or director of a recruiter or headhunter.

Because in Qatar it is very popular that companies very often pay bonuses and extra money for being able to help them build parts of their new company. For example, very often there are now companies that turn jobs cryptocurrency money and payment systems based on Blockchain.

Also, if you want and think about a serious step in life, Qatar is really a good place. Where your life will change and your professional profile development will increase by over 40%, which means your family will be happy and your closest friends will be proud of you.

Which countries do I recommend to increase your chances of permanent employment?

From our experience, we know that the best countries that currently offer jobs are the countries that mostly try to provide companies with the possibility of cooperation at a truly highest level.

If we are talking here about European countries. We are talking about the best countries for doing business, ie Cyprus Malta and France.

Let’s start with our favourite country where it’s warm and you can earn very good money for the most over 3000€ a month. Malta is the best country to earn money in Europe because there are a lot of new companies that work with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

The next country where you can make a great career and make beautiful money in Cyprus. For sure in this country, you can practically get a job permit and work with business levels executives.

From this country, you can get a lot of experience because this country very easily established banking contracts in Europe. That is so much needed to develop international businesses for example related to banking and international transport.

It is worth considering really seriously about an international career in corporations. In Europe, thousands of job offers are added daily on internet portals. You should have a look for high paid jobs offers in Europe.

Many countries pride themselves on bringing immigrants to Europe. And people who would like to start a new life and the new opportunity to work in large companies are super happy in Europe. At least, they come over simply to start a better life that will help them and their family to work on a normal level.

Compared to other countries, for example to Africa or India. Europe is really a great place. Where you can not only earn good money but also raise your children in peace. And for sure these times are not really as easy as a good school or a very good doctor near your home if third countries world.

Unfortunately, in the present times, you have to openly tell yourself that the place and location is a very important aspect of social life because immigrants from foreign countries who really know each other are not friendly enough to all of us here. We are not only talking about Europeans but also about people from India Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

The good country that our company recommends is Germany, which is constantly developing and attracting thousands of new employees. There are no problems with visa or racism. Work in Germany is always a constant and nice place with good experience. Most possibilities of cooperation with an employer are specified in the Labor Code. German companies additionally never late with payments and there is no possibility for the employee to be soaked.

The next interesting country that you could visit is New Zealand and Iceland in Europe, there a lot of companies from the Arab Emirates opens their branches there. And New Zeland is an amzing place to work because the currency is very much high related compared to the Emirates and to India, for example, Icelandic money is quite well placed on the international market.

So it is worth considering the cooperation with companies from that region?. Yes, it is because, in comparison to the Arab Emirates and several European countries, the chance to find a job doubles there. Moreover, earnings are four times higher than in Germany or even in Great Britain.

I hope that it explained to you a little bit about where you should find a job in Europe or in the Middle East and why You should find a job there and not in other places in the world.

Poland as a country to work?

John Smith CEO – I came to the UAE. So my story tels from Poland to Dubai.

Poland is a very interesting country where you can earn very good money. To be honest. If we are talking about central Europe, Poland is leading in several areas that can be described as the most developing in Europe.

The country is famous for the fact that oil and international transport is here at a really high level, compared to other European countries, most of the possibilities will be known for the next 30 to 50 years ahead.

Another very good aspect of this is that you also choose Poland as your goal to look for a job is that it is a country near the largest business titles, for example, it is quite close to Great Britain and Germany. Moreover, is relatively close to Malta Cyprus and you know the Arab Emirates are practically joining Polish Business of Commerce. And flying there will be in a few hours by plane.

It is worth to really spend a little time and think about the work in Poland. The career opportunities that this country offers good career development system. Above all, If you are looking for companies such as oil concerns or pharmaceutical concerns. Poland is at the forefront when it comes to this type of business. Stores and restaurant and hotel business are developing very quickly and it is very easy to get a job here even as a foreign person.

If you were thinking about working in a country in the centre of Europe, you should choose our company because we help immigrants from all over the world to find a job in Poland. In the last few years, we have been able to help immigrants from the third world find a job in Poland.

And people who really need it and would like to start a new life in a new country quite far from their family but after some time to bring their family and start earning money. So everything is very well made here, and Poland have great medical service because Poland has a very well-developed medical sphere, medical clinics and hospitals are really at a really high level.

In addition, in Poland, if you have a family there is no problem to get them from Dubai or from India Pakistan or Bangladesh. The Polish government is very favourable to immigrants. Mostly for those who would like to get a job in large corporations. No problem also with a work permit in the EU.

A work permit is issued very quickly and for a long period of time. For example in Compared to other Arab countries like Qatar or UAE, we pride ourselves on the fact that Poles are very eager to support other nations.

Poles themselves many years ago survived the Holocaust which destroyed part of Poland. The Poles manage to rebuild their country and they are also not racists and they really work in powerful companies and always help the other person who needs this help.

Conclusion for which Country is the best for work?

So let’s put it in conclusion in which Country is the best work. A very personal Opinion is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and few of American and European Cities. No matter what part of the world you are looking to work. And which is it will be best for you. Is that are in North Cyprus?. Or London City?. Or even rent a quick flat, and in the end, will be a Germany.

But the main part would be your career development and your personal goals that you are looking to achieve. The country it’s coming with different ways of working and making money. So, if we are choosing the wrong country it may take consequences.

Well, for example, if you looking to get Hotel job or working as an engineer I will choose Dubai and Qatar.

That’s for example if you are choosing companies such as offices and much more writing-related jobs or even marketing. I will choose London because it is much more available for people from around the globe.

Is a worth it to work Abroad?

Yes, it is, However working abroad it is one of the most interested and in fact most advanced technique that will land you to become a very successful person in your life. For example, in Management opportunities, you will make a lot of money.

The Business and Getting The Jobs around the Globe is just super. And I was working abroad for several companies is such as IT-related companies and Financial organisations. Yes, I can say that it will allow me to leave life. I looking to fall out to the rest of my days.

You’ll be able to leave as me leaving in Europe. And I will encourage you to become a very highly educated and experienced executive. Working in Dubai or Europe and of course helping others to reach their goals. Because that will allows you to build your own strategy for movements in the future.

Let my company hold your CV. Head on Our database in Dubai City Company. And let us help you work abroad. Warmest regards, John Smith CEO of Dubai City Company.

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