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May 18, 2019
Naveed Khan: Story of Pakistani in Dubai - Here’s to grabbing life with both hands!
Naveed Khan: Story of Pakistani in Dubai
May 19, 2019
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Kingston Stanley

Kingston Stanley with Dubai City Company

Kingston Stanley with Dubai City Company

Kingston Stanley – How to stand out and get your CV noticed?

Kingston Stanley – For all those candidates that struggle to get a reply, or an interview from job applications, here a few steps that might help.

Remember a line manager, recruitment manager or recruitment consultant is often inundated with hundreds of CV’s on a regular basis. Regrettably, a number of candidates have a “scattergun approach” to recruitment and will send their CV to every role, even if they don’t fit the bill. I would advise you to do the following: 

  • Only send your CV to roles that you match completely, in terms of languages, sector experience and years of experience.
  • Read the whole advert carefully and ensure you tick all the boxes.
  • Recruitment agencies will nearly always need specific industry experience, as their client will be paying a fee for an exact match.
  • Should you wish to change industries, do so in a comparable industry, or go direct with companies (not through an agency).
  • Once you have sent your CV to an employer, try to establish who the hiring manager is and see if you can have a quick 5-minute chat regarding your profile.
  • Keep track of where your CV has been sent, keep organised and map the market with a list of potential employers.
  • Attend network events such as Dubai Lynx, MEPRA, Cityscape, Gitex, Arabian Travel Market and meet decision-makers directly. Face to face is always best.
  • Finally, the hardest part of the interview process is to get the interview. When this is booked in make sure you spend time preparing and don’t just turn up without doing your research.

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Kingston Stanley - How to stand out and get your CV noticed?

We can also offer tips once you secure an interview


Remember to do your research on the company. Read the ‘About Us’ section of the website and use this information when you talk directly about why you would want to work for them. Don’t just say you want to work for a multinational, big company or a small startup. Do make your answers SPECIFIC to the client. Have a look at the company profile on Wikipedia, as this will tell you lots you need to know about them.

Be on time

Be on time for the interview. On time means five to ten minutes early. If need be, take some time to drive to the interview location ahead of time so you know exactly where you are going, and how long it will take to get there.

Dress for Interview Success

Make sure you dress appropriately for Interview success The first impression you make on a potential employer can make a big difference. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look, and what you are wearing. That’s why it’s always important to dress appropriately for a job interview.

Questions to prepare for Interviews

Questions to prepare for:

1. What do you know about the company? – When were they established, global office locations, staff headcount etc.
2. What interests you about this role? – If possible make sure you know the duties from the job description
3. Tell me about yourself – This question means “give me a broad overview of who you are, professionally speaking, before we dive into specifics.”
4. Why should we hire you? – Think about your relevant experience/potential 
5. What are your main strengths and weaknesses? Have one example for each.

6. What are your future goals? – Be realistic/career minded
7. Why are you leaving your current job?
8. How do you handle the pressure? – Talk about how you prioritise your work.
9. What are your salary expectations?
10. What questions do you have for us?


Don’t just say a list of key competencies. Talk about 1 or 2 key strengths – that are relevant to the position – and back them up with EXAMPLES. Below are some ideas for you;

1. I have excellent writing skills. I regularly put together press releases for clients or marketing plans for my Directors, at very short notice.

2. I am an excellent communicator and can speak fluent Arabic and English, with previous experience working in many diverse and successful teams.


Discussing your weakness is a trick question. An interview should ALWAYS be positive with very little negatives. Remember to try to turn your weakness into a strength.

1.    I do have a tendency to say ‘yes’ a lot to work passed onto me and will usually keep myself busy in the office until the task is completed, even if it’s not really my responsibility. 
IMPORTANT: At the end of the weakness finish on a positive point.

Questions you could ask them

At the end of the interview DO ask a few questions to build up a rapport with the interviewer, such as;

1. What do you like most about the company?
2. What is the management style, or culture of the office?
3. How many people in the team?

Clarify the process

Is there anything that you would like me to go over again? What are the next steps?.

About Kingston Stanley

About Kingston Stanley

Kingston Stanley is the leading specialist digital, marketing and tech recruitment agency located in the Middle East and the U.K, working exclusively with clients and candidates across the full spectrum of the marketing, digital and technology sectors since early 2011.

We will help you find, screen and select the ideal candidate for your integrated marketing and technology jobs, and we have the largest, most current and qualified network of suitable candidates. Whether you have a role that urgently needs to be filled or a killer portfolio, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Strong ethics, honesty, integrity and working with purpose are the four pillars of our business and this reflects our brand, our staff and the people we represent.

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