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October 30, 2019
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Kuwait – a country of 1000 mosques!

Kuwait - a country of 1000 mosques!

Kuwait - a country of 1000 mosques!

Kuwait – a country of 1000 mosques! Kuwait (APR)A spontaneous idea for a weekend, intensive trip to Kuwait, thanks to the promotion of the Pegasus line. Flights from Bergamo to Kuwait City cost 700 zlotys. I started my trip on Friday, dawn on May 8 flight to Bergamo. I will skip the issue of details of walking around Bergamo, because this information is not particularly difficult to find in various accounts.

Then at 14 flight to Istanbul. On board Pegasus everything is paid, typical prices – 4 Euro wine, sandwich – 4 and 5 Euro. I had 7 hours off in Istanbul. I decided that I would stop only on the Kadikoy district in the eastern part. If you have a change to Sabiha Gokcen and not enough time to visit the more interesting western part of the city, I suggest you take the Havatas bus for 9 TRY and go to the end. A few months ago I was in the neighboring district of Uskudar, where I saw several pubs, a mosque and dilapidated, not very climatic buildings. It’s hard to find an alcohol store. The Kadikoy district is perfect for a 2-hour walk, ending with a visit to one of the dozens of restaurants or pubs or a peaceful admiring, at the wine, sunset over the Bosphorus. The center of the Kadikoy district, where the main streets converge,

Kuwait - a country of 1000 mosques!

The flight to Kuwait lasted 3.5 hours. The plane is 90% full with a significant Arab share. Immediately after landing, a transparent marking leads me to the visa pickup station. I complete a short application, writing down from the Spanish woman the name of the hotel where I will supposedly stay, a few minutes of waiting, a fee of 3 KWD – 36 PLN and I can go to the border control. The customs officer, after a thorough examination of each page of the passport for a known purpose, greets me in Kuwait.

There are a lot of restaurants in the arrivals hall and right after eating Tabbouleh, I went to bus number 13. The modest depot is located 50 meters on the left from the exit hall of the arrivals hall. From 5:00 from the airport, courses start. A ticket to the center costs 250 tickets, i.e. 3 PLN. The journey through numerous blocks of flats inhabited by thousands of immigrants from India and Bangladesh takes about 40 minutes. Kuwaiti people do not use public transport 🙂
The main station is located in the city center at the foot of the second highest building in Kuwait – Liberation Tower.

At 7am, the city was coming to life very slowly, the streets were empty, the temperature was still bearable.
The center of Kuwait, in contrast to the center of Dubai is a combination of modern buildings – mainly banks, with a huge number of mosques in traditional shapes and numerous, slightly neglected residential buildings.

One of the most interesting places in the city is the largest mosque in the country, the seventh in this respect in the world – Grand Mosque. From the outside, the building is not extremely original, while inside it is finished with great pomp and care. The mosque is open to the public for non-Muslims. Although at first the guard did not want to let me in, after a while a local theologian sitting nearby, saying what is rare in Kuwait in great English, gladly showed me around, telling with great passion about the history of Kuwait, Islam and the mosque itself. The Lord is a terrible talker, but after 50 minutes I timidly suggested that I have to go home at night and I still have many places to see.

I admit that I have exaggerated a little with this multitude of places, because in fact Kuwait in terms of tourist attractiveness, which was not a surprise to me, is a very modest place. There are no forts, castles, a large number of public beaches, modern museums, skyscrapers with viewing platforms for tourists, tourist information offices. However, if someone has a free weekend and want to feel a bit of Arabic exotic, I generally recommend spending 24 hours in Kuwait City.
It is worth seeing the largest market near the mosque, namely Souk Al-Mubarakiya and several other adjacent to it.

A small town beach.

Parliament building

After going around the city center, I took a bus to the city of Salmiya, located on the outskirts of Kuwait City. I wanted to see the city panorama and visit the Scientific Center of Kuwait. A well-maintained, green waterfront with a nice view of the capital leads to the science center. However, the science center itself did not impress me much. Expensive tickets – 3.5 KWD, and in return numerous aquariums.

Then a visit under 3 towers, advertised as a symbol of the city. Currently under renovation, no admission allowed. From the outside, they did not introduce me to extraordinary ecstasy.

Of the numerous shopping centers, it is probably best to visit Souq Shark and come around the surrounding port.

To feel the atmosphere of the Middle East even better, it is worth entering the nearby fish market, where in huge noise and in a specific smell, you can look at the Arabic auction.

Modernity and tradition performed by the Kuwaiti.

At the end of the day, already exhausted, I went by taxi (2KWD for 7 km) to the match of the Kuwait champion Al Arabi. For stadiums, of course, no women, but surprisingly there were attempts at organized doping, i.e. drums and singing. It was fun 🙂

The last bus to the airport left after 22. The airport is unfortunately not suitable for sleeping at night. On the one hand, there are a lot of pubs, but there are almost no chairs and benches in the departure and arrival terminals before passport control.

To sum up, the state is typically business-like, but you can also feel the taste of Arab culture while walking on some streets and Middle Eastern devotees should be satisfied.

Kuwait - a country of 1000 mosques!

ps there is a problem with communication, because locals often do not even know the Latin alphabet and even showing the name of a place on a piece of paper does not make things easier.
ps in Kuwait is prohibition, to the point that you can’t even bring alcohol, but …

Kuwait - a country of 1000 mosques!
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