Northern Cyprus: everything worth knowing
Northern Cyprus: everything worth knowing
October 30, 2019
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October 30, 2019
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Kuwait – What’s worth

Kuwait - What's worth

Kuwait – What’s worth

Cities. Kuwait City. The city is diverse. From nice to ugly places. It is worth going around the Shark Mall, where you can see how fresh fish from fishing are unpacked from old cutters and go straight to the market. Fish, shrimp, crabs, baby sharks.

Sightseeing. Kuwait City – the famous three towers with built-in balls. One is a water tower, the other is a revolving restaurant (totally destroyed during Saddam’s occupation – inside there are pictures depicting the siege of Kuwait), the third is a tower with lamps, lighting the other two. It is worth going there both during the day and at night, or admire the illuminated city.

Emir’s Palace (both old and new). Fortifications are defended by numerous cannons. The symbol of Emir is the clock with hands. You are not allowed to take photos.

The main mosque in the city (right next to the former palace of Emir).

Oceanarium – fish and other sea creatures.

Fahahil. District south of Kuwait City, near the refinery and petrochemical complex. It is worth visiting the shopping center in the evening and see the fountains dancing to the rhythm of the music.

I also recommend seeing an interesting building of the Kuwaiti Parliament (it is also forbidden to take pictures).

Trip outside the city to see the famous “Pink Panthers” or old-school swing pumps for oil extraction. Now they are extracted without the use of these inventions, but from time to time you can find such an abandoned rarity. Another destination of the trip through the desert may be to observe the American Patriot rockets sticking out of the sand, looking confidently towards Iraq. During the recent invasion of Iraq, one of the stray missiles penetrated the Kuwait air zone. It was shot down just by such a rocket.

Driving through the wilderness you can come across roads marked with boards “Military convoy route” – here we have rare signs.

Culture. Visiting the old souk and its nooks and crannies is a real contact with culture. Spices, sweets, dried fish, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, only fresh mutton, killed in the presence of mullahs. Women wearing white hair, gentlemen smoking water pipes and drinking tea.

The Marina Mall, consisting of two parts crossed by an expressway. Both wings of the facility are connected by moving walkways. In 2006, the most expensive shopping center, with boutiques of many European fashion designers. At that time, the first H&M in Kuwait was opened with great fete – even Polish TVP showed the coverage of the event as a step of the Islamic world towards Europe. In this mall you can observe the biggest fashion revue among local girls. I recommend, crush every 5 minutes – they know their advantages and confidently use them.

Kuwait - What's worth

In the evening you can walk a bit along the main street in the city, running along the bay (especially around Marina Mall). There, in turn, young people compete in riding fast bikes and cars. The relationship is simple. Girls – sports cars, low-suspended, with a roof, no roof … Boys – off-road cars, wide tires, 17-inch monitors in front of the front passenger seat … And so they drive, back and forth … because there are no discos, and the cinema does not are censored. Of course, girls bring their friends and boys bring friends. The company is not mixed up because religion forbids it.

Food. Definitely mutton served with fresh onions and parsley. You will find such specialties in the old souk. You can eat it everyday.

Sport and diving. (add your information)

Trekking. (add your information)

Freak show. (add your information)

Adventure. Adventure will be when you go a roadster under the Iraqi border and run out of fuel, or catch a flat tire and at the same time discover that there is no key to unscrew the wheel.

Beaches and islands. There are beaches only for women. Protection prevents men from approaching such places. Europeans have their semi-official locations south of Fahahill. At the weekend (Fridays) you can see businessmen and engineers working in industry (read oil) while sunbathing or picnicking together.

Clubs and parties. Lack. You can go to HardRock Cafe, but this place, apart from the typical decor, is completely different from the sister ones – no alcohol. All bottles of expensive producers standing on the bar are dummy. The building itself is interesting. It’s a large, glass pyramid.

If someone wants to drink alcohol, access to it is very difficult. You can probably get something on the black market. But whoever has a head on his neck (pronounced ‘inż.’ Before his name), produces wine himself. Or he makes drinks from ground spirit to decontaminate wounds. Proportions: spirit + sprite mixed with water 1: 1 + lemons and ice.

Rest. Coffee to the accompaniment of music and shows of dancing fountains at the mall in Fahahill.

Kuwait - What's worth

Shopping. There are no taxes in Kuwait. All products, especially electronics, are therefore cheaper than ours. It is similar with clothes. I recommend the Avladona chain of stores. You can find both elegant clothes and shoes as well as sports shoes. It is also worth visiting Snowhite stores (international chain) to choose between elegant and affordable shirts and ties.

Of course, you can find everything on the souk. An assortment similar to that of the stadium of the decade. Carpets, watches for 50 filów (half a dinar), Arabic handkerchiefs, panties, batteries, tin cars, pots, basins … in a word, everything we find in bazaars in Poland, but cheaper. But you can come across antiques such as antiques, furniture, unique unique items …

Who will like it. Middle Eastern enthusiasts, people who are interested in Muslim countries, will like it. Although the state is industrial and business, elements of the Islamic world do not go unnoticed. The clash of cultural differences can be huge. If you want to go there on holiday to relax in a luxury hotel, you will certainly find 1000 better offers.

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