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Complete Interior Rejuvenation – BMW Alpina B7 – Project Chicago: Part 14

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In this episode, formerly cheap Alpina B7 gets a complete interior transformation. With the car being 15 years old with 207k km (128k miles), the interior is pretty raggedy. We take apart the majority of it to detail, clean and fix damaged leather set bolster, remove soft-touch plastic, install new wood trim, steering wheel, fix comfort access door handles… as well as do PDR on the paint, refurbished the rims and a lot more.

Colourlock leather repair kit Germany – https://www.lederzentrum.de/colourlock-lederreparatur-komplettset.html
Colourlock leather repair kit USA/UK – https://www.colourlock.com/Complete-Leather-Repair-DIY-Kit/11082-en-F034/
Wheel repair, Frankfurt area – https://alutech-felgenstyle.de/

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49 komentarzy do „Complete Interior Rejuvenation – BMW Alpina B7 – Project Chicago: Part 14

  1. You must be feeling very emotional at this point! So much hard work has went into this and it is near completion! You have done an amazing job mate you must be so proud of your work!

    What is next for the car when you complete it? Going to sell it?

  2. phenominal work. The wood trim really does give the interior a much nicer feel – everything a matte type finish rather than matte upholstery and a glossy trim. Once detailed this will be a truly special car. Probably the best in the world.

  3. Hey Sreten! I want to thank you for all the tips you gave for painting those soft plastic trims since my porsche 997 interior has some of those trims looking pretty bad and takes of the beauty of the cocoa interior. Information and parts for those cars are pretty much non existant but it makes me more confident in trying it after seing my favorite mecanic youtuber doing it! Your content is and will always be interesting. I love the passion you have for thoses car.

    Best regards

  4. This was known as the Dink Man job and his was to rescue fully built cars on the production line prior to release to the sellers and the technique in the 70's Ford factories in the UK. The guy saved cars in the production line from being scraped at the final stage of production. It was the most highly paid job in the factory!

  5. I imagine it won't be long before people start wanting to pay you to restore their cars. I'd be surprised if no one has offered or asked yet. Absolutely brilliant work and attention to detail. The wood trim swap was the right call. I feel inspired to tackle a restoration of my 330ci's interior while the steering wheel is away for professional refurb later this year to celebrate my 10 years of ownership.

  6. Bro this comfort access has my prius too, Toyota has it with all models standard 😳 it comes with only lock and unlock function not pop up and soft close 😂 love your videos i wish meet you in Germany one day, I'm from Georgia in Europe small BMW lover

  7. Similar brilliant design on the F02 door handles, even easier because it's just a T20 torx screw you loosen. Then the handle pops right out

    Of course the comfort access shorts out/breaks on that car as well lol

  8. Congratulations, you beat the Chicago Black Hole Project! Your choice of the interior is glorious. Alpina can learn interior design from you. Real wood is GREAT!

    That's why I thought about the E23 (with a manual transmission of course); the last time BMW offered wood trim AND a 7-Series with a manual transmission. Of course Herr Quandt was still alive. Since then BMW has gone from the Ultimate Driving Machine to the Ultimate riding Machine. 😢

  9. With that soft touch stuff you can scrub the top layer off with some WD-40 and a rag plus a bunch of time as well. (My headphones had the same problem too.)

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