Observe alongside as I share my expertise creating my fist NFT assortment on OpenSea. The principle problem was to determine how you can generate 100 distinctive designs from 1 design in Cinema 4D.

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0:00 – 3D Replace
1:06 – NFT Replace
2:15 – Giveaway!
2:22 – Charges??
2:41 – Why I made this NFT assortment
4:37 – The design course of
7:23 – Minting on Opensea
8:06 – Last Ideas

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My First NFT Assortment + Giveaway! – Minting on OpenSea walkthrough! (fuel free)

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Matthew Paquette
2 months ago

I’m going to mint this YouTube comment, and all the replies as an NFT in 12 hours.

Sign the NFT!

Midnight Respawn
11 days ago

Blender *gross*? Says the fool paying a subscription fee for software

Stadfast Digital
18 days ago

It’s been over a year since I learned how to do 3-D animation and it’s kind of cool that not only do you get to edit the video clips but you get to edit the life created within those clips.

19 days ago

How would you make a collection with thousands of different looks on blender? Is it make a ton of layers and putting them into a code?

20 days ago

Bruh, I've been looking for this! This is genius! Do you have a more detailed tutorial? Appreciate the effort, man!

20 days ago

do you know how to export images with different traits for exmaple like mekaverse?

Eddie Whatson
23 days ago

you've earned yourself a sub 😂

Eddie Whatson
23 days ago

The gradient idea was even better

Eddie Whatson
23 days ago

Using a PNG sequence and exporting them with the same aspect ratio as the front of your cube is a brilliant way to make each render unique!

24 days ago

How did you keyframe the different barcode numbers to each frame?

Emiel Martens
25 days ago

Can you make a tutorial how to use the tool for the materials in blender (50% is silver, 25% is gold, … for example)

1 month ago

Just wanted to say that I love your voice

Sumon T
1 month ago


Free Stock
1 month ago

do video about lovely inu coin please

Rhett / Mankind
1 month ago

Good for you getting skin in the game and learning.

Hector Bravo
1 month ago

El número 54

Kaisser Molo
1 month ago

Great video, learned a lot

Joshua Gray
1 month ago

lets go! I think this is an amazing way to think about building a portfolio… i haven't seen anyone else doing this.. makes a lot of sense. I just heard about it.. but i picked up 10 of them 😀 pumped to see what you keep creating.

1 month ago

Bitcoin +Dogecoin buy.

Imran Khan
1 month ago

Which software is the best for rain effects.

Gunesh Reddy
1 month ago

0:21 and also not a lot of people have a pc that can render 3D.

First name
1 month ago

Stop blender abuse😔

Frank Hernandez
2 months ago

Fyi, looks like No. 60 has 59 at the base…

Chitrayudh Basu
2 months ago

please make a video on how to recreate this lighting set-up / look …
it looks dope 🔥 …

Alex Absolute
2 months ago

Where can I join the cinema4d learning group??

2 months ago

Interesting! Thank you for sharing it ✌️

Joshua osborne
2 months ago

Ew blender :p

2 months ago

just bought my first NFT ever! stoked to own a FRACTURE BOI♦they're so sick!

Ed Leszczynski
2 months ago

You are kinda low key being an idiot about not liking blender over c4d, I understand using Houdini over blender or even some other very industry-specific tools. And I don't really want to be an asshole about it but blender is the future, c4d is the past <Clint and Wren learned c4d way back in the past>. Open source projects tend to emerge slowly but then develop extremely quickly as user base basically becomes its developer base, as blender becomes more popular it will become even more fast-growing and a single dev team of Maxon just can't compete. I also understand that your problem is more keyboard-based workflow of blender, but you might trade-off a less steep learning curve for hours of workflow lost on a slow "user-friendly" interface. It might seem weird to say but learning the program itself is actually the easiest part of learning how to do CG art. Edit: c4d is sony vegas pro, that's my point.

Raj Luhar
2 months ago

Thank You, for the video it cleared a lot of doubts ✌🏽

2 months ago

Nice video… And after a long time

Aidan Bartlett and Associates

How do I buy one?

Akshay Jose
2 months ago

Man.. I like the new look 👌🏻

2 months ago

Not saying that I could be the possible winner of the nft 😹💪