Right now I need to speak about perhaps a very powerful issue that may separate good NFT tasks from dangerous ones, and that is: high quality founders and creators.

Many new traders want to grasp that in terms of the overwhelming majority of present NFT tasks there’s an expectation that worth will improve primarily based on the efforts of others. In different phrases, individuals are on the middle of those NFTs.

Within the case of video games like Axie Infinity or Illuvium, you’re assuming that the sport will proceed to be maintained, and that somebody will run advertising campaigns, handle the discord, and the servers, and that if a nasty actor figures out the way to manipulate the financial system there can be some patches that convey issues again to stability.

Within the case of NFT avatar collections like Bored Ape Yacht Membership or Cool Cats, the creators are presupposed to be the overseers of the roadmap, and they need to additionally assist usher in collabs with different manufacturers.

And whereas NFTs are nice in that they permit anybody to create digital property, in no different scenario would you put money into nearly anybody – but that is precisely what I am seeing individuals do proper now, principally as a result of we have been in an NFT mini bull market the place nearly every part has gone up.

On this video I present why it is extremely dangerous to put money into tasks with nameless founders. My private rule is that I will not purchase into these NFTs except the founder has taken steps to validate their observe file/repute (there are methods to do that with out sacrificing anonymity as I present within the video). It doesn’t suggest that every one of those nameless founder tasks will fail, however we’re coping with a lot different danger on this house as it’s that I do not need to add potential rug pulls to my record of worries (it might probably occur with public founders too, however when somebody stakes their repute on a undertaking it makes it far much less probably).

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0:00 Intro
1:24 the 2 varieties of NFTs
2:56 individuals are getting away with this error for now…
3:53 how NFT tasks are like angel investing
4:57 Lonely Aliens Area Membership…
5:49 Slacker Duck Pond…
6:27 one answer for anon founders
7:43 the chance scorecard
8:39 which high NFT avatars have good founders?
9:56 what if the undertaking is decentralized?

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16 days ago

What's your thoughts on Fat Cat Mafia?

18 days ago

Anyone heard of Lazy Bunny?

Ezekiel Swiss
21 days ago

Never trust a guy trying to teach you about nfts or "art" when the dude does not have one piece of art in his house. Look how boring that spot is. Insane asylum style/

25 days ago

can someone tell me what happens when you buy a NFT, is there a special serial number?

Angerfish™ NFT
1 month ago

Amen to all of this. Subscribed.

Young millionare
1 month ago

What do u say to people that say “well, bitcoin is anonymous and has the biggest market cap” ?

Major Hash
1 month ago

Great Brains Club is my fav, lovin that project!!!

NFT Podcast
1 month ago

i have to disagree with you today Giancarlo, i've seen projects go 10x with psudo anonymous founders, ive also seen meka verse crash -80% in 2 days,

1 month ago

Hei man what are your thoughts about Space Apes ?

Wil Ugaldex
1 month ago


2 months ago

"Crazy Lemur Club" For those who find this comment don't buy unless the project founder reveals himself.

Rich Jay
2 months ago

LOVING YOUR VIDEOS BRO!! Thanks so much..

Daniel Zarate
2 months ago


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2 months ago

You gon be big, great video!

2 months ago

totally agree on this… there's so many projects which feels like a copy and paste thing and they're just out to grab some money

2 months ago

Hi sir Thoughts about The WolfGang NFT?

Incognito Incognitov
2 months ago

What is the foundation behind BAYC?

Driven Trucking
3 months ago

Cool 😎 heard and will implement

Båbushkå 91
3 months ago

Opinion on lucky buddah nft?

Alex Shibu
3 months ago

I'm gonna create one

Ai suu
3 months ago

So TL;DR: invest in NFTs that don't have anonymous founders, avoid the ones with anonymous founders

Am I correct?

3 months ago

closed captions are messed up in this vid

3 months ago

NFT is new and it is time to experiment as a creator/artist. People are not feeling well sharing their identity with everyone and I can see why.
I agree that the market will be oversaturated, but no one can predict what will be deciding factor on NFT popularity. In my opinion identity of the artist will not.

3 months ago

I just saw Steph Curry bought one

Investing Nerd
3 months ago

Quality video man, been looking into NFT's for a while it is definitely like drinking from a fire hose

Aman Adhikari
3 months ago

that's some good advice

3 months ago

Great vid thanks! Was about to get into an nft project but after watching this I'll definitely do more research first!

3 months ago

Thank you for this!

3 months ago

cool video ! Have you heard about DinoX?

3 months ago

That's exactly how I see it aswell. I'm a creator myself and every sale I make, is because people got to know me and support me on my journey. My job is to never stop providing value in the long run. 💯

Joe Kyser
3 months ago

You hit the nail on the head and my girlfriend and I were talking about this because I'm an NFT creator. She said without you creating and backing this, these NFTs die and go away. She is so right. Its like my children. I have to care which essentially makes it that these buyers are buying me. I give away a lot of my NFTs and also put my face right on the project. A real person. I don't hide like these others.

Eugene Rusin
3 months ago

Thank you for the valuable information!

3 months ago

Meanwhile crypto exists because of an Anonymous Founder.

Henry Miller
3 months ago

Just subbed, great video! What's the best NFT project in your opinion atm? I bought a few Singularity Heroes, I love the comic style artwork, always on the look out for new ones though.

Jayson Arcega
3 months ago

How about cyberkongz?

Varying Viewpoint
3 months ago

Great video!

Lee Evans
3 months ago

Another great video, any NFT projects you also like? I just bought a few Singularity Heroes, there Discord seems nice and busy which I like to see in a project.

3 months ago

Great content ! Don’t know why no one smashed the like button

3 months ago

Just subbed, any plans for a top ten NFT projects video? I bought Singularity Heroes recently, I love comic artwork, they have some sic jokers and clowns, you got any thoughts on them?

Catmaster CZ
3 months ago

I really want to buy at least half ILV token. Now the price is 500 USD for 1 token
Do you think it still worth it?

Ozi Gailan
3 months ago

You literally made a good point.
Let's all be aware of the hounding Wolves since we are in the verge of a shift. 🥰🥰🥰🇵🇭

aljn gaming
3 months ago


Jonathon Francis
3 months ago

Mentions axie…subscribed.

Lee Townsend
3 months ago

Your channel is gonna explode. Very hard to find transparent, reliable NFT info on YouTube. You're smashing it, keep it up!

KJensen Pineda
3 months ago

Hi, what do you think about my defi pet?

Digital Addict Design
3 months ago

This info is gold, even for artists!