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, Ndenim_ksa

@ndenim_ksa are now introducing heritage and modern street style Denim jeans abayas, Denim short jackets,cotton mask, denim jean mask,handcrafted crochet, accessories, etc…,

In the frame:
1.Denim jeans jacket(with rose patch)
2.Cotton Mask

The Denim jackets are 100% original British denim with stylish handcrafted patches or crochet work on it! and coming to the mask it is made of pure cotton with the elastic hairband which is more comfortable to wear!

Their Denim jackets are really great and looks so stylish. It is a “short” jacket; with long sleeves and You can button it up without tightness on the chest.

I love denim wears may it be shirts, jeans, or jackets. My love affair with denim goes way back to my childhood. My fondness to the denim jacket never seemed to fade. It’s a much better option than a leather jacket when you live here in the sunny dessert!

Do you have a denim jacket ? If you don’t, I hope you’ll be getting one soon from @ndenim_ksa do check out their page you can find a variety of denim jackets and denim abaya’s with different colours and designs!

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