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Syikin Sirun
1 month ago

Did anyone still hold NFT art Finance??

Luis Luis
1 month ago

Is it dead …. Nft finance art??

4 months ago

nftart good coin

Khaled Ammari
5 months ago

Useless videos!! How can i buy apenft

Jay Long
5 months ago

Great video and analysis..📈👍 There's nothing new with the bitcoin price manipulation …. dumping and liquidating millions of dollars in the process. If you want to be safe just trade and don't hold. The bottom line in bitcoin has always been volatility. bitcoin investors should be aware of Saunders strategy. His strategy work's and it's good, with Alexander Saunders the rich are getting richer with his trad, i think the pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple stream income unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security, if you want to be successful in bitcoin trad have the mindset of the rich, spend less and invest more in bitcoin, don't give up your dreams. don't be in a haste to invest, know what and who you are investing to and be sure that the person will deliver before investing. learn and get the knowledge first before investing, Mr Alexander Saunders methods are legit his methods works like magic I was convinced to say his an expert, i keep on earning and learning every single week with his strategy, Mr Alex impact on my trading activities wont make me choose another expert or account manager. Alex is the only one i know best, i manage my bitcoin with him, my first experience with Mr Alexander Saunders gave me a profit over $ 30,000 in just one mouth of trading ever since then i keep on reinvesting with him. I'm not here to convince anyone but to share my experience and testimony? you can get to Alex via WhatsApp @ + 1718 6508 088 or @auz_alex telegram . i know you will be glad you did .. i keep on earning and learning every single week with his strategy, Mr Alexander Saunders impact on my trading activities wont make me choose another expert or account manager. Alex is the only one i know best.

roshdy paul
6 months ago

Do u think nft art woulb bi listed in binace soon?

6 months ago

amazing video, thanks. I will share it.

I understand that u were asked by a million of ppl about token AiPi. If I get, profit for granted?

Vijay Nair
6 months ago

Great video.
But I must say that all the moving things on the screen in the background almost gave me a seizure! 😂

Kamran Ahmed Khan
6 months ago

Spore Finance and Nft Art is real gem.
Will blast 100x easily.

6 months ago

Lovely video, keep posting more videos like this. well done… 🧡🖤

René Stuut
6 months ago

good video, but the pointer to the like button in your video is so distracting..

Ant Rich
6 months ago

Videos would be perfect if you didnt leave anything out like must set slippage to 12 percent on pancake swap and before you do that you must click more when you deposit bnb and swap it to smart chain before purchasing the coins

Ike Sherdrack
6 months ago

your like animation and that on the right are distracting attention from the main message of your video

Krishna Pavan Nakirikanti

I bought nftart token a 10 days back and I can’t see the updated price or no change in price in my trust wallet. Any leads will be appreciated

English Jona
6 months ago

1 BNB is 500 pound

Abdullah ÇAKAN
6 months ago

i got error while trying to swap back to BNB ?

Upendra Rijal
7 months ago

WTF is this? Just wasted few mins of my life…

raaj jain
7 months ago

Not able to buy in trust wallet

rohit tiwari
7 months ago

Trust wallet is not compatible to my phone ..🙄

Kate Rays
7 months ago

Drop… 😂😂😂

Gabriel Rafira
7 months ago

NFTART is a great opportunity…. for those 20 accounts that were created a month before the coin launch that are dumping tokens for the last week keeping the price down.Im sure by the end of the year there gone finish dumping so keep investing people , if you don't have money borrow , you can buy with a credit card as well and return the money when it's gone blow up .whatever you do just don't stop , the people behind this token have dreams and they can't fulfil them without you're money . Bring you're family in on this amazing opportunity ❤, you can all lose everything as a family

7 months ago

Salam dr indonesia

Pang ay Chimanay
7 months ago

no good