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0:00 Intro
1:38 Zeneca Origin Story
4:20 Avatar Initiatives Overview
8:00 What’s Utility on this world
13:15 NFT Metrics Defined
22:00 Key Metrics to have a look at
26:00 There aren’t any good whales
29:13 Utilizing NFTs
33:12 Sunshine and Rainbows in NFT land
35:15 Remaining Phrases of knowledge

#Crypto​​ #Bitcoin #Ethereum​

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t monetary recommendation! That is an leisure and opinion-based present. I’m not a monetary adviser. Please solely make investments what you possibly can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your individual analysis earlier than investing. DYOR


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Rotterdammer 1908
13 days ago

very good vid to learn more and know 3 to get into the NfT space.
currently waiting for the final push in the crypto bullrun to take a good chunk of profits while learning bout nft and the metaverse.
Also want to get into the ETFs and all together hoping to get into a finincial independent life within the comming 3-5 years .

A Hall
13 days ago

Didn't explain shit

13 days ago

his eyebrows are so fat

Mitch Mahoney
13 days ago

Time for massive and immediate action.

Dirtyjimmydonit DIRTYMOB

NFT are so good that if you don’t have one you are now not apart of the club? Segregation? Could lead to something awful in the wrong hands

Casey Johnson
13 days ago

its like an IC Bro – 😐

Brian Meeker
13 days ago

We’re so early that crypto punks are going for 15 million dollars 😂

$Enjimon  Masters, Breeders, & Trainers

Great episode!

13 days ago

Please talk about Bone world sol NFT! It’s such a cool project and no one’s talking about it!

13 days ago

Zeneca buys so much trash it’s hard to keep track, I think he thinks he can just mint everything and break even with a small chance some skyrocket.

Quarantine Rabbit
13 days ago

Super informative thank you!

Julian Courtney
13 days ago

Prime example of a retail investor getting back in when it was going back up again lol

Cook With Duke
13 days ago

at this moment it's 33E per ape. can't wait for it to hit 100!

13 days ago

Instantly followed Zeneca

13 days ago

Top guy and great advice

Wtf Is Happening
13 days ago

Where would I look for unique owners metric?

Kerry Stessel
13 days ago

Will Doge Pound Puppies go up?

13 days ago

Why’s he got the Pizza Hut logo for eyebrows?

13 days ago

C-r-y-p-t-o demonz! Without spaces or dashes. Whatever you have set up thinks my comment is from a bot if I spell it right.

NFTs with utility. Game coming out soon! I recommend it.

13 days ago

we are extremely early im excited for the future

Ravindra Reddy
13 days ago

Man those eyebrows, bro you can make an nft of your eyebrows

13 days ago

Man! I swear every guest on every crypto YouTube channel needs to get a mic.

Fred Khoury
13 days ago

working on a new nft project. post your wallet address for a free nft

Hicham Ridouane
13 days ago

Super projet ❤❤❤❤

Viva La Dida
13 days ago

Where do you get the data from?

Kevin Kalb
13 days ago

An IC-BRO haha