You need to use this software to both snipe superb offers and underpriced NFTs primarily based on their rarity, or you need to use it to cost your NFTs appropriately primarily based on their rarity rating! By no means overpay or underprice your NFTs when shopping for / promoting.

Rarity software: Rarity.instruments

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Hustle Millennial
2 months ago

Hey you! You’re amazing. Keep hustling.

Dan M
13 days ago

On your create NFT collection video, does this work for solana as well?

Silent Dragon
22 days ago

Whatsup bro, do know a IMX rarity tool?

ザ Zeek 根暗
1 month ago

great video, nice breakdown

MicahJami 444
1 month ago

You want the rarity score to be LOW or HIGH????

Habib Ere
1 month ago


Ray Roberts
2 months ago

Appreciate the content

Damián "el Salsuero"
2 months ago

Unfortunately, this is kind of for rich investors who can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on single NFTs — the only collections that are even listed at this tool's site are those that have paid 2 ETH to be listed… or around $6k. That's right… $6,000 just to get your collection listed. If you're paying that much, your collection is already super expensive.

Tayza U
2 months ago

Appreciate you. Looking to get into the space. Very helpful. Thank you

Tim Tillack
2 months ago

I'm new to this space and your vids are the best! Hopefully I can catch you on another live stream soon. Peace

Wtf Is Happening
2 months ago

Why doesn’t it work while the collection is still minting?

2 months ago

Dude please. Make any manual how to deploy nft bundle with smart contract and IPFS. To avoid of paying lots of GAS.

Seerat Brands
2 months ago

How to upload bulk image collection on opensea… please tell.. i can generate 10000 but uploading it on opensea one by one is big pain

Jose Gallegos
2 months ago

Jailbirds NFT are amazing art check them out

Justin Dzielnik
2 months ago

Very good video. Easy to grab onto!

Amin Bouhmam
2 months ago

clicked on the video and played it on x2 thinking it's just one of those gurus trying to get watch time and use the money to but more nfts without actually giving any valuable info/tips.. 2 mins in and I stand corrected !! this channel is a rare gem ! thanks for the great content dude keep up!!!

Rene Espinoza
2 months ago

Hello! nice video, great tool! I wish I had some money to add my new collection to rarity tools, I'm launching my personal collection but no one has visited it yet, it is only 4 days old, so it's fresh 😀 Metal Bangers is its name

Kayoto Nashida
2 months ago

Mischa Kleins’ name is pronounced as: Me-shah 😉

Hamza khan
2 months ago

Love the videos. Very informative. Can you make a video on how to find projects like loot or sloot beforehand so we can be prepared. I always find these projects after they're all minted and on opensea.

2 months ago

Would love to see you cover Drop Bears NFTs

JL Royal
2 months ago

Loving the videos Hustle these have been really helpful! Can you do a video or share thoughts on Drop Bears? I heard they already donated 10ETH for a Koala hospital and it looks like a good project. Any thoughts? thanks

Alexander Quandt
2 months ago


Brian Alzate
2 months ago

great vid, appreciate it!!

AurA - Pubg Mobile Cars

Wow you’re a legend indeed. 😁🍺

2 months ago

What about the newer projects? They aren't there. Any alternatives?

Arjun P
2 months ago
reza attar
2 months ago

very helpful

CrocoEntertainment t
2 months ago

Hi, hows the telegram group going ;:D

hi hello
2 months ago

Ive went to their website and it says you have to pay them 2 etherium to get your project listed? is this only before it becomes minted or what? because it seems like they just put projects that pay them on their website? or is this not true

Sound Spoon
2 months ago

Can I just upload random pictures ive saved off the internet to opensea and sell them?

Pete Kanibl
2 months ago

Another awesome video! I'm LOVING your content. Keep it coming!!