NFTs The Actual Reality // Are NFTs legit or a rip-off? Let me share with you WHY I am Not BUYING from an funding perspective. First off, lets discuss what are NFTs? Many artists and creators are utilizing Non-Fungible Tokens to promote their digital songs, paintings, gaming add-ons, and we have seen #Beeple promote issues at Christie’s for over $60 MILLION {dollars}. Why is it so scorching? And what’s this obtained to do with Ethereum and the Blockchain? So do you have to be concerned and the place are you able to take a look at the exercise? There are a lot of web sites similar to Rarible, OpenSea, Valuables, Nifty Gateway. On this video I share:

– What you must do, for those who’re an artist or creator?
– What you must do, for those who’re a client?
– What you must do, for those who’re an investor?

0:00 – Begin Right here
0:20 – 6.6 Million Greenback Bonus
1:36 – What Are Fungibles?
2:02 – What Are Non-Fungibles?
2:38 – Blockchain Defined
3:26 – Ethereum Defined
3:47 – Sensible Contracts Defined
4:30 – Why Are NFTs Thrilling?
4:56 – NFT Market Measurement Is Sizzling!
5:09 – Introducing Mr. J
6:40 – Some NFT Web site Assets
7:18 – Will I Purchase NFTs?
7:33 – Drawback #1: Diluted Possession
8:54 – Drawback #2: Shortage “Actually”?
10:22 – Drawback #3 – Digital Recordsdata Are Meant To Be Copied?
10:50 – What Ought to You Do

#NFTs #Ethereum #Beeple #nonfungibletokens

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☆ Disclaimer ☆ :
This content material is for schooling and leisure functions solely. The channel DOES NOT present funding or tax recommendation. The knowledge mentioned doesn’t think about differing funding targets, threat tolerance ranges and may not be appropriate for all buyers. Previous efficiency is just not indicative of future outcomes. Investments threat, together with the potential lack of principal.




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25 days ago

To my viewers, please be careful of crypto trolls and spammers. I'm trying my best to remove them in the comments as fast as possible, but sometimes they just keep coming. Like always, be mindful what you read and spend your time on! 😀

Violet Sonja
25 days ago

I don't know if you read comments on old videos, but thanks for the video. I have been very cautious about adding this stuff to my investment portfolio since it seems more like a gamble than a normal investment. I will continue to learn about it, but I'm glad to hear that others agree that NFTs are not necessarily safe, secure and sound investment assets.

Levers and Pulleys
25 days ago

What's crazy is no matter how stupid it looks, if society agrees to see it as a valuable asset then it will be. There were silver denials, oil denials, currency denials, and many more yet most of them survived in the market.

Twilight Sparkle
25 days ago

5:40 so this is very very literally the pyramid scheme.

Kurizu Kun
25 days ago

Its a good investment, but what bothers me is who the fuck thinks these things looks good art like the fucking cartoon monkeys(well some nfts look amazing) but mostly they are 90% bad.

April Green
25 days ago

Lol this ad before though

Christopher Salvati
25 days ago

Your mons Lisa example. I understand it , but you can get reprints off scarce artwork.. so the limited visibility problem is similar to digital assets

Radoslav Ivanov
25 days ago

Please do not add background music, it's so annoying…

25 days ago

maybe im just crazy stupid, but getting cash by doing absolutely nothing sounds like the most boring life you can have.

Asle Martinsen
25 days ago

Okay, imagine if someone buys a really expensive NFT, then someone takes a screenshot of that NFT and uses as their profile picture on social media. Now, imagine the one who took a screenshot of the NFT becomes really famous for a completely different reason, and they know that person through their social media profile picture. Will people identify the owner of the NFT as the owner of the picture, or will they identify that new huge celebrity (who got it for free) as the owner?
This is never gonna work out.
Everyone who does this shit are owners of wallets or whatever, who collude with the artists and artificially blow up the prices. It's a scam. Stay away.

Jack is not in the box

I think you're missing a key problem with purchasing NFTs as an investment. Because each NFT is unique, the average liquidity for each NFT is extremely low. That means you might be able to sell your first few NFT purchases, but eventually you will buy an NFT that ends up with 0 liquidity when it comes time to sell. Then your funds would be locked up indefinitely, until someone shows interest in your NFT, which may never happen.

25 days ago

My brother is a well known artist and told me about NFTs. I looked them up and immediately realized it's not for me. Nothing for the buyer, I'm not an artist either.

dosie -
25 days ago

what if that "smart contracts" in the beginning was faked transactions?

get rich
25 days ago

A way to wash money between giants that make a lot of dirty money

Cindy DJ
25 days ago

Sorry, but NFTs do Nothing for digital artists – believing that they do is actually part of the scam. Buying an NFT does not mean you own the artwork. Selling a NFT does not mean you own artwork. Nor can you prevent people from sharing/selling gifs/jpgs or any other digital version of the art. Therefore they are not non-fungible. Its all a delusion. People purchasing NFTs see NO value in the art. They only value the transaction. Which is NOT good for artists

25 days ago

Great video. Pretty much explained everything. It does makes sense for the people in the music industry to sell their music as NFTs but buying JPEGs is absurd. Another problem for me is the rise of NFT MMORPGS. Essentially the in games items are the tokens. And this could ruin a lot of the gaming experience especially if the game has PVP. The rich guys will buy the best gears and the investors will hoard all those gears. Most of the time, those games are half baked and even if the game is decent, it will be filled with bots and players who aren’t actual gamers.

DOPAMAC on Instagram 💕

Its amazing how, you focus much on job's. He just meets all our needs even if we haven't mentioned him nice works

DOPAMAC on Instagram 💕

Its amazing how, you focus much on job's. He just meets all our needs even if we haven't mentioned him nice works

25 days ago

Are the "people" who are buying these NFTs for so much even real people they're probably all just bots

Awuah Poetry 234
25 days ago

As an Artist you've helped me decide how to move and research this market cheers

Come On Fhqwhgads
25 days ago

I'm afraid that in order for any of this to make sense to me, you'd have to explain it in video game terminology.
I have heard people compare unique prize skins in MMOs & Unconverted Neopets to being something like NFTs.

Come On Fhqwhgads
25 days ago

0:23 Reminds me of the mutant baby from the Chronophasia episode of Aeon Flux.

Michael Mai
25 days ago

nice video!

Rafi Khan
25 days ago

Very well explained. Thank you so much. In the deep dark jungle of crypto, NFTs were like puzzle to me. I was pulling my hair out trying to understand the underlying value of NFTs. It was not adding up. Now, I can align my thoughts with your logic. Thank you.

midniteman 1095
25 days ago

Money laundering

Gil Gillis
25 days ago

Very good! Thanks!

The Big Bold
25 days ago

NFT : Money Laundering (Wikipedia)

25 days ago

I'm still struggling to see the point of buying an NFT as a way to support a creator, when it feels that you can take the NFT itself out of the equation and still support the creator.

Why buy "nothing" when you can directly donate, that's how it feels to me.

Michael Wright
25 days ago

LOL there are plenty of prints of the mona lisa

Shane Csontos-Popko
25 days ago

NFT's are scarce until the original creator starts making money, then they milk it for all it's worth.

Pixel Guy
25 days ago

People always love to make fun of how overpriced and "pretentious" the physical art world is. "LMAO why would anyone pay 20 million dollars for an abstract painting made up of 4 brush strokes??". But at the end of the day, it's still paying money for a unique and original aesthetic object that you now completely own and get to enjoy. NFT's doesn't have anything to do with appreciating art, and is basically just the stock market but with pretty pictures for people who so desperately want to feel like they represent "the future" that they invent bullshit systems to legitimize their sense of superiority from being part of the cutting edge. You don't even "own" the art, you just own the abstract idea of owning the art. It's not like the buyer can force the artist to take down their original post on Instagram or whatever, because they haven't actually bought any rights other than the right to pretend they own something they technically don't even though they technically do. NFT's are bascially the same bullshit as people buying stars. "I own a star 600 light years from here"….ok cool.

Someone please explain to me how buying an NFT functionally differ from buying a copy of a song on iTunes (other than that people pretend they're completely different concepts)