Nfts to purchase now! High NFT 0xVampire 10x. Tops nfts to purchase this week. High nfts to purchase proper now week of 09/12 – 09/19. Getting cash with nfts. Nfts 2021. How you can purchase nfts. Metamask fuel wars. Nfts presales significance. Nfts to put money into. 0xvampire largest nft drop this week. 0xvampire roadmap & discord! Draftkings tonyhawk nft will likely be enormous for autograph. Blankface nft, and far more. Updates On Everlasting Royal NFT. Test description beneath for the way to purchase nfts. How you can keep away from fuel wars. Subscribe as i’ll cowl the highest nfts of 2021 and the way to earn a living with NFTs. September NFTS – NFts to be looking out for this month.
1. 0xVampire
2. Clean Face
3. Draftkings Tony hawks
4. Solana Sneks
5. Fancy Frenchies
6. MekaVerse
7. A lot Extra / Open Shills


***I’m not a monetary advisor at all times do your due diligence****

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16 days ago

This livestream is for solano nft only? I chatted you in livestream about mars cats voyage, have you check it already? I think its time to mint MCV , the art there is another level, i tell you , the next bayc, the minting now is insane.

16 days ago

"I like the new Fanzies NFT project, seems like real Metaverse type of project + social game". should we get involved?

16 days ago

People really buy this trash…..wake up…u gonna look at this on your laptop …wow

Max Stalevarov
16 days ago

921600 pixels of white (check on rar i ble). Is it promising?

Kenneth Williams
16 days ago

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16 days ago

You came with the heat!! Dope ass projects! I joined both and will be getting both🔥

R Hakkers
16 days ago

“Tie dye ninjas” is a new nft with great art and a amazing community!

16 days ago

Where can I find the sol mes or whatever at?

16 days ago

Let's be honest, after The Sevens, all these new projects i don't believe have long term plans..

16 days ago

Mekas dropped the announcement on drop date yesterday along with roadmap and website

Peg Beverley
16 days ago


burlmu jessey
16 days ago


Prosper Banks
16 days ago


Melvyn Shelton
16 days ago


Staying Alpha
16 days ago

For 0xVampires, Harley Davidson giveaways are for every 2, 500 mints, 5, 000 mints, 7, 500 mints and ending of 9, 999 mints. Messed up with the numbers as I was reading and caught on at the end. Thanks everyone for watching!