Nurse – Power International Holding

, Nurse – Power International Holding
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, Nurse – Power International Holding

Job Summary

Provides medical care/assistance to employees by treating illness, injuries and health problems and at the same time encourage them to participate in health programs designed to promote healthy lifestyle. This position also assists, supports doctor to drive occupational health survey on regular basis or daily basis.

Job Responsibilities 1

Principal Accountabilities
\[ Ensures compliance with legislation, Company standard operating procedures and accredited environmental, health and safety management systems.
\[ Assists the doctor in all aspect of medicine to ensure that all injuries and illness are treated adequately.
\[ Maintains employee records ensuring confidentiality in accordance with current legislation and company procedures.
\[ Ensures that all medicine and medical equipment are fit for purpose and within the expiry date.
\[ Ensures medical equipment is maintained and calibrated.

Job Responsibilities 2

1. Provide medical care/assistance to employees by treating illness, injuries and health problems and at the same time encourage them to participate in health programs designed to promote healthy lifestyle. Coordinate any work related injuries/Illnesses to safety officer for immediate investigation and corrective action
\[ Assists the doctor in the administration of medical services in the medical aid clinic on daily basis.
\[ Administers first aid and basic life saving measures when the need arise.
\[ Ensures to eradicate communicable diseases and all kinds of illnesses by enforcing safety and health preventive programs all the time.
\[ Coordinates with the relevant HSE personnel to keep them updated of all the injuries/ illnesses without time delays at all times.

2. Manages to strictly impose the standard operating procedure in the medical clinic as imposed by the medical doctor.
\[ Follow standard operating procedures in clinical services on daily basis
\[ Implements “health and safety is employee’s wealth and satisfaction” on daily basis.
\[ Ensures that each employee’s concern regarding health is attended and forwarded to the doctor for proper diagnosis on daily basis.
\[ Consults with the doctor for any decision concerning delicate conditions in order to administer proper intervention when the need arise.

3. Follows routinely schedule program implemented by the medical doctor
\[ Ensures to follow the schedule/assignment given by the doctor to guarantee medical service on all medical cases on daily basis.
\[ Assists the employees in obtaining health cards when needed.
\[ Ensures that proper recording of all information in the medical report should be observed on daily basis.

4. Implements the medical evacuation (medevac) guidelines
\[ Promotes overall wellness thru preventive and safety standards on a daily basis.
\[ Ensures that ambulance is available on daily basis to cater emergency cases.
\[ Assists company doctor in  Occupational health survey is conducted for overall project for specific workforce category such as operators, scaffolds
\[ Assists to ensure implementation of health awareness training for specific issues might raise by international health organization
Assists company doctor to provide awareness training in main health issue might rise within the organization such as heat stress, heat stroke, Occupational health issues..etc.

Job Knowledge & Skills

\[ Knowledge in basic life support  (BLS/ILS)  and advance cardiac life administration (ACLS)
\[ Knowledge of medical terminologies and conditions
\[ Knowledge regarding quality improvement and standards of care within practice area.
\[ Demonstrate sound work ethics
Knowledge of ILO Standards, Principles, and Approached in Occupational

Job Details

Posted Date: 2021-06-24
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Company Industry: Medical Clinic
Joining Date: 2021-06-24

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor’s degree
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