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May 3, 2018
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Nursing jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Nursing jobs in Dubai
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Nursing jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Nursing jobs in Dubai for local and international jobs seekers. Dubai City Company has been noted helping expats. With this in mind, our company writing out detailed guide for nurses and people in the health sector in Dubai. As a Nurse in Dubai, you will have above and beyond in everything you ever know.

As a nurse, it is not an easy job to do. Most of the nurse staff are inspired to help others. It’s kind of help one guests and moves to one another. This specific job its not for everyone. Moreover, nursing jobs in Dubai are moving things better.

You as a nurse in the Middle East must love what we do. Because when you love what you do you will never give it up. That’s all you’ve got and you need for this position. On the other hand, most of the hospital property is nice to get off.

When a new patient stays in a hospital or any other place. Your duties are do not just stay in a room with a bed and keep him sleep. Most of the patient is Dubai needs much help and secure. And you need to have an experience. Also, have a look at what you need to have as an expat in healthcare.

A career in the hospital as a Nurse?

Most of the hospitals are looking for someone who is ready to go beyond. Especially in the Arabic culture helping people is everything they do in UAE. On the positive side, if you agree willing to do nursing jobs in the UAE. For sure you are someone with a genuine drive to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Especially as an expatriate, in Dubai. You will work hard, but every time

Ever time when my start a nursing career in Dubai. You definitely need to encourage others to help you. And Dubai is not the only place you to explore careers with nursing. There is a whole list of hospitals in the United Arab Emirates.

Medical treatment in Dubai and nurses

The successful candidate should also read a guide for medical treatment. Most of the new workers in Dubai should be able to meet some criteria.

Let’s start with manipulating objects and hand-eye coordination. One of the examples is new patients with kids you must be sure you know what you do. Because if you star in this career you will reach and overhead a lot of challenges. For example, as a new expat in the UAE. The whole culture makes you look below the knees. And that definitely including bending, twisting, pulling, and stooping you with some progress.

Medical treatment in Dubai is not an easy deal. You need to learn a law and procedures and specific criteria for Dubai. As a nursing staff in Dubai, you will perform a variety of task. From some of the reasonable job duties as requested by Supervisors. And some of the tasks you need to manage yourself with high restrictions according to medical treatment law in UAE.

On the positive side, International hospitals and private companies all are an equal opportunity employer. And also private companies are ready committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive nurse staff. As a nurse in Dubai, you will work with many nations International patients. So you must remember to does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws.


Nursing jobs in Dubai 

Nursing jobs in Dubai government hospitals

Ok, the best jobs offer you can ever acquire in Dubai. Are based nursing jobs in Dubai in hospitals from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They are one of the best, no questions asked. Moreover, the pleasure while you will work for UAE entitles is more than good. For example, if you are looking to receive your payment on time. Or if you are looking for a career in a long term.

The jobs in Dubai government hospitals. Become a way out for your daily trouble. With nice wages and positive aspects of promotion. You can get your feet up and run. No matter if you are a foreigner worker. Or you are living in the UAE. There is only one negative side of this career. And it is a hard work. There is a lot of people in Dubai hospitals that you need to take care.

Partners for nursing jobs in Dubai

Let’s start with Government Hospitals

Below on our guide, you can find the complete list of companies. Especially, if you are managing yourself and aspiring for Nursing jobs in Dubai. Dubai City Company is the right company if you are searching for a job in the healthcare sector.

Our professional guide definitely gives you detailed information. Our team has tried to manage for you Dubai Career places where you can upload a resume. The first on our lists are Government-related organizations.

DHADubai Health Authority

The DHA’s aim in Dubai as the No.1. Generally speaking, this whole system was created to provide an accessible, effective and integrated healthcare system. So far this system is taking over exceptional rates from customers.

The management of the Dubai Health Authority. Definitely looking forward to protecting the public health system and raise a standard. Moreover, all employee in with DHA is looking forward to improving the quality of life and health within the United Arab Emirates.

The DHA’s excel the Government mission. More than transform Dubai into a leading healthcare organisation. And most of the patients are looking forward to making it this destination by fostering innovative and integrated care models and by enhancing community engagement. For sure while you will be is working as a nurse in Dubai. This company will be a greater choice for work in Emirates.

On the negative side, you can’t apply for direct jobs in Dubai with DHA. You have to apply to the general Government website. And from then overseeing the health sector for the Emirate of Dubai. But still, the DHA also focuses on providing services through several other private companies in UAE.

Hospitals and Clinics under the Dubai Health Authority

  • Armada Hospital
  • Armada One Day Surgical Center
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Armada Towers
  • Armada Group (private)

Nursing jobs in Dubai DHA

Dubai Healthcare City


Dubai Healthcare City provides a lot of positions. You can have a look what’s fits you the most. On their website, you can start selecting a location and type of vacancies. The second company where you can find a nursing job in Dubai.

To see all the openings on their website. They have sorted vacancies by location and selected. Each job description with detailed information. Vacancies that DHHC includes always having a link for applying.

One of the easiest healthcare jobs sites for finding a vacancy you can easily submit resume to DHC online. This is the fastest and most reliable way to be considered for any of their positions.

Dubai Healthcare City is currently having several jobs for nurses. In 2018 and 2019 they are managing normally around a total of 23-50 open job(s). So it is worth it to have a look on their website from time to time.

Hospitals and Clinics under Dubai Healthcare City 

Nursing jobs in Dubai with DHC

Career at Danat Al Emarat Hospital

The Danat Al Emarat Hospital is another nursery job in Abu Dhabi. This hospital having own base in Abu Dhabi. They are constantly looking for qualified healthcare professionals. Especially registered nurses. If you’re interested, please send your CV to

They are definitely will be interested to place you. Of course, you need to have a good experience. Because of a lot of employees with Danat Al Emrat hospital staff having excellent qualifications. With this in mind, working with high-class healthcare executives. Maybe a major turnaround in your career.

This company is here to serve our community in the UAE. Also, the top-rated company who is providing the highest healthcare standards in a state-of-the-art facility by partnering with world-class medical expertise.

The vision for Nursing jobs in Dubai

The company is looking to be a national leader. For one thing with this company, you should be good at healthcare. If you are looking for excellence and innovation. As well as working with women and child health care sector. This vision for you should be good enough.  Continually enhancing the patient experience and quality of services. For their patients is a key.

Nursing jobs in Dubai 

Jobs in Shaikh Khalifa Medical City

Another company we should Introducing to you is Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. Is also the top-rated organization for work in the UAE. The Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) is located in Abu Dhabi City. And most of the local users from this part of Emirates using this medical city facility.

Jobs in the Nursing industry can’t be done with a flagship institution. And Shaikh Khalifa Medical City is one of them. The expats are loving this organization for the excellent public health system in Abu Dhabi.

Nursing jobs in Dubai with SKMC have several positive aspects. One of the centres of excellence is a highly qualified team of managers. And with this in mind, you can also provide comprehensive services in all healthcare disciplines. On the negative side, you need to have the relevant experience to the needs of the community.

Is it worth to work with SKMC as a nurse?

Why is to wort applying to SKMC?. Because they are the largest and have a lot of openings. Not to mention they are the largest hospital in the UAE. The building consisting of a 586-bed tertiary hospital and 14 outpatient speciality clinics. And you can even help others with the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank Because helping others is more than just value.

They are also accredited by Joint Commission International. SKMC is also accredited as a Cycle IV Chest Pain Center with Primary Angioplasty Intervention. For more than that SKMC having a lot of International awards and been the first outside the USA to achieve Cycle III recognition and only the 12th worldwide. With this achievement, they are definitely worth it to start a career.

SEHA – Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, managed by Cleveland Clinic.

Nursing jobs in Dubai  - SEHA

A career with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

This is another place where you can find a unique career. Moreover, this is not only UAE based business. If you are looking for an unparalleled extension of your profession in UAE.  Then to apply for US-based business in Abu Dhabi. The company is called a Cleveland Clinic’s Model of Care.

For nursing jobs in Dubai, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi provides direct access to jobs. New expatriates in Abu Dhabi bending over to get a job with this company. Because the can start in Abu Dhabi. And then moving their career in the direction for to the world’s best healthcare.

As a new job seeker, you should definitely think in the long run. The career in Nursing at an American company. Maybe a smart idea because that may be reducing your job searching time in there. And you will have experienced international patients. On the to side, it may be necessary to travel abroad for training treats. For example the United States and Canada.

Nursing jobs with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Start a career at Dar Al Shifaa

Next place for the nursing job is Dar Al Shifaa. Super interested business. Generally, speaking one of the best-paid companies. The medical and surgical hospital, not a Government operated. But Government related organization. Worth to have a look at a new career hunter.

24/7 medical services in Abu Dhabi. The UAE owned hospital by Ismail alkhaja & sons, located in Abu Dhabi city, United Arab Emirates. Also a very good place for international career seekers.

Nursing jobs in Dubai are good enough for international expats?. As a matter a fact, Dar Al Shifaa Hospital is the first private hospital in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, they are having a license issued by the Ministry of Health on April 1 982. So it is not Government owned but fully licensed.

More than that, Dar Al Shifaa hospital having a fully operating theatre. And the delivery room inside the building. Generally speaking, operating with 16 rooms inpatient and 20 outpatient clinics. Definitely, you will find placement as a nurse with this company.

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Dar Al Shfiaa Hospital

Jobs in Healthpoint hospital

Healthpoint is a hospital located in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. This company having a strong presence online. The whole hospital is not so old investment. Because Healthpoint was founded in 2013. With high respect to its founders. And since then hiring a lot of candidates for nursery jobs in Dubai.

So if you are looking to bring your experience together with your education. The centre of clinical excellence Abu Dhabi Knee & Sports Medicine Centre. Is the right employer for you in the UAE.

On top of standard nursing jobs in Dubai. You can expect Wooridul Spine Centre and the Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Centre jobs vacancies. As a matter of fact, Healthpoint is part of Mubadala’s Healthcare Network. And managing an excellent position and as a public hospital.

Nursing Jobs in Dubai at Healthpoint hospital

The Burjeel hospital 

Join the team of passionate physicians at Burjeel Hospital. This company is highly reliable and provide a high level of health professional service at Burjeel in Abu Dhabi. This hospital providing valuable help with career development.

At the heart of hospital success story. The Burjeel has its own story. So if you are a local worker or expat and the passionate person you should work with them. The Burjeel, the hospital is one the firm that belief on their own people. This is a reason why people are joining them as an expat nurse.

Simplified the process of enrolling new expats with them is good. New job seekers are highly motivated professionals. And management of this hospital knows it very well. So if you are driven and passionate about nursing jobs in Dubai. You know what you do, welcome to the Burjeel family. This hospital had much more to offer than you ever expect.

They require new healthcare professionals. Especially people with nursing jobs in Dubai experience. And they are opening a new and upcoming facility (Burjeel Day Care – Reem Island, Burjeel Hospital – Al Ain, Burjeel Medical City.

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Burjeel Hospital

Oasis Hospital recruitment

The Oasis Hospital employs more than 300 staff members. The main thing why people from more than 30 countries around the world joining them is simple. They are hiring indirect. No agencies or any other third parties. So it is much easier to get a job with them this way around.

Oasis Hospital definitely seeking people for nursing jobs in Dubai. If you are a nurse who is passionate about providing top-rated healthcare services. Even do more and working with the international community in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

Oasis hospital HR management looking for people. Especially with new members of staff who can adapt their experience for nursing jobs in Dubai. Working very closely with a different cultural environment is key. Are you who you are and motivated enough by compassion?. If the answer is yes, please send your resume.

Your main responsibility willing to be caring for residents of the UAE. While managing your career you can be promoted to other branches. For example, neighbouring in Oman. Oasis Hospital is also a teaching partner for United Arab Emirates University Medical School.

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Oasis Hospital

Ajman Speciality hospital

The Government of Ajman having speciality hospital. This is a very easy place to apply with resume. Because Ajman Specialty General Hospital achieves excellence in hiring executives.

Nursing jobs in Dubai speciality practice in delivering healthcare to Ajman residents. Management of hospital view all residents and employees’ individuals. The organization is committed to working with new individuals who may have started working in a hospital.

In return management looking forward to obtaining a high standard of nursing care in Ajman. Especially to satisfy patients needs and to promote a nice nursing environment for local UAE nation.

Each of them with their own unique sense of life. Especially new members of staff. Who may be doing hard work as a nurse and well being. With Ajman hospital, you can Have your own needs and expectations. Simple because a lot of new joiners has been promoted within a year of work.

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Government of Ajman Hospital

With Thumbay Clinic work as a Nurse

Another place when you start your nursing career. Manage yourself and register your interest to explore career opportunities with Thumbay clinic. Or even with the whole Group!.

One of the positives, the Thumbay Group always strive to achieve excellence in all hospital and clinical activities. As you can see in the picture. The group hiring a lot of Indian expats. So, it is worth to land for these jobs.

As well as, working hard in the UAE. And being a creative person is a competitive skill in Emirates. The atmosphere you can provide and all necessary resources for converting ideas into reality. Definitely helps you with getting a job with this company.

On the other hand, if you are having the right experience. And you are looking for nursing jobs in Dubai. And making it exciting for anyone who wishes to pursue their career with Thumbay clinic organization. They are having open doors.

Thumbay group for a career?

At Thumbay Group they are having a lot of employees. Moreover, most of them enjoy unlimited freedom at any career level. Especially those ones who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge in the hospital industry. Or for that one who just starts a nursing career and raising their fields of expertise.

New employees not only experience a high level of job satisfaction. On the other hand, they are also offered plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement. Their system of employment encourages new personnel to improvise and innovate. Because the patient is the most important for them.

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Thumbayhospital Hospital

Dibba Hospital – Al-Fujairah

Dibba Al-Fujairah is a major city in the emirate of Fujairah located on the Northeast part of the United Arab Emirates. The hospital, on the other hand, is not huge. But you can still have a look do they are hiring. On the negative side, they do not have own website. So you must call them and ask them for email. Or check vacancy on the Ministry of Health website.

It is really worth to work in this city. It is geographically part of the Dibba region. Dibba Al-Fujairah is considered to be the 2nd largest city in the emirate of Fujairah. This hospital is really worth to visit as an expat. Especially if you are having a family.

With an area of 600 square kilometres, Dibba Al-Fujairah had an estimated population of 31,301 (estimate) in January 2018. So, this is a nice place to settle with your kids and wife. And it is still the United Arab Emirates test life.

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Ministry of Health

Are there much more places for Nurse to work?

Yes! let’s send Your Resume directly

In our next part of the Article. Our specialist shows you how to find a nursing job in Dubai. You can send your application details below to several private clinics. They are also hiring nurses in the United Aarab Emirates.

Click on the picture and apply for Nursing jobs!.

Medicare best private hospital

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Med Care

Noa Dental Clinic 

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Noa Dental Clinic

Mediclinic Middle East

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Medi Clinic

Versailles Dental clinic

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Versailles Dental Clinic

Al Zahara Hospital in Sharjah

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Al-Zahra Hospital SharJah

American Hospital Dubai

Nursing jobs in Dubai - American Hospital

Medicentres Clinic

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Medi Centres

Belhoul European Hospital

Nursing jobs in Dubai - Belhoul European Hospital

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group 

Nursing jobs in Dubai 

Dubai Sky Clinic 

Nursing jobs in Dubai  - Dubai Sky Clinic

Is it worth it to make money as a Registered Nurse?

Yes, now is a good time for the United Arab Emirates. The economy is growing. And finding employment as a Registered Nurse should be much easier. Especially before expo 2020 projects and funds for hospitals.

And earns an average salary is not bad. For a beginning of the career, you can expect of AED 94,203 per year. Of course, you can raise your salary. But you will need to pass extra exams and additional hospital training.

The highest paying skills are associated with the best private and Government hospitals. Some of the private clinics are also hiring with good money. More than that if you do not have a good experience. You can think about jobs like Home Health/Home Care, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Labor & Delivery, Birthing, and Acute Care. This career is a hard start, especially for expats. But in the long terms, you will see a good value while you get promoted.

On the other hand people in this carer generally, don’t have more than 20 years’ experience. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. But have a look at what you are worth. And how much you can make in nursing jobs in Dubai below.

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Dubai City Company now providing good guides for Jobs in Dubai. Our team decided to add information for each language for our Dubai expats. So, with this in mind, you can now get guides, tips and employment in the United Arab Emirates with your own language. 

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