Job Searching

Job Searching

Our team of experts is helping people all over the world. We are here to help come over talented Executives in the United Arab Emirates or Qatar. Dubai city company providing job searching packages for people. We are actually providing tools and options for foreign workers who are looking to change their lives and become a very successful job Seeker. We are helping a woman’s or even managers or on the other hand, you will have the option to work in Uber. Or any different company that you will find on our website.

We are having hope to see you in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Ask this is our main country where we can place you and give you a Visa.

Work in Qatar with Dubai City Company

You can choose one of our packages. And that will help you get work in your chosen location. You can add that package as an extra option for your job searching opportunities. You can have these packages as the main package and that will allow you to search for a job in the United Arab Emirates.

Power human resource company wishing you all the best in job searching. We are actually helping people from different point of views. So there is no matter what is your experience if you are having at 2 years of experience. Or you are just a graduate student who is looking for employment. We help you as soon as we can. Any student will find anything related to his schools and experience.

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  • Add Extra CV

    Add Extra CV to Dubai City Company

    $9.99 $4.99

    Add Extra CV – With this service, you will have the opportunity to upload your updated CV additionally to the visa process for your chosen location. This service is mainly designed for users in the Middle East. So, we are advising expats to add this service for UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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Almost everyone can apply for the Dubai Job Lottery! There are only two requirements to qualify for a UAE or Qatar Employment: Use the Dubai Visa Lottery to find out with just a few clicks if you qualify for the Employment Visa. Any foreign expat, who is not a UAE national, requires a residency visa to live and work in Dubai. With our lottery, you will win the Residency/Employment visa that allows you to work in Dubai!
If you win the job in Dubai you need to register your details.