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Add Extra CV to Dubai City Company

$9.99 $4.99

Add Extra CV – With this service, you will have the opportunity to upload your updated CV additionally to the visa process for your chosen location. This service is mainly designed for users in the Middle East. So, we are advising expats to add this service for UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


Start with Dubai City Company Job Hunting For Only $4.99

  • Add Extra CV/Upload Resume To Dubai City Company and our team will post your CV only to the HR Manager in the chosen city.  We are sure you saw it before when people posting CVs on local company pages!.
  • The middle east is a very specific place. However, there are thousands of expats working there. On the positive side, you can also be one of them.
  • This system you should use in the following locations: Dubai, Doha, Ryjiah. However, it is not limited only to the middle east.

Smart Way for your job searching!

Add Extra CV + Receive Guide & Activate Job Hunting with Dubai City Company. Start reserving special services in Dubai. Moreover, Send your updated CV to all HR Managers and Directors in the UAE. Get additional support on our page in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. + Additional help in Qatar and Kuwait!.

We are so confident in our job searching program, that we are always taking care of any job seekers we have! 100%. Even for $4.99, We are offering a CV repost to another city if you do not get a job!. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar is quite a big place. There is a place for you also!.

After payment is complete:

This is only additional extras for your Visa & Relocation system. Our script automatically takes you to upload a CV. When you pay for a Visa and you will have a special place to upload your additional documents and certificates.

This process takes 30 business days to complete, and it is a one-time payment and unfortunately non-refundable payment. We are having hope that you will be our another happy job seeker in one of the locations that we are helping to relocate. In case you will need more information or support. You will receive an email with our contact details.

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