Real estate deals worth Dh962m concluded today in Dubai

, Real estate deals worth Dh962m concluded today in Dubai
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, Real estate deals worth Dh962m concluded today in Dubai

Dubai: Real estate transactions worth Dh962 million have been concluded in the emirate today.

According to the Dubai Land Department, 317 sale deals worth Dh776.38 million, including 17 land sales worth Dh145.08 million, and 300 sales of apartments and villas that sold for Dh631.3 million.

The most important land sales worth Dh63 million was for a land plot in Al Hebiah First, followed by a land sold for Dh20 million in Al Thanyah Fourth and a Dh15 million was paid for a land in Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens.

Al Hebiah Fourth came first in terms of the number of sales, with 4 sales worth Dh22 million, followed by Al Hebiah Third, with 4 sales worth Dh8 million, while the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens came third with two sales worth Dh21 million.

As for the most important sales of apartments and villas, a sale deal of Dh120 million was struck in The Palm Jumeirah followed by a Dh21 million deal in Burj Khalifa and finally a transaction worth Dh16 million in Me’aisem First.

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens saw 63 sales of apartment and villas for Dh111 million, followed by Burj Khalifa that registered 33 sales worth Dh100 million, while Dubai Marina saw 31 sales worth Dh80 million.

The value of mortgages amounted to Dh147.66 million, of which 13 mortgages of lands valued at Dh34.04 million, and 58 mortgages for villas and apartments valued at Dh113.62 million.

The most important of which was concluded in Al Thanyah Fourth for a mortgage of Dh15 million, and another one in the Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens with a value of Dh14 million.

As for the grants, 18 grants valued at Dh38.85 million were registered across Dubai, the most important of which was in the Palm Jumeirah area, with a value of Dh11 million, and another in Al Safa Second, with a value of Dh9 million.

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