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Recruiters with mobile a new smart way

Recruiters can find job seekers for free with our services. Do you have a marketing recruitment strategy?. Dubai City Company has now managing free service for recruiters and employers in the UAE. Under those circumstances, using smart research technology such as WhatsApp.  And marketing tools make your recruitment needs easily manageable. For example, we promoting your recruitment agency to prospective new job seekers for free. With our company, you can advertise your recruitment needs free of charge. As a matter of fact, we are here to help your recruitment agency grow. Our firm will post your job vacancies to our job seekers audience. Making your new business opportunities and adventures ready to go. As a result, you can post any related pieces of information to our job seekers audience not only in Dubai City. But also for whole the Middle East and Gulf Countries on our WhatsApp Groups.

We will connect you with job seekers

Whether you’re looking to fill vacancies or just want to keep your options open. Especially in social media post your jobs for free on our LinkedIn accounts. We are here to help you maximize your networking opportunities. Dubai City Company target is to approach job seekers from Pakistan. For this reason, we have created several services to improve your chances of finding a new employee. Managing contract with your client, today or down the road. Change the way you network in the Middle East market. If you want to crack the hidden market. You’ve got to be smarter about it and use one click to find a new person. Dubai City Company has a new way to connect you with other people who are looking for employment. We are rising within inside knowledge about unposted job adverts.

Use the mobile phone and hire a new person

Social Media such as Facebook, WhatsApp Groups or even the LinkedIn. As a matter of fact become a critical recruiting tool in Dubai.

Tips #1: Linkedin and Facebook business pages It’s the best way to reach job seekers.
Tips #2: Recruiting success isn’t just measured by jobs filled. But how qualified professionals you will reach.
Tips #3: LinkedIn social portal has grown exponentially (98 million to over 500 million members in last five years), and now looks for career seekers driven by purpose. The fact that 58% of job applicants within Dubai City Company in a recent survey are active in Linkedin and is more than enough for recruiting.
Tips #4 Connect career seekers who work in companies between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue.

Other recruiters scour the world’s most popular professional networking site like LinkedIn looking for the perfect candidate, but there’s a lot they do before they even get potential candidate profile. Some 93% of senior managers search LinkedIn for jobs every day, but if you can take the following steps you’ll be inviting them to your Linkedin profile.

Recruiters in Dubai using our services

Recruiters why you can’t fill job vacancies?. Post job offer on our website we are here to help you find a new employee in UAE. Are you planning to fill new jobs?. Seeking a partner as a CEO?. Are you looking to start recruitment in the Middle East market?. Generally speaking, trying to get perspective on yourself and hire more people in your business. Raise your self-esteem and motivate yourself to start working on UAE recruitment market for free with Dubai City Company.

Dubai City company social media profiles will definitely help you. From our LinkedIn type sites, up to our Indian recruitment groups. We are here to help you manage recruitment needs. We can source candidates for free for you in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Even help you manage corporate clients that you have and help you achieve a target.

However, you can reinvent the UAE recruitment market for better with Dubai City Company. On our  LinkedIn company pages, you can post your job offers that you are currently recruited for. New recruitment needs anytime you want. Moreover another free advertisement to over 500,000 followers. Can be made any time you like. All you need to do is place a request and we will make it happen.

Recruiters - Dubai Jobs for expats

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