How Smart Is Your Recruitment
Agency's Marketing Strategy in Dubai City?

Dubai City - Yes it is free service for recruiters in UAE

Using smart research and marketing tools you can easily promote your recruitment agency to prospective new clients. With our company you can advertise free of charge your recruitment agency, job vacancies, business opportunities and any other related informations to our jobseekers in Dubai City.

How to Connect With International Job Seekers on LinkedIn ?
Whether you’re looking to fill vacancies or just want to keep your options open, post your jobs for free on LinkedIn. We can help you maximize your networking opportunities. Here’s how to approach job seekers to improve your chances of managing contract with your client, today or down the road. Change the way you network If you want to crack the hidden job market, you’ve got to be smarter about the way you connect with other people with inside knowledge about unposted profiles.

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Social Media such as Facebook or LinkedIn is a Critical Recruiting Tool

Tips #1: Linkedin and Facebook business pages It’s the best way to reach job seekers.

Tips #2: Recruiting success isn’t just measured by jobs filled, but how many qualificated professionals you will reach.

Tips #3: LinkedIn social portal has grown exponentially (98 million to over 500 million members in last five years), and now looks for career seekers driven by purpose. The fact that 58% of job applicants within Dubai City Company in a recent survey are active in Linkedin and is more than enough for recruiting..

Tips #4 Connect career seekers who works in companies between $100 million and $3 billion in annual revenue.

Other recruiters scour the world’s most popular professional networking site like LinkedIn looking for the perfect candidate, but there’s a lot they do before they even get potential candidate profile. Some 93% of senior managers search LinkedIn for jobs every day, but if you can take the following steps you'll be inviting them to your Linkedin profile.

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Step #1 :Follow our Social Media Pages

To make sure you do it right follow all these steps! ...
Simply click follow button on Linkedin & Like on Facebook each and every page!

Step #2 :Verify your account with Dubai City Company

Two-step verification process is a security confirmation through sending official company email with your scaned ID. That information provided by you to Dubai City Company is designed to prevent anyone else from accessing or using your account without permission.

Send email request to:
*From professional business email address with your company name and details.
*Our verification team will contact you in person.
*Identity Verification - ID card must be visible in the scanned image.

Step #3 After you are Verified, we'll send you email with confirmation

What does it mean to be "Verified by Dubai City Company?"
Once you've completed your verification process you will be able to:

Dubai City Company is the #1 social media source of hire and provides 3X more hires than any other job site.
*Reach over 500,000 Dubai City Company job seekers in Facebook and LinkedIn!
*Post your jobs offers online to our huge Linkedin audience to attract talent from United Arab Emirates.
*Find the right candidates for free 10X faster! and reach more qualified candidates.
*Over million people visit Dubai City Company every month, we are giving you access to the most talent in every field.
*85% of all jobs are filled via Linkedin networking!
Years of experience

Years of experience

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Dubai City

Dubai City

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Recruiters Why You Can’t Fill Job Vacancies And What You Can Do To Change that?

Are you planning to fill new jobs? Seeking a partner? Looking to start recruitment in Middle East market? Generally trying to get perspective on yourself? Raise your self esteem and motivate yourself to start working on UAE recruitment market? Your social media profile will help you. From our LinkedIn type sites you can source candidates to manage corporate clients that you have. However you can reinvent the UAE recruitment market for better. With Dubai City Company LinkedIn company pages you can post your job offers, recruitment needs and other free advertisement to over 500,000 followers. All you need to do is contact us and we will make it happen.