Saad Hariri May Need to Call It Quits!

, Saad Hariri May Need to Call It Quits!
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, Saad Hariri May Need to Call It Quits!

The issue of PM-designate Saad Hariri’s resignation is not pressing anymore and Hariri will return to Beirut within 48 hours, sources close to him have said.

“Things are still in the hands of President Michel Aoun regarding the possibility of forming a mission-driven government without a blocking one-third and the ball is in his court,” the sources added, in remarks to OTV.

A source from the Development and Liberation parliamentary bloc meanwhile told MTV that Speaker Nabih Berri’s initiative is still ongoing.

“A positive surprise might happen at the eleventh hour, similarly to what happened with Tammam Salam’s government after 11 months” of negotiations, the source said.

A source from the Strong Lebanon bloc meanwhile told MTV that the bloc is “waiting for Hizbullah to openly announce the failure of its endeavor before acting accordingly.”

The source however added that his bloc is “ready for any step that can break the current deadlock.”

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