Do I need a visa for Dubai?
Do I need a visa for Dubai?
April 22, 2018
Jobs in Dubai for Algerian
Jobs in dubai for Algerian
April 29, 2018
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Security jobs in Dubai for Career Seekers

Security jobs in Dubai
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Security jobs in Dubai

Security jobs in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates. One of the hottest topics for job seekers. If you are searching for employment. The security jobs in Dubai may be a good option for you. On the other hand, our company is looking forward to helping you. We are helping jobs seekers from around the world. Especially from South Africa and India career seekers in Dubai and with Pakistani new expatriates.

Dubai City Company always giving a hand with career searching. Our team always guide career seekers to find securities jobs in the UAE. We are having hope, that our specialist team is able to help you during career searching. In Dubai city, you can have a lot of very professional companies. Finding jobs with companies such as G4S, Hawk Security, Cyber Security and others Dubai Security Companies.

So with this in mind, you should definitely try our complete guide on how to find security jobs in Dubai. Our company is the main source of companies where you should upload a resume. At the moment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, there are richer rich executives for security jobs in Dubai?.

Of course in the UAE is a growing market for luxury goods. And with this exclusively coming to a VIP persona. Also, the growing market is for new business. Also for VIP personality, and high-class business people. All of those people are in need of security guards.

There are several ways of finding employment. Especially if we guide you for the United Arab Emirates. New expatriates who will be employed can expect several benefits. One of the examples is a stable job in Dubai Airport security. When the new company will employ a Dubai company. They will give him a good contract for a long term.

What do I need to be a security guard?

To become a security guard in Dubai. You need to have of course some certain of qualification and experience. The security guards who are wishing to work in the Emirates. No matter if they are local workers or foreign expats. They all must go and pass a week-long course involving 36 hours of theoretical and practical training. The Dubai Police Academy managing 3 steps of the certificate. The local authority is then tested in three exams.

The oral when you need to answer questions. Then you will have written test and practical knowledge assessments.  Have a look on tips on how to pass a test here.  And if a successful candidate will pass all the 3 tests. The British vocational education organization City and Guilds definitely will give you a certificate of granting a certificate of accreditation to become a security guard.

Thes 3 programmes include classes on the criminal investigation. How to use security purpose equipment. How to manage firefighting and how to search vehicles and premises. On the positive side for security jobs in Dubai. While you will learn the more than 50 per cent of the lessons are practical. So not only you will know who to be a guard. But you will learn how to do it in the right way.

Security jobs in Dubai - World Security

What will I learn while managing security career?

One of the most important things that candidates also learn. Generally speaking is how to go about with customer service conflict jobs. Because at the end of the road not only the management should know and how to protect the promise. You should learn how to manage yourselves and others in an emergency. The things candidate learn the first is how to preserve a crime scene. On the positive side, that will be a lesson from Police Departments. As long as information as to how to search an establishment or vehicle. The main person who is teaching is an International Centre of Security and Safety at the Dubai Police Academy.

The whole courses and classes are given by senior police officers. So you must act appropriately. Moreover, you must know how to deal with it in the Gulf companies. Some companies, for example, getting instructors from other Government and commercial related sources such as Civil Defence. On the positive side, all of them will take place at the academy. For the security jobs in Dubai, several companies are setting up their own training courses. On the negative side, the exams must be taken at the academy.

The whole training programme was introduced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2005. But the main business has started running in 2008. So far, the academy has trained about 57,000 security personnel. The program is designed in this way that most of the people will pass it. So you do not need to worry too much about that. The passing ratio is more than 80%.

What is the salary of a security guard in Dubai?

That really depends,some of the jobs are AED1,000 a month up to 8,000. And then with a mind, you should have a look at security guard jobs reviews. In the United Arab Emirates, it all depends on what employers are you with. What building are you are currently managing?. In order to find out more, you can ask other expats from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One of the best ways to find out is to ask others about wages. Because of you really do not know it until you will find out for real.

Finding security jobs in Dubai taking time. The standard job searching it is taking time. No matter how hard you will try. In most cases, it will take around 6months. The time you will spend in the United Arab Emirates. It always plays in your favour, especially for expatriates abroad.

As a Security Guard, you can expect a basic salary. On the other hand with your good experience, you can manage a really good salary. As a private VIP security guard, you can manage over 550 up to 1,500 AED a day. On the positive side, you do not need to manage MBA qualifications.

How to find security vacancies in Dubai?

Several companies are now recruiting for Dubai. As a matter of fact, our company has jobs available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Especially for door supervisors and VIP security assistants. Generally speaking in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai you can find several companies who are giving the right opportunities to the right people. The following years show massive growth for the security market in the Middle East.

On the positive side, many employment vacancies are starting a show. Under those circumstances, Emirates progressed with the hiring of security guards for Expo 2020 careers. These days the GCC region is finally starting to manage very good jobs for expats. Especially with companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Moreover, the expo 2020 is moving and new companies launched special programs for foreigners. On the other hand, you should also look at hiring companies. Careerjet website in Dubai and Monster Gulf jobs website. They are really worth to apply with your CV.

Bouncer job in Dubai

The security jobs in Dubai as a Bouncer are the most popular. Dubai city company provide a full list of security jobs in Dubai. So, with this in mind, our team is managing detailed information about how to find work as a security person in Dubai. Have a look yourself how to find employment in the security sector. Because of the Dubai security guard, job and salary are very good in the United Arab Emirates.

The bouncer career in the UAE is well paid in most cases. But you will need to have a good experience. Moreover looking good and train to the gym. Because some of the nightclubs in the United Arab Emirates looking for some help. Especially from the external security companies. One of the main thing with this career is protecting the company’s property. Helping local staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment for a time being.

As a bouncer, you will not be a mercenary. As long as you will act lawfully indirect of defence. You need to make sure, you will maintain order to keep life and your property secured at all time. The bouncer taking accurate actions of unsuspected clients. New reports should be provided in detail to any suspicious incidents in the events in clubs. Moreover, patrol area randomly or regularly building and premises.

Before the club, it will be closed. Most of the bounced job in Dubai involves monitor and control access to building entrances and vehicle gates. In the night time, the job may be little unsecured. But other security guards will watch alarm systems on CCTV. And most of the cameras and operating system will watch you 24h a day detecting emergency situations.

G4S best for security career in the UAE

The G4S is the world’s leading company in the security world. One of the best solutions for expatriates. Moreover, they are one of the world’s largest employers all over the world. The G4S is one of the best company in the Middle East for work. The is also most performing company G4S on Forbes ranking.
The G4S company offers a lot of benefits. From basic salary and bonus payments to their employees. If you are looking for an immense range of exciting, rewarding and long-term career opportunities. The G4S Company is for you. One of the best places for long-term work in the UAE. This is the company where you can really make a difference in a security career in Dubai.

Within security jobs in the Dubai market. The G4S is a good place for you especially if you are searching for foreign jobs vacancies. With the G4S you simply won’t find the variety and diversity of career opportunities anywhere with other companies.

Security jobs in Dubai G4S

The First Security Group

Another interested company is First Security Group. This company strongly recognize that Middle East success. The first security group largely depends on hiring new people. The firm is believing and developing the whole system. Some of the expats are working with this company and changing dynamic of security in Dubai. So if you are looking for security jobs in Dubai. The first security group managing exceptional people. And become one of them even as a new expat it is really worth it.

The first security group has the most important mission. Help the Middle East Because the firm is to provide a working environment. With this company, you can manage the individual career aspirations. Most of the employees enhance their skill base and encourages personal growth. The first security group career is highly possible in Dubai. Also, development programmes are supported within several markets in the UAE.

This company working well to ensure the UAE tourist are saved. The first security groups become the world-class company within training and newest facilities. At the same time, they are accessible to all new people inside the company and new workers. The individuals managing several contracts across the organisation. For the purpose of managing securities contracts in the UAE, the company making to their employees a new way for the development of their careers. To the end, that company is very proud of our company culture.

Please email our HR department enclosing a copy of your CV to

Security jobs in Dubai First

Hawk Security Company

At Hawk Security Services, another hiring company in the UAE. Under those circumstances, employment opportunities are open for new expatriates. The location of this company is in the United Arab Emirates. Very good company to work for as an expatBecause the company has a very unique and diverse approach. Especially for a new employee in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.  

The hawk security company has different site locations within the UAE. In effect a lot of employees throughout the United Arab Emirates finding a job in DubaiGenerally speaking, if you are interested to be employed by one of the top employers in the security industry. The Hawk security company will be able to help you with developing yourself as a security specialist. 

There is a lot of benefits you can get from Hawk security company. Since you join the training and start developing your own career with this firm. Definitely, you will find yourself with a good plan of action. You should come and join Hawk Security Services in the United Arab Emirates. So this company is very good for moving to Dubai.  

Send your resume to Email: 

Security jobs in Dubai Hawk Security

Guard Force Security Service

The Guardforce Security Services provide a wide range of security solutions. You can be placed for your security career in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Generally speaking, Guard Force Security Service it is approved by the Dubai Police Department of Protective System (DPS). The company is aimed to become the largest in the United Arab Emirates. With Guard Force Security you can have a job as a staff or supervisor.

On the negative side, while you go for a meeting with this company. You need to meet the minimum requirement to become an employee. The Guard Force Security Service has a lot of International and local clients from the United Arab Emirates. You can have a career opportunity within a wide variety of industries. In the long run, you can choose from retail, finance or even employment with education security. Up to the present time, the company is hiring for hospitality companies. In the foreground, other commercial companies and industrial sectors have co-operated with Guard Force Security Service.

They are also hiring for CCTV jobs in Dubai

Here is a link where you should register

Security jobs in Dubai Guard Force

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