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June 3, 2019
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June 4, 2019
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Sohaib Hasan’s LinkedIn Career Feed

Sohaib Hasan Telegram

Sohaib Hasan Telegram

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Welcome to Experts for Expats

Welcome to Sohaib Hasan’s LinkedIn Career Feed. The subscribers and followers from our social media will have the latest feeds of Sohaib’s daily posts for Job Opportunities, Career Tips, Motivation and much more.

Perhaps being an expat is one long lesson that we should continue…

Sohaib Hasan

Sohaib Hasan is an initiative-driven and internationally experienced person with an amazing attitude to do things and working hard.

His amazing experience as an HR Consultant (Germany, UK, China, Pakistan and UAE) helps already thousands of job seekers around the world.

Sohaib works with an amazing vision to helps others. And for sure he is close to a decade of success in Dubai. Moreover, infusing efficiency into the HR operations, from policy formulation and Implementation. As well as the Ideation and Development of HR based software programs. Up to performing the core HR functions of Recruitment, Selection, Training, Development and Performance Evaluation to imparting expert counselling to the candidates.

With his strong communication and interpersonal skills, he is proficient at developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, Sohaib Hasan continuously strives to help businesses build more efficient HR systems and processes by formulating and implementing processes and strategies that add value in terms of reduction in recruitment cost and increased efficiency of the resources.

Promote Dubai
Promote Dubai

Motivational Speaker and an Inspirational speaker

Sohaib Hasan is a motivational speaker at heart and a trainer who is primarily branded for outstanding creative solutions to enhance organizational efficiency and as well as developing and unleashing human behavioural potential.

Sohaib Hasan also believes in proving the hidden potential, coming out of comfort zones and breaking the shell of fears. His motivational thoughts and training sessions are full of energy and positivism. Writing and sharing motivational thoughts is one of the heartfelt activity that is effortlessly and regularly more active.

• Talent acquisition
• Candidate screening, interviewing and selection
• Employee training and development
• Goal-setting & Cross-functional team leadership
• Employee motivation and orientation & Employee Engagement
• Conflict management
• Company policies and procedures formulation
• Development and delivery of training material and content
• Business development & Social media marketing
• Designing adverts, content and logo
• Programming databases for smooth business operations

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