Enthusiastic about investing in blockchain expertise by shopping for scarce digital property? I’m going over my investments into the ballooning non-fungible token (NFT) house. Thanks for watching!

Ethereum White Paper


NBA TopShot

Vitalik Buterin TechCrunch2017


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Mo Soumaro
21 days ago

Have you looked In To rumble kong league ??

Sergio Rojas
21 days ago

Are you selling it now for 1M ? 😃🥲

21 days ago

love the vibe and vid man 🙂 keep it going

Philip Belalcazar
21 days ago

This aged well

21 days ago

NFT's are imaginary bollocks, you paid for a fancy number hash. worthless bits

AU_KryptoSilver Stacking

Missed the crypto punks wave but I just picked up two Vpunks from the Vechain blockchain 🙏🏽💯

21 days ago

You’ll be a millionaire from it soon!! Congrats on they great buy!!

Poncho Bunz
21 days ago

How much is it going for now?

Jesi Aulia
21 days ago

NFTPunk. Finance…. Huge Potensial My bro

21 days ago

nice move, the ultimate digital social currency…

Non Fungible Token
21 days ago

Buy NFTs all kinds of NFTs

21 days ago

Chris, I want to learn how to get involved. I don’t have a lot of money, and I’m looking to understand. Starter guide you might recommend? Reading the E paper like you said is a start?

21 days ago

Well yeah you are kind of crazy…
Can I ask you who made the top shot videos? Who created these? They must be making enormus ammount of money…
Cryptopunks were claimed free at first am I right?
Also isn't like Oladipo or Lebron or whoever, claiming these?

Paradice Garage
21 days ago

just bought a CP for 41k lol tell me I am crazy! 😎

Ahsan Finance
21 days ago

I am really excited about NFTs too but the prices are getting out of control at the moment!

Ricky Bungalow
21 days ago

used car or digital image hmmmm… decisions decisions

21 days ago

cool vid!

21 days ago


Shawn Tyree
21 days ago

11:58 that random kaleidoscope is definitely fungible, it is mass produced.

killa kicks
21 days ago

Wait so the cheapest is 25k like USA dollars or crypto money ?

Coconut Pete
21 days ago

What do you get when you buy a Cryptopunk? is it any different than what you see publicly on their web site?

amir Ahmed
21 days ago

What broker sells NFT cryptos???

21 days ago

I really feel sorry for all the 'poor' people buying and holding nothing…I'm sorry, rare art minted on ETH. Really smart. Good luck ! Get yo PIXELS here ! Rare pixels ! VERY VALUABLE ! lol, humans are batshit crazy.

christof trabakoulas
21 days ago

so stupid i cant believe it .

21 days ago

Chris love the videos, how do u store your punk, can u see it in your meta mask?

Kesahn Artis
21 days ago

If you crazy I am too I’m trying to learn and do it too 😂

Dylan Frankel
21 days ago

Good to see Tony Hawk in the NFT game

Bobe González
21 days ago

Excellent info!

21 days ago

Would I buy one of these things? Yes, I used to own yours!

21 days ago

Wish I had bought into Cryptopunks instead of Doge coin now lol

21 days ago

I really think Cryptopunks are heavily overvalued compared to NBA Top Shot!