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Hello Guys! Are you looking an Oil and Gas, IT, Sales, Marketing and Hotel Jobs Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates?.  Start new Career in the Middle East! Only by adding your email below! And Tie for job searching!. Money Are There! – Sign up Today and Ask Our team about How to have a job in the UAE!. —>>Add your comment below so we review your profile today! Sign up today and Find your Dream Job

We are currently Recruiting for various positions across United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. For general and Management Positions including Sales and Marketing, Account Management, IT and Engineering. Please add your email below and we will endeavor to shortlist you by the end of the month or Alternatively take a look at our upload section website.

All you have to do is take a look at our various packages and services on our website to see what fits. We have numerous job vacancies across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. We have career solution for you in Dubai City. Start chasing your dream job and please sign up with Dubai City Company. Looking to connect with our Dubai Company in person?. Click our company profile and send an invitation to our company. Contact us today and Check it out what we can do for you!


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Dubai City Company is established in 2016. But must be remembered that our recruitment company. In every case, every day perform job searching activities not only for Dubai. But also for GCC countries. To point out our customers come from more than 30 countries. Dubai City Company links career searching professionals with recruiters. To put it another way, our team providing job searching help with regional know-how career researching information in Dubai.

Under those circumstances, our mission is to be the first choice for a fast-changing hiring and recruitment career market. In the hope that our job searching platform enables international job seekers and new candidates. Generally speaking to be placed for an amazing job opportunity in the fastest growing city on earth. Up to the present time, there are over 1,000 of the world’s most famous recruiters and Companies in Dubai. As long as all Dubai Companies working within all 4 major markets: Recruitment, Human Resources, Government Jobs, Career Management. Our team sooner or later will be able to place you in Dubai.

Dubai City Company provides its members an unbeatable source of job search information. Our company is different from others. Because we are posting full of dynamic and original content. Just to help you start a new career. Job searching platform provides global network opportunities for every expat in Dubai. Our system is designed to develop career seekers profiles. Helping companies to get a new employee. And for an efficient career researching services in Dubai.

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Support and reporting with your job search is the main thing. Our company has carried out interactive training across a diverse range of topics.

Without delay, Dubai City Company has helped over 150,000+ career seekers around the world. In the meantime our expat candidates coming until now from over 70 different coun­tries. In the final analysis, our corporation offers you exceptional opportunities to network with recruiters in UAE. Especially when you build your career profile and gain valuable experience in fact just to enumerate your wages. Must be remembered that the influential opinion leaders. And of course, decision-makers and entrepreneurs looking only for the best candidates. On the positive side, you can be the heart of Dubai City industry.


Start new Career in the Middle East!

Recruitment Agencies in the UAE

Don’t waste your time post your resume. Only to the best recruitment agencies in the UAE. Find a way to get a Dubai Jobs. And start the new career in the Middle East!. Dubai City is a truly amazing place to live. But to get a job there and be able to manage your life. You need to be very smart on every move. Most compelling evidence that helps you to land a job is your Resume. Recruitment Agencies in the UAE checking over 500 CV’s every day. So on the negative side you, are not the only one who is jobless. Over 95% jobs seekers would like to start the new career in the Middle East on the spot.

Start new Career in the Middle East. If that would be so easy as it sounds to do.  Base on that tries to manage every recruitment agent very carefully. Because you are a job seeker and recruitment agent is the only one who can help you to get a job. There are many job sites you can Google it. To put it another way, it will take around 3 months just to send your CV. And another 3 months just send your application details to Companies in Dubai. On the other hand, recruiters have around 8-12 weeks to place candidate. However for international candidates may take even longer.

So never give up and good luck with your career searching in the Middle East! 



Dubai City Company
Dubai City Company

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