Dubai for kids

Dubai for kids, of course. Have a look at what we find for you and your whole family. First place is Dubai’s desert – Horse riding, camel riding, desert safari or sandboarding is an adventure that every child loves. If you want your trip to last all night, camps available under the stars
Dolphin Bay- Dolphins are the best friends of children. Place where we combine fun with education. Learning about the natural environment of dolphins and great fun with the most intelligent mammals.
Dubai Ice Rink- When they would like us to relax from the sun. An ice rink in the middle of the desert, why not?! This is Dubai. The Olympic-sized Dubai Ice Rink, in the Dubai Mall. A huge ice rink for every child of all ages and skills.

Welcome to Dubai 

Bounce Dubai – fun for everyone, for the whole family. The combination of 100 trampolines gives unforgettable fun. For the youngest appropriate sections and for older shots to the basket.
Wild Wadi – A water park with over 30 attractions for the whole family. Slide climbers and for the lazy river flows.

VR Park- The Dubai Mall’s newest attraction, combines augmented and virtual reality to stunning effect. For older teenagers, try to survive the zombie attack from The Walking Dead. Or guide a spaceship to safely complete missions. There are a lot of attractions for the younger ones. That’s why this place is for the whole family in different age categories.

Must be remembered that we are in Dubai. A place where you can admire wonderful art exhibitions. Museums, go to the cinema or visit the wonderful city. The evening walks itself in the Dubai alleyways is an unforgettable attraction. Sandy beaches, water, restaurants, and places where you can simply be together in this wonderful place.

July 1, 2018
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Dubai for kids – Living working and parenting in Dubai

Dubai for kids a guide for expat parents Dubai for kids no only for expats kids. They are having a good place to play. Especially when bringing up children to the playground. We all know that UAE is the best place for our children. One of the examples is the million-dollar lifestyle. Definitely, our children looking start in life in Dubai. For sure to have a nice life in Dubai. We are sure that every Dubai woman. No matter if they are an expat or not. Always has been asked. The same question all over. Generally, how is it living and working?. Moreover, parenting in Dubai?. How often do you move to your own country? And what do do with kids?. How to play with them?. In the Dubai, there are some many places […]