June 4, 2019
Is Dubai The Ideal Destination for Young Families - Dubai City Company

Is Dubai The Ideal Destination for Young Families?

Is Dubai The Ideal Destination for Young Families?. Dubai has undergone a rapid transformation over the past several decades, receiving a huge influx of investment, job opportunities and a growing expatriate population of close to 8 million as of 2013. Given all of the wonderful benefits the city has to offer, it has received a growing interest from working professionals and young families seeking to strike that perfect work-life balance. For parents considering a move to this modern middle-eastern location, the city has a lot to offer not just career-wise, but also for children and raising a family. Child-Friendly and Family Activities Dubai is no stranger to child-friendly activities and is replete with different options for a fun family day out. Year-round warm temperatures mean that weekends at the beach are always an option, or if you’re feeling more on the adventurous side, you can make the most of the sunshine with a visit to one […]