Job Searching in Jordan

Foreign workers in Jordan In Jordan, records have it that it is a home to over 2 million Palestinians refugees as at 2015. About 98% of the Jordanians are Arabs and the remaining 2% are ethnic minorities. The International Labor Organization stated that the Labor situation in Jordan is tied to the presence of the foreign workers in a report titled “A challenging Market Becomes More Challenging”. As a result of extensive research carried out in September 2016 which aimed at accessing the effect of Jordan’s extraordinarily generous contribution to host large refugee populations in its national labour market, and its working population.

The report intends answering the questions of how to increase employment rate in Jordan in the national market, and how to make sure that the working environment is comfortable for all workers, and also, how to involve the Syrian refugees without removing Jordanian workers. Opening the labour market to refugees was in a bid to ensure that particular attention is given to the application of minimum labour standards for foreign workers, irrespective of their status.


To have a Jordan work permit, working in tandem with your employer is firstly required  an application for jobs in Jordan is quite easy accessing through these sites;

  • The job site is a site for good jobs
  • Akhtaboot is a popular site in Jordan
  • United nations jobs are for the UN work
  • Bayt is considered to be one of the top job search websites in the Middle East
  • Monster Gulf is a monster job search brand which has been existing since the dawn of the internet era
  • Gulf Jobs market is good for executive-level jobs
  • Career Jet is a popular one that has job search options for Jordan
  • Indeed is the U.S job site version of Jordan
  • Learn 4 Good seems to be about teaching jobs but has jobs in other sectors

English Teachers jobs in Jordan

For those that might be interested in teaching, teaching English may be the easiest option for those that are fluent in English Speaking, it is best to check through the International TEFL academy that shows the teachers the amount of money that can be made through teaching, they could try sites such as;

  • Total ESL is an overly busy interface for those interested in teaching abroad
  • ESL Employment does not have the most beautiful interface though, but it is a pretty website.
  • ESL café is one of the best job openings from around the world
  • Testall is a site that aggregates big teaching jobs
  • Footprints Recruiting has been discovered to be one of the largest ESL teaching recruiters available

Overseas jobs portals

Foreign workers in Jordan has a lot of options.  Generally speaking, for those interested in Overseas and Expat Job Portals, here are some sites;

  • Go Abroad has also been discovered to have good jobs as well
  • Oversea Jobs is a site that has been available for a while now but there seems to be a significant overlap between the postings on this sites and other sites.
  • LinkedIn is a massive professional network resource for building contacts in the field as well as the location of your interest

Jordan lacks efficient and organized visa information on the web though, but the little they have is reliable. The needed documents that are likely to be demanded for job applications are:

  • National Identity Card
  • Copies of parents identity card
  • 24 passport size coloured photo
  • Driving License ( if you have)
  • 2 coloured copies of passport
  • Original school education certificate
  • The Original college certificates
  • Original University Certificates
  • Original diploma Certificates ( if you have)

And other documents such as top achievement certificate in school, college or university, character certificate and any other related certificates. The only thing that will get you a job is your CV. It does the marketing, so, it is advisable to work towards making your CV perfect. This is a way to become foreign workers in Jordan. A smart way to start employment in the Middle East.

July 27, 2018
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