May 11, 2019

Dubai – All Things Large And Small

Dubai – All Things Large And Small My young daughter and I sat in an outdoor patio for a cafe whose entrance is piled with desserts and pastries of every colour in the rainbow and looked out over the calming pool below.  Far below.  We were on the seventh level of cafes that line the edge of the Dubai Mall. And as we sat and breathed in the air, and wondered at the slightly orange tint that a distant sand storm gave the surrounding buildings. For the first time in two weeks, we felt totally at ease. Our trip from California to visit family in Kolkata was punctuated by the extreme opposites that you experience when travelling anywhere in India, and we had arrived in Dubai fairly well shaken. Being a woman travelling alone with a young girl had required focused alertness that was exhausting. We were very excited to have landed […]
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