April 20, 2019
How to describe a practice in a CV?

How to Get a Job in Dubai in 2020?

You even either start searching or you just got some news about Dubai jobs. And you are new for the employment market in the UAE. You should hit the biggest company first. And the best employer in Dubai is still the Emirates. Dubai City Company always provides good information. This time we provide information on how to pass Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day / Assessment + Interview ( Recruitment tips + questions) Finding employment especially in the United Arab Emirates it might take some time. You must remember that people who are hiring heading around hundreds of resumes every day. And for sure people who are actually working in the Emirates company. I don’t know too much about you. So they’ll have to check your CV your experience and of course, your personal education and that will allow them to find out a bit more about yourself and what do […]