May 15, 2019
Gems and Jewelry Industries of Dubai - Guide with Dubai City Company

Gems and Jewelry Industries of Dubai

Gems and Jewelry Industries of Dubai Gems and Jewelry Industries of Dubai. Well, Dubai is a beautiful and a global city of the Middle East. It also holds an important place in the global transport hub for passengers and cargo. Oil is the major revenue and it helps to accelerate the development of the city. Which was already a major mercantile hub, but Dubai’s gems and jewellery industries also hold an important place in the revenue. The overall jewellery business has created an impact by the fluctuating gold prices throughout the year and great demand from the customers. The introduction of 5% VAT on jewellery added an extra burden of cost. But, still, people of Dubai love jewellery and gemstones. The costume jewellery of Dubai witnesses a strong area compared to fine jewellery due to its price point being lower. The main precious and semi-precious gemstones also play a very […]
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