May 18, 2019
Dubai City

Antony Raj Jayamani our follower from Linkedin

Antony Raj Jayamani our follower from Linkedin Antony Raj Jayamani our follower from Linkedin. He has managed to send to us a quick email with his updated foto from Dubai. Here I came to Dubai and started my career on March 5th 2018. “While I coming to Dubai, I was zero and don’t have a single exposure about the world. After a year Dubai makes me a man and gave me more confidence then gained more knowledge. Dubai showed me a light from a dark part of life in my career. Now it’s become like a second home, I love to stay in Dubai. I wish for all the best success for the Dubai growth. I’m much thankful for this platform to expose my taught.  Why Antony choose Dubai? No words can describe Dubai and its leader. Many expats from India have visited Dubai at least 2 times and wish […]
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