Mobile Job Seekers

Mobile Job Seekers are around us. So if you are having an Android or Apple phone. You are one of them. Because now people are using applications. And most of the websites in Google and of course in Most of them are mobile ready. So it will be just growing numbers in the future. On the positive side, that is over 60% of people the who are actually using a mobile phone that to post a resume to companies and visit recruitment agents website.

It’s just a simple process and takes less time. This is why most of the people using their own phones. And the most cases just work much better than the standard way of the Internet. On your phone, you can use it whatever you like. And post your resume in any space that ends in anytime.

Mobile Job Seekers are now able to upload CV and application to recruiters. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are helping with new processing systems.

November 16, 2017
Mobile Phone Recruitment in Dubai

Mobile Phone Recruitment in Dubai

Mobile phone recruitment in Dubai Mobile Phone Recruitment in Dubai. As a matter of fact, Dubai City Company takes a step ahead towards growth in the recruitment market in the Gulf for Indians. As a matter of fact, our company has developed new recruitment tools and since 2009 and manage mobile recruitment correspondingly. By all means, company key in prosperity become well know in UAE in the mobile recruitment market. Now expats using mobile phones in the United Arab Emirates. For example, over 80% of Indian expats searching for employment over mobile. For example, international career seekers managing their own Google accounts only over mobile. Although this may be true but mobile phone recruitment trends. Definitely become much more popular in the recruitment business within 2019 and 2020. For this reason, Dubai City Company is also now moving to its new Dubai Guides for career seekers. At the same time most of the […]
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