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Mobile phone recruitment service. It’s rising popularity . Especially with recruitment sectors. With Dubai City Company you will find a much faster way to get work in the Emirates and Gulf. And this is why we have written the proper article. Because of a lot of job Seekers looking to find a way for faster job searching. And with this in mind phone going in hand. Since last 10 years. The mobile phone has been like a laptop. And over 90% of job Seekers that are using amazing applications. And posting their own CV over the phone.

So you need to consider your phone as a job searching tool. And definitely, it will be worth it. Of course in a long-term, because it will save your time. And a lot of low-skilled workers. Not using application forms as well as WhatsApp mobile phone. They are doing this wrong and wasting a lot of time. Be much smarter there than they are. And read our guide.

November 16, 2017
Mobile Phone Recruitment in Dubai

Mobile Phone Recruitment in Dubai ­čąç

Mobile phone recruitment in Dubai Mobile Phone Recruitment in Dubai. As a matter of fact, Dubai City Company takes a step ahead towards growth in recruitment market in Gulf for Indians. As a matter of fact, our company has developed new recruitment tools and since 2009 and manage mobile recruitment┬ácorrespondingly. By all means, company key in prosperity become well know in UAE in the mobile recruitment market. Now expats using mobile phones in the United Arab Emirates. For example, over 80% of┬áIndian expats┬ásearching for employment over mobile. For example, international career seekers managing their own Google accounts only over mobile. Although this may be true but mobile phone recruitment┬átrends. Definitely become much more popular in recruitment business within 2018 and 2019. For this reason, Dubai City Company is also now [ÔÇŽ]
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