Sri Lanka foreign employment agency from Dubai

Sri Lanka foreign employment agency for people who are looking to get employment. We are delighted to introduce ourselves as the only none government-owned recruitment company from the Middle East and Europe. That placing executives in the UAE. Moreover, we are one of the leading manpower recruiting agency in Sri Lanka. Because we are having strong promotion channels in this country.

On the other hand, our team is a smart way for foreign employment. Because if you combine our experience and qualification. You will quickly find out our team have recruited several thousands of skilled and semi-skilled workers in Europe and UAE. Generally speaking, we are here for various clients from East Asia. Moreover, helping West Asian and European job seekers. From freshly graduated up to managers on the senior level. We are highly recognised abroad for serving the requirements for Manufacturing and Construction.

On the other hand, we are hiring the Mechanical workers and Hotels workforce. Then we are also looking for Hospital staff and Bank managers. At the end of that, you can find employment on Transport Companies, IT Firms, Call Centers and many more. Generally speaking, we are having more than 250 available jobs every day.

The Dubai City  Company consists of dedicated recruitment staff with a complete data bank and customer service facilities. Internal recruitment sources. Up to Internet social media. We are having at all for job seekers. On the positive side, we are well known for its excellent and efficient performances in the industry. So, we are not only easy to use. But also very effective to use. With this in mind, we are here to help you achieve success.

November 18, 2018
Jobs in Dubai for Sri Lankan Workers

Jobs in Dubai for Sri Lankan Workers

Jobs in Dubai for Sri Lankan Workers Jobs in Dubai for Sri Lankan Workers with a top rated recruiter. Dubai is one of the most prominent foreign destinations where people in Sri Lanka go for employment opportunities. Therefore, you can think about visiting Dubai for a job without keeping any doubts in mind. But before you travel to Dubai, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of the job market in Dubai and what you can expect during the time you spend there. This guide about jobs in Dubai for Sri Lankan workers will be able to help you with that. Why should you go for a job in Dubai? As the first thing, you need to learn why you need to go for a job in Dubai. If you are a Sri Lankan, you will be able to earn much more in Dubai than what you can […]
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