December 31, 1969

Community Mobilizer – Construction – Action Against Hunger – Action Contre La Faim (ACF)

Action Against Hunger is an international non-governmental organization working in more than 40 countries in the fields of nutrition, food security and livelihoods, water sanitation and hygiene, and care practices. ACF is looking for its program in Jordan for Community Mobilizer - Construction


Work place:  Azraq Refugee Camp


Monthly Basic Salary Range:  854  JOD


Specific Objectives:

Under the supervision of the Project Manager, The Community Mobilizer in charge of all the community mobilization activities that related to implementing, and monitoring the construction activities for the privet latrines in Azraq camp, providing reports according to the established schedule as well as Ensure WASH committee involvement and participation in WASH activities.


Main Objectives

Mission 1: The Community Mobilizer with support from the existing WASH Committee Volunteers, will sensitize the camp residents about the project. This activity will be performed for the duration of the project.

-Attend camp community based activities (info sessions, community representative meetings or any other community related meetings), providing updates on ACF project and collecting feedback from refugees to be shared with PM;

-Introduce the private latrine construction project in Village 2 and Village 6, explaining who will be the beneficiaries and what the selection criteria is.

-Support the project’s activities through community mobilization to ensure community acceptance and participation.

-Carry out data collection activities to collect suggestions and feedback on WASH solutions, services and practices in the camp.

-Provide support if needed for any assessment or data collection activities in coordination with the project manager instructions.


Mission 2: Follow up the beneficiary Selection in collaboration with UNHCR, And verify the Lists and addresses of PWDs before construction begins.

-Explaining who will be the beneficiaries and what the selection criteria is.

-Conduct door-to-door visits for each case to verify it.

-Insert all the required information for each case in excel sheet by using KOBO data collector.

-Follow up any change may accrue during the implementation phase.


Mission 3: Follow-up after the construction phase.

-Monitor residents’ experience with the private latrines, receive feedback on how implementation is progressing against beneficiaries’ expectations.

-Ensure Action Against Hunger’s staff treatment of community members is of the highest quality by receiving and addressing any concerns raised.

-Working with beneficiaries to ensure the construction was performed to their satisfaction.

-Working with beneficiaries to ensure that everything in the shelter has been returned to normal.


Mission 4: Train and mobilize members of the beneficiary communities.

-Identify targeted partners within the communities.

-Apply the defined methodologies in the hygiene promotion and water management awareness raising sessions.

-Participate in elaborating a planning of awareness raising activities.

-Conduct training sessions for the community workers and/or targeted populations;

Participate in evaluation missions and in distributing of non-food items if distributed.

-Write a summary of the activity reports.

-Propose possible improvements.


Mission 5: Provide accurate and timely information to the project manager.

-Submit weekly reports for all implemented activities.

-Maintain filing and proper recording of data.


Mission 6: Assisting the process of issuing the security permits for the project.

When available, assisting with the process of issuing the security entry permits from the governmental bodies inside the camp for goods, staff, vehicles, visitors or contractors in coordination with the line manager.


Mission 7: Ensure adherence to Action against Hunger gender requirements

-Commit and comply with the organization gender, age and diversity principles & policies (working with people, communication)

-Support on the implementation and the promotion of gender, age and diversity principles through daily activities and or through the management of their teams (Managing performance & development)

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-12-19
Job Location: Zarqa, Jordan
Job Role: Community Services
Company Industry: Non-profit Organization

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Nationality: Jordan
Degree: Diploma
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