December 31, 1969

Site Assistant – ACTED

  • The Site supervisor will be responsible for supporting the project preparation phase, recruitment of beneficiaries for the work they will be assigned, mobilizing them into groups and supervise and monitor their work at field level. In addition to that he/she responsible for daily follow up and overseeing of Cash for Work (CfW) at the project site, (including but not limited to; CfW work performances, CfW daily attendances, work documentation &records keeping and leave/break and meals). In addition, to Implement the project activities in accordance with the project donor guidelines and contract objectives and targets;

  • The project sites will be in East Amman.


a) To ensure successful delivery of the designated project site through regular monitoring and supervision of the activity and designated activity area;

b) To ensure Safe working condition & environment for CfW workers through safety awareness and provision of technical advices to workers in the designated project site.

c) To ensure successful implementation of activities through provision of proper tools/equipment as well  lunch meals to CFW workers at the working site;

Duties and Responsibilities:

Objective 1:

a) Implement project activities in accordance with the project guidelines and targets
(CfW mobilization, project activities, provide safety and training sessions).

b) Support and Supervise all CfW work in the designated site.

c) Responsible to support the project Engineer to oversee and supervise the daily ACTED CFW activities at field level.

d) S/he supports HR assistant in CFW job announcement dissemination, collection of application forms and recruitment process;

e) S/he will support HR assistant in all CfW documentations, including CFW attendance sheet, leaves forms, contract and payment sheet are ready on timely manner.

f) To support project Engineer to arrange meetings with community leaders and work with local groups/leaders.

g) To support the project Engineer to disseminate the project messages and get community support on project implementation activities, after confirmation of project engineer and project manager

h) To ensure timely reporting of assigned activities to site Engineer and Project Manager.

i) Control the CFW attendance sheet on daily basis to ensure it is properly filled in and that each CFW signs for their attendance sheet on daily basis.

j) To assist Project Engineer through engagement with beneficiaries to identify potential conflicts and mitigate them via clear communication.

Objective 2:

a) To Organize and conduct safety awareness sessions for CFW workers and local community before starting the work and engagement of workers to the work.

b) Conduct tool box meeting at the morning for all CfWs in the designated site.

c) To take further safety and security measures to mitigate any anticipated safety or security risks at site office).

d) To conduct on job technical training for all CfW in the project site.

e) Ensure and enforce that all CFW workers at site are equipped with safety tools

 Objective 3:

a) To make sure of correct and timely CFW tools distribution, take care of ACTED CfW tools, assets etc. at field level & ensure that there is a proper daily IN/OUT of tools to workers in place; responsible for the maintenance of tools/equipment etc

b) Responsible to store and protect any materials at project site and its use and utilization.

c) Facilitate and supervise the lunch distribution, collect feedback on quality and quantity of meals and communicate any feedback to project Engineer and Project Manager;.

d) Ensure that the lunch vouchers are distributed on daily basis (add the details) to workers and collected.

e) Cross check the cutlery supplier report vis actual lunch consumed by workers on daily/weekly basis prior that the supplier paid by ACTED.

f) Ensure to communicate the number of workers in advance to cutlery supplier on daily basis (one day in advance).

g) s/he will be the direct field focal point with cutlery supplier to ensure feedback on food quality/quantity are communicated with supplier as well as with site engineer and PM.

Key Performance Indicators:

a) % of completed & handed over activities in designated project site.

b) # of Safety & technical trainings provided for CfW.

c) % of improved technical skills of CfW.

d) Percentage of the turnover of the CfWs in the designated site(s).

e) 100% Percentage of Warehouse stock accuracy.

f) Project records and documents (CfWs list, attendance sheets, CfWs tools distribution sheet, meal distribution sheets) available for designated site (s) activities.

g) % of CfW trained as per project requirements

h) Zero recordable safety incidents in the designated project site(s).

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-12-24
Job Location: Amman, Jordan
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Non-profit Organization

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Entry Level
Nationality: Jordan
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