– Step-by-step course of to purchase your first NFT.
– The best way to analyze an NFT undertaking.
-Perceive the worth behind an NFT.
-Why it is best to think about proudly owning an NFT.

This channel is devoted to instructing you tips on how to make huge wins investing in shares, crypto and actual property. There’s an entire lot to cowl so hit that subscribe button and let’s get began!

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Rixh Hendrixxx
23 days ago

How do I buy nft

Maki Y
1 month ago

Can I buy it through Robinhood, not coinbase?

Cliff DaRiff
1 month ago

I'm an artist… can I make my own Crypto Punk? Or is that a copyright issue?

1 month ago

Richard you the man thanks for everything now send me that nft

Wigberto Astacio
1 month ago

First time comment, long time listener! Thank you for sharing

1 month ago

Hi richard

Make it Rain
1 month ago

thanks bro

Skinkanvas Art
1 month ago

This is so helpful thank u so much

1 month ago

You made it easy. I understood how it works. Thanks

1 month ago

Never seen someone with a heart that wants for other what it wants for the owner. So happy to meet you sir.

Hernando Velez Jr Productions

Hey Rich, could you link the chrome extension NOMI WALLET, im having trouble finding it. THANK YOU BRO

Tiffani Ortega
2 months ago

I have not yet taken any of your courses, but I am so grateful for you. You are legit! Looking forward to joining your trading course!

2 months ago

You're the best richie!

costas avramidis
2 months ago

thanks for breaking down man!!

2 months ago


2 months ago

alot of these nft's are going to remind you of krytpo kitties soon enough ! Only 1% OF THE KITTIES EVERY REUTRNED TO PEAK VALUE !

Sophia and Kamilla Noda

Hi Richard 👋 we want to win some nfts!!!

Wadih A. Rosales C.
2 months ago

Agradecido por el conocimiento compartido. Thanks a lot bro for caring and sharing.

Jimmy Son
2 months ago

Hopefully I'll understand how to properly buy these in the future

2 months ago

Let s go!!

2 months ago

Let me get one of those sweet nfts yo

2 months ago

Very helpful! Thanks!