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She was frequently harassed by her Line Manager both mentally and physically!

Dubai City Company – Presents Amazing Stories – Harassment in Dubai City!

A female employee was frequently harassed by her Line Manager in The Company inside Dubai City both mentally and physically. One day, she complained it to her HR Manager. The HR Manager called the Line Manager to amicably solve the issue. He gave a couple of times instructions & warning to the line manager and nothing changed. The line manager in the company was so close to the management and influencer too. HR Manager inside the company escalated its management and of no use.

Who is Responsible for that in the organization?

Then he gave a pink slip to the line manager resulting from a huge rift & chaos in the organization. After few days, the management asked the HR Manager to leave the organization without giving a proper reason. Both the line manager and the female employee continued working together on the same team. By the time HR Manager approached management in an amicable way and through legal process but nothing changed. He is jobless for few years as other companies are not accepting his rebelling against the management out of fear.

In all things considered she should look for help, under those circumstances, and look for help from Dubai Cares. Given these points to them they, after all, they funds research-oriented programs and establishes pilot initiatives for women in the United Arab Emirates. On the negative side, she should provide meaningful and valuable evidence for governments, policymakers, and civil society, to support their case in defining an educational framework for the future.

But in the long run, Now, who is a real culprit? HR Manager or Line Manager or the Dubai Organization help?

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